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Photos show retraction process – eye-socket ectoplasm re-enters body (exclusive photos/video)

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Title Photo: taken by Circle Leader Julia Muegge, Mediums wife, showing the just exiting crystal from the ectoplasmic strand, originating from the eyes …

Quite rarely occuring

Meanwhile the Private Lugnorre Physical Séance- and workshop-days were going on, not only the apparitions of Kais early deceased friend Lucius occurred. Another quite rarely occurring ectoplasmic event was taking place and aspects of it were shown in a state never observed before in our séances. The given allowance to take photos enables us today to share them for the first time!

On rare occasions in past séances the materiality mastering entities we work with managed to produce so called ‘primordial’ ectoplasm to flow from mediums eyes. Amassing and crossing the cheek it prolonged and grew down to the chest level of the medium. Flowing from the whole width of the eye there is usually a mainly two fingers wide strand elongating downwards.

Ectoplasm left behind from the séance is an absolute rarity. The photos show “flesh-like” or so-called “primordial” ectoplasm left behind from one of the New Zealand séances at MacKelvie West Spiritualist Church in 2018. It was only discovered after the séance had ended and then stored in this tube, from which it gradually evaporated over the course of two days. It was discovered still stuck to the materialized crystal. Normally, every object is examined by Julia for any remaining residue, if ectoplasm of any aggregate state is still attached, it is handed over to the medium while the séance is still in progress …

The Video shows the main phenomenon, when last time it was allowed to photograph.

Its title actually shows the fleshy looking ’empty bag’ still connected with its exit location, the mediums eye …

The images were taken 2018 in New Zealand.


The final stage of the extraction process in NZ 2018 – shown in the clip – is offered as an example, to understand from where the retraction was starting, we were photographing in Lugnorre five years later …!

Primordial ectoplasm

The controlling spirit then shows the medium’s bare hands and begins to massage or rub the strangely fleshy-looking material with them after watching it grow downwards for a few minutes. To the astonishment of the guests present, something completely different suddenly began to appear between the spirit-controlled fingers. After finally freeing themselves from the material, the objects are surprisingly about twice the size of the strands they came from, or even larger. Based on the term “primordial”, one could easily conclude that the substance has internally transformed into something else, namely “crystals” in Lugnorre, which would explain the previously invisible difference in size.

After objects have exited the strands interior it appears emptied and the retraction and building down of the remaining mass commenced …

Melting into facial tissue?

Worthwhile to mention is here that repeatedly sitters claimed to have seen the primordial substance melt into the cheeks skin creating a hole from which the objects might actually have emerged. This claim adds up to the contradiction, that the terms ‘Materialization’ and its sub ‘Apportation’ not necessarily correspond with the idea of a primordial substance, capable to turn itself into any organic object or even melt into organic tissue, like skin.

Be it as it may, left behind is after the extraction – still visibly connected with the eye – a kind of empty flesh-bag, from which the objects have emerged. In Lugnorre the guest-sitters for the first time were allowed by the spirit control entities to witness the – time-consuming – ‘retraction’ of the left-behind ‘primordial mass’.for the first time and even to photograph these stages.

Original photo showing visible routes of retraction mouth, nostril and very probably the originating eye as well, as it was demonstrated during the séance … 

Being fed back

What could hardly be seen in detail in the red light and was not previously known is that the mouth and nostrils and perhaps even the ears of the medium were involved in the return of the mass – which originally flowed out of the eyes and was now returned to the inside of the medium.

This was the first time that this could be shown in this form.

Many thanks to the organizer Markus Kappeler for recording it again!

Artificial depiction of the mass already very much decreased in size. Underlined is here also the retraction routes mouth, nostril, eye and perhaps ear …