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Kai Felix Muegge – The Physical Deep Trance Medium

Kai Felix Muegge

Kai born 14.09.1968, has as a child and teenager a variety of inexplicable, seemingly supernatural, experiences. Something that he experiences as his own initiation happens at the age of 12 and already at the age of 15 Kai Felix Mügge searches and researches for the first time in an organized way what should become his life’s theme: the dynamics of the supernatural!

He founds his first medial experience group and begins to try out and train himself in meditation, techniques of autosuggestion, hypnosis, remote viewing, instrumental transcommunication, shamanic journeys, practical and hermetic magic. The mediumistic groups developed freely in all areas of spiritual disciplines.

But it is the paraphysical phenomenon that is Kai’s main focus, creating a deep sense of interconnection and playing a major role in the different circles still to come, Kai sat in.

Despite intense and challenging times and circumstances in his daily Job-routine (Kai was employed, but also self-employed until he made his mediumship public) he begins his Spiritual Counseling activity then continueing to this day.

What is the supernatural ‘nature’ of men? In what and how does it embody or manifest itself and what mechanisms trigger it? Why does it happen to one at all? What conditions must be met in order to make it explorable and experienceable?

In 2003 he founded the ‘Felix Circle’ with family members, through which his own mediumship further on developed and was made public eventually.

Today Kai holds séances all over the world with his wife Julia.

Kai studied social pedagogy in Frankfurt am Main, has worked in marketing and software companies, as well as in film and television, is a registered press journalist and maintains a unique blog on the Internet. He is also a recreational musician and loves animals and family.