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Julia Antonietta Muegge – Circle management /Organization

julia muegge wife from kai muegge

Julia Antonietta Muegge

Since her earliest youth, Julia had an interest in the supernatural and alternative concepts of existence. Throughout her life, Julia Antonietta Muegge has made extensive study trips around the world – to study foreign cultures and shamanic rituals. Holistic approaches to health and spiritual nutrition and lifestyle are her main focus. She undergoes intensive consciousness expansion techniques and attended a séance with Kai in 2011. Their shared spiritual views led to extensive conversations, which developed into a multi-level collaboration and resulted in the creation of KALIA Mind Expansion. Both are quite sure that in reality they were brought together by cosmic forces that evening and that karmic dynamics played the main role in this union. Today they both serve together the processes that cause so much amazement and excitement in their events.

Julia was born on 19th February 1969 in Sindelfingen as a true daughter of the light and the sun. She works mainly as a secretary in the bank marketing sector. In the 80s, she intensively deals with the youth phenomenon of ‘Gothic’ and ‘New Wave’. She loves and respects especially the animal and plant world of our planet.

On the cabalistic 23rd of the magic month of May in the cosmically significant year of 2012 they got married and today lead their mission around the world.