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Classic cabinet séance

The medium Kai Mügge holds physical séances since he was 15 years old. After more than 30 years of mediumistic development, event participants can expect solid and reliable mediumistic events. Kai holds his ceremonial demonstrations today all over the world.

The “Physical Mediumship” has experienced a great revival in the 1990s with the ‘Scole Group’ and the ‘SPR (Society for Psychical Research) Scole Report’. Ceremonial forms of spirit invocation, as in the cabinet séance, in which spirits manifest as embodiments of the supernatural – and even can take shape and form have always existed.

In our “deep trance circles” these invisible beings of supernatural spheres also manifest. Specific environmental variables achieve to create quasi ‘portals’, through which the ‘Spirits’ become experiencable and also visible This happens frequently in our ‘Physical Séances’ – namely in different degrees of density and complexity …!

In the western ‘Experimental Spiritism’ and ‘Traditional Spiritualism’ from the turn of the century – both exist worldwide until today – these ‘materializations’ have happened extensively until the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s – and even into the 80’s (Brazil) and have been documented.

In the contemporary seance room, we receive not only spirits of the deceased, but also all sorts of other classes of spiritual entities, such as extraterrestrials, gatekeepers, and others. These share their higher knowledge with us and trigger acoustic, touch and light phenomena, show themselves, materialize objects and produce the mysterious ectoplasm!

Séance room structure and elements

wildhaber seance-raum chapel spain

The darkened seance room – why?

Since time immemorial, people have been afraid of the dark! Why actually? Because man has internalized in millennia-old experience the fact that the supernatural acts to a large extent at night, thus in the darkness! And because it was frightening eventually darkness itself became a frightening notion! Eventually the so called supernatural counts of course also to the natural, even if it is not explained yet completely.

Examples of the nocturnal occurrence of the supernatural are: The typical classic haunting or poltergeist event begins its activities almost exclusively when the families involved are lying in their beds. That’s why the so-called witching hour, when restless spirits audibly wander the corridors of haunted castles, is also in the middle of the night and not during the day. Or the ‘Wild Hunt’, a monstrous scenario led by the devil or his demons chasing through the woods, intoning a furious roar of human and animal voices. Succubi and Incubi took suppressed the breathing of people at night, sitting on their chest of the sleeper, elves kidnapped children at night and exchanged them into ‘changelings’ still until the late 18th century. Moreover even the oldest word, coming from Greek and Latin, that fathoms all this and more is ‘occult’. Translated, it says: ‘occurring from darkness’!

Today, as soon as toddlers can articulate, they start asking for light before going to sleep. Parents are irritated, the child’s emotional memory of darkness should be the safety of the placenta. Where does their fear come from? It comes from our genetic information about all the above described interconnections with frightening ongoings in darkness. And it is more fundamental than any short-term memories. The monster under the bed or in the cupboard, they want parents to look after, stands then representative for the uncanny powers of the ‘night-side of nature’, as Justinius Kerner, a famous scholar of Paracelsus, called the range of paranormal phenomena, also hinting towards their interconnection with the environmental conditions, existing at night!

Considering all this, one becomes aware of the connection between darkness and the appearance of the supernatural. In the ceremonial, ritual or experimental settings devised by man, in which from our side contact to these forces is to be established, one chooses therefore on the basis of this that environment variable, of which we know that the supernatural typically acts in it. Darkness serves at the end at least in initial phases of séance room events necessarily for the initial ignition, even if it is exchanged gradually with the time against red light.

If mediums then go into their trance in this darkness, in which they themselves cannot account for what is happening, at least one independent person remains in contact with the medium in his chair by laying hands on his arms and legs to account to the fellow sitters for the condition of the medium and that he is in his chair. In our cabinet seance, there are even two people securing the medium in his chair.

The photos below show the normal state of control in our cabinet séance and that in which the control persons control themselves.

The four-limb-control of the Medium in the Dark Phases of the Cabinet Seance

Figure 1: regular holding control of the medium by two persons

Figure 2: The controllers check each other to see if their control is intact

This is what you can expect at a Physical Séance

  • A medium in deep trance through which one or more Spirit entities speak and express higher knowledge and control certain processes.
  • The medium is completely controlled by the Spirit communicator.
  • Spirits manifest and move objects in space and even show up in the beginning only partially – for example above the luminous plate, luminous balls, or through the movements of the Spirit trumpet or even as self-luminous bodies.
  • Objects like tambourine and shaman drum are played by the spirits.
  • Light phenomena occur.
  • The production of partially massive amounts of ‘living’ ectoplasm (clearly visible in red light)
  • The apportation and materialization of objects in various ways such as from eyes, mouth, nose and ears, forming in ectoplasm or appearing in space from flashes of light … (well visible in red light)
  • other phenomena of physical full trance mediumship/cabinet seance (moving objects, physically acting forces, massive energizing of the room, cold spots, raps, phantoms and much more).

You need to know this beforehand!

There are a few very important things to know before a seance!

  • The darkness of the seance room is the condition for many paranormal phenomena. If there are long dark phases at the beginning of the séance, the red light phases will lengthen step by step in the course of the séance.
  • Neither the materializations, nor the materialized objects, nor the objects delivered by the spirits may be touched without prior request. All the objects are connected with the ethereal body of the medium and the sitters, and in case of improper behavior they can cause bleeding, cuts and burns on the skin when touched. Violation of the rules of conduct will result in immediate termination of the seance.
  • During a seance, a lot of energy is generated by singing. Each participant has the duty to sing or hum along. The sound vibration energy is used by the spirits to create physical interactions and materialize.
  • The circle leader Julia tells you what to do. And always has the last word. It is imperative to listen to her.
  • Once the séance has begun, you may only leave the room in case of a real personal emergency, with prior notice and permission of the circle lead (exceptions only by prior arrangement).
  • No cell phones, jewelry, keys or anything else may be taken into the seance room. Shoes and belts must also be removed beforehand. This will be checked with a metal detector and by scanning before entering the seance room.
  • Serious pre-existing psychiatric conditions, such as schizophrenia, disqualify you from attending the seance.
  • Alcohol Prohibited.
  • A séance lasts on average 2.5 hours, with the spirits determining the duration.

Necessary basic knowledge about seances

In order to fully understand what happens during a séance (initiation/table séance, cabinet séance) and to have the right mind-set for this experience, one has to deal with this matter in advance. Without knowledge this highly complex and highly energetic ceremony of spirit invocation and manifestation can only be processed, understood or classified with difficulty.

Therefore, we assume that you have previously dealt with this subject in detail.

Info sheets for our séances:

Download PDF -> Table-Séance info sheet
Download PDF -> Cabinet Séance info sheet
Download PDF -> Healing-Séance info sheet