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Latching onto powerful memes and patterns


Humans are given values by their biological nature that are not inherent to every species in the cosmos. His high-value dispositions could be reproduced many times on an informal level in the multiverse. At the same time, however, man is also subject to cosmic conflict dynamics, which are also part of his nature, and which impede and prevent the spread of the true human potential.


These representatives of light and shadow in the human being exist in the multiverse in all possible conceivable forms and images. Therefore, parts of the conflict are also represented by, for example, extraterrestrial races, which fight each other – partly also here on earth – and try to manipulate the human being – according to these memes, which are peculiar to him.


Our task is to reawaken our high nature within this conflict – against all manipulation attempts – and to make it available to the light, creative forces of the cosmos. This includes first and foremost the high-frequency connection pattern from the psycho-emotional level, which is inherent to the nature of man. We call it the high nature of love.


It belongs to the qualitatively highest information forms of being and also belongs to the multi-dimensional mirror natures of the multiverse. It is on earth the human cause of the human birth and the basis of further qualitatively high-value implicators of human, ethical and moral nature of the following life.


If we succeeded in assigning the whole individual being to these patterns coming from inside and outside, man would have found and fulfilled the meaning of his own high nature, the meaning of life. Also concerning his role in the struggle between creative and destructive forces of the cosmos.