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22nd July 2023 Hanau Germany – Cabinet-Séance – private

22. Juli 2023

Please read the info sheet before registration ! The infosheets were written before the plandemic !

Cabinet Séance: info sheet Cab e

DO YOU WANT TO GET IN TOUCH WITH REAL SPIRITUAL BEINGS?  Then you are right in a cabinet séance.
You will never forget this evening!

Come to our cabinet seance with Kai and Julia Muegge – It is important that you read the info sheets well and follow the rules.

An initiation-like experience at the age of 12 triggered Kai’s interest and activities. Since early childhood he was allowed to experience natural OBE’s (Out of Body Experiences) and has been communicating with spirit beings ever since.

Since his student days in Frankfurt he has been counseling poltergeist victims and treating so-called ‘occupations’ with alternative methods.
After responsible jobs in the software industry and for film and television (Kai is a registered journalist and has produced news clips,commercials and several documentaries produced for German television), the Felix Experimental Circle was founded, which has supported Kai’s mediumistic development to this day, but after 11 fully active years meets only sporadically. In it Kai developed his mediumship and the first interested guests with esoteric and scientific backgrounds visited Hanau and joined the circle partly for years.

In 2012 Kai married his Julia and the mediumship became a worldwide mission.

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22. Juli 2023


Julia Antonietta Muegge
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Hanau, Hessen 63454 Germany
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