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Initiation/Table Séances – the World of Physical Mediumship

Experience the energies of the spirits and spirits directly and unfiltered!
Perfect for beginners and professionals

Greater integration of participants at the “initiation/table seance”.

Instead of sitting in a large circle of seats, the participants at a ‘table seance’ sit around a special experimental table. By placing their hands on it, they link directly into a control field of physical interactions with the spiritual spheres, which are represented and expressed through the table and its movements and elevations (full elevations) – but also through acoustic and light phenomena possibly. The paranormal transport of focus objects is another specialty of our table seance. The floating table completely raised from the ground became one central symbol for the greatest spiritual movement of modern times, Modern – or Experimental – Spiritism or Spiritualism. During the table séance, participants will gain extensive insight into the techniques, history and theories surrounding the mysterious happenings in the séance room.

The medium Kai Mügge holds physical séances since he was 15 years old. After more than 30 years of mediumistic development, event participants can expect solid and reliable mediumistic events. Kai holds his ceremonial demonstrations today all over the world.

This is a full seance!
This table seance is in no way to be confused with simple table tilting. It does take place at the table, but there is a greatly expanded spectrum of phenomena.

For first-time visitors, the initiation takes place as a kind of initiation into the energies of the seánce room, which are very noticeable to most.

For seánce room professionals, initiation basically takes place into the unleashed energies and dynamics, which become more deeply anchored through repetition.

If one attends the séance weekend (day 1. initiation séance/table séance, day 2. cabinet séance) the events of the cabinet séance are introduced in the initiation séance. We recommend to every first-time visitor the double package, with “Initiation Table Seance” and on the following day the “Cabinet Seance”, as the Initiation Seance is the first compulsory visit before a Cabinet Seance can be attended.

Energetic and Informal Linkage
of the dynamics involved

  • we recommend to undergo the historical order of events and to be initiated by the spirit energies first in the initiation/table seances before attending a cabinet seance.
  • By laying hands on the table surface, the participants directly connect with the spirit forces expressed in the table movements (direct energetic and physical interaction).
  • This table seance is a full seance that offers a comprehensive spectrum of phenomena, similar in scope to a cabinet seance, and is in no way to be confused with mundane table backs.

What can you experience:

  • Paranormal transport of small and large, partly self-luminous, objects.
  • Light phenomena of various kinds, Spirit-Lights, Healing-Lights, Light-Crackling like mini fireworks, small flashes of light …
  • Kai is in direct contact with the entities working in the background and communicates and negotiates with them throughout the entire séance, thus offering a unique insight into the dynamics between medium, spirits and the participants. An educational piece for anyone who is active in this field themselves or would like to become active.
  • Spirit forces communicate through tapping sounds in ceilings and walls (raps) and through the objects they influence. The table gets into such strong dynamic movements as bouncing, stomping, circling, dancing and partial and full levitations of the table occur. Again and again it seems as if the table expresses emotions when it nestles against sitters or rises into the air against their bodies.
  • Often, at the end of the séance, a group materialization experiment is conducted with the participants actively participating in the creation.

Eusapia Palladino as historical model

Description of the photos (from left to right):

  • Paranormal table transport (round table on the right side of the picture) at Eusapia séance.
  • Full elevation (levitation) of the table with controlled medium.
  • Ukulele levitates from cabinet onto table (Oval object above Eusapia).
  • Side table with books from the cabinet inexplicably appears in front of the curtains and lands on the sitting table.
  • Table levitation during a table séance in the French salon.
  • Hand materialization behind Eusapia shows and shakes a bell that was originally in the cabinet.

Info sheets for our séances:

Download PDF -> Table-Séance info sheet
Download PDF -> Cabinet Séance info sheet
Download PDF -> Healing-Séance info sheet