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– ‘AN ABSOLUTE LIFE-CHANGER’ – ‘In the ectoplasmic sphere I saw a kind of hologram of a necklace – when I touched it, it became manifest and physical …’

Young blossoms on a magnolia tree, near the Basel Psi Association, symbolising a ‘New Age’, which was a recurring theme of the spirit messages in the séance evenings …

Experience report of the cabinet séance in March 2024 with Kai and Julia Mügge at the PSI Association

On 19 March 2024, I took part in a cabinet séance in the field of physical mediumship by Kai Mügge at the PSI Association and was able to experience an evening of magic. It was truly a gift to be able to share and feel this experience with the spirit world and the other participants. The séance, led by Hans Bender, a lifelong/former parapsychologist who speaks as the main spirit through the medium Kai Mügge, took us through many different phases of physical mediumship over the course of the evening. The phenomena ranged from touch and music played on the shaman’s drum to flying objects, apports, materialisations and of course the well-known ectoplasm.

At one point in the evening, Hans called me by name to sit down in front of him, as my deceased grandmother wanted to present me with a gift from the afterlife. In front of the medium a hand portal of ectoplasm was formed and I was allowed to observe what was happening from a distance of no more than 20cm. It was a white/milky honeycomb with a dazzling blue light in it, in which an object seemed to be forming.

All Materialisations and Apports of the night in question. Well visible there is the necklace in question as well …

Hans asked me to carefully reach into the ectoplasm and slowly pull the object out.

It felt cool, moist, equally physical and non-physical. It is difficult to describe as there is nothing like it in our living space to explain it better. When I looked into the ectoplasmic sphere, I saw a kind of hologram of a necklace. And then when I touched it, it became manifest and physical. There was a counter pull until the necklace had fully arrived in our dimension and I could hold it in my hand. It was a chain that had been passed down through my grandmother’s family for generations, but never made it to my generation. The accompanying message was that I was both the centre and the end of a line of ancestors that was now completing a cycle. And indeed, I am the last in the family line. The energy in the room was incredibly strong, vibrating and hard to put into words. An absolute life-changer. After all, it’s not every day that you receive a gift from your deceased grandmother, which is retrieved directly from the hereafter into this world before your very eyes.

I would like to thank everyone involved, Kai, Julia, Hans, the spirit team involved, the PSI Association and all the other participants for making this great gift possible for me!

Thank you very much, it has and will continue to make a lasting difference to my life!

Bettina P.