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The Network

The network is a kind of recruitment scenario of the spirits connected with us. They value and distinguish your spiritual awareness. They enable you to become aware of a cosmic dynamic of which you are a part and in the course of which the paradigm shift on earth can happen. They invite you to actively participate in its realization and explain how.


Very often at this moment there is a handing over of materialized objects, but not always. The most typical materialization in this context is the so-called “activation stone”, a kind of glass crystal, similar to a Feng Shui stone.


The activation stone, however, materializes in the ceremonial seance right before your eyes.


The goal of the Spirits is to involve more and more people and to educate them about the power of the exemplary contribution of the individual, which is often underestimated.  The latter has a far greater influence on the dynamics of change than previously thought.