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Apports and Object Materializations

Materialized Objects

Materializations can happen suddenly in the experimental or séance room, but they have no earthly place of origin. They are created from the virtual, informal or astral, from the aetheric or from a ‘thoughtform’ and were then transformed into matter.


Apports are also objects appearing ‘from thin air’ in the seance room. Different from Materializations, Apports have been transported by paranormal means from a known or unknown earthly point of origin. 

Apports and Materialized Objects

from Kai Muegge séances

A small selection of paranormally produced objects

from several thousands!

  • Usually the participants of a seance (called a sitter) receive small apports/materialized stones as gifts from the spirit world.
  • These objects are strongly energetic and contain special information.
  • They are also an entry-point to the so called crystal network created by spirits to identify spiritual workers.