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The Alchemists – The Working Spirit Team

The Spirit Team, the “Chemists” (later also the “Alchemists”)

The actual protagonists of Kai and Julia’s work are the members of the so-called spirit team. These are autonomous, beyond the human being arranged wisdom potentials, which take over the control in the trance of the medium and act as spirit personalities, formerly living on earth. All these personalities stand for certain classes and qualities of information and knowledge.

“Hans”, (‘Prof. Hans Bender’), * February 5, 1907 in Freiburg im Breisgau, † May 7, 1991, main controlling spirit of the medium, famous German parapsychologist. Responsible for almost all communication with the participants of the sessions and seances. At the same time, he is also the mouthpiece for all knowledge and other characters who organize and provide information in the background.

“Rudi”, (‘Rudi Schneider’), * July 27, 1908 in Braunau am Inn, † April 28, 1957 in Weyer, most famous German-language medium from Austria, responsible for classical physical phenomena of the séance room.

“Albert”, (Albert Freiherr von Schrenck-Notzing), * May 18, 1862 in Osternburg, now Oldenburg, † February 12, 1929 in Munich famous German researcher in the field of materialization phenomena. As an early psychotherapist in the team responsible for the emotional state of the sitters.

“Aleister”, (‘Aleister Crowley’), * October 12, 1875 as Edward Alexander Crowley in Leamington Spa, † December 1, 1947 in Hastings, East Sussex, notorious extreme magician about whom much nonsense has been written. Neither was he a Satanist, nor did he commit any crimes. Nevertheless, he was an extreme seeker who combined the contents of magical secret schools of the East and the West in his ‘Magick’ into a brilliant body of work. He was in contact with various non-human spiritual entities. His reputation arose mainly from his conflicts with the Church of England. In the team he is responsible for the contact with higher spiritual entities. Moreover he serves as a benevolent helper-entity to correct his behavoural failures towards devotees of himself …

“Hans Naegeli”, * 17.1.1909 † 25.10.1997, Swiss parapsychologist and psychotherapist, did extensive studies together with Hans Bender during his I lifetime. Is responsible for generating ‘healing energy’ during the séances and making it available to the sitters.

grandfather of kai felix muegge

“Dr. Felix Muegge”, deceased grandfather of the medium, responsible at the sessions for ‘Spiritual Healing’.

“Po”, (Gonpo Yeshi), Tibetan monk and incarnation of a high-level gatekeeper. In the team responsible for higher knowledge and messages to humanity.

The name “Gonpo Yeshi” means “Guardian of Divine Knowledge”.

“Ptah”, an extraterrestrial from the constellation Zeta-Reticuli, patron of Earth and gatekeeper for ‘interdimensional contact’.

Ptah possesses the earthly manifestation “Gonpo Yeshi”.