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How it all began – The Felix Circle Hanau

After a career change, Kai founded another experimental circle in 2003, the Felix Zirkel Hanau, for rare forms of mediumship.

Actually, this time he wanted to bring in his expertise as a documentary filmmaker and document what was happening, until he realized that what manifested itself in his circles since he was 15 years old could not simply be replaced by another medium. So he also participated fully in the newly founded Felix Circle as the medium.

It consisted of family members and friends in the first time. In the fourth year of existence, contact was made with the ‘Chemists’, a ‘potent’ spirit team, a group of spirit beings communicating with humans, led by a famous German parapsychologist ‘Hans Bender’.

The collaboration started with attempts to achieve paranormal images on Polaroids, which was successful! Then followed in the Felix Circle Hanau Kai’s education to the classical cabinet medium. The cabinet played until then mainly as ‘Psychic Battery’ a role.

The playfully experienced phenomena of the last decades turned into strictly performed séances with classical phenomena from the spiritualistic history as well as never before described mediumship phenomena.

Until today Kai demonstrates these phenomena with his wife Julia all over the world.

Kai, Julia and the Circle 2012, and the Spirit Team as Portraits