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Preview picture: Luzi at his first appearance, in some blur of movement, which refers to one of his otherworldly states.
Image: Luzi’s 2nd appearance in a private seance in Lugnorre with old acquaintances, photographed in total darkness. A strong bluish light from inside/behind the cabinet was the only light source! It seemed to project Lucius appearance from behind onto a previously white ‘ectoplasm screen’. The whole thing acted like a kind of ethereal slide projector …
Part 1 Sabin Sütterlin: How It All Began & Closeness Across Borders
Part 2 Kai Mügge: Dying and returning & Old friendship manifests in the séance room

Part 1 by Sabin – Since Lucius Werthmüller, consciousness researcher, congress organizer, author and president of the Basel Psi Association died on April 9, 2021, many friends of physical mediumship have wondered if he might someday meet in the premises he loved so much in Basel or perhaps

would show elsewhere. The long wait came to an end on May 7, 2023! Thanks to Kai’s great dedication and his efforts to establish a new form of collaboration, we experienced an objectively visible contact for the first time during a private séance with the family and two close friends.

In the following, I will tell about our first meeting with Kai Mügge and how a friendship and then a collaboration developed from it. In the next part Kai Mügge writes about the topic of dying and death. He will also explain how a deceased person can communicate with us despite the simultaneous evolution of the core soul. He will also tell about the value of a meaningful analogy recounted via “Hans Bender” (trance-control) in this first meeting in the Séance Room. In addition, he will underpin the séance-room encounters with convincing visual material, some of which was created in another séance in August in Lugnorre.

In 2008 we, Luzi and I, met Kai Mügge for the first time during a séance of Stewart Alexander at the Basler Psi-Verein. We had already had our first experiences with physical mediumship with the legendary Scole group and had invited the grand old gentleman of physical mediumship – Stewart Alexander – to Basel. Luzi and Kai quickly got into conversation during his visit and found many common interests and topics to discuss at length. In the course of this first meeting Luzi learned of a miraculous wax ball report that a curator from Bern had received during a meeting with the Felix Circle in Hanau. Kai invited us to join him in Hanau; perhaps sitting around the table together would make levitation possible? We accepted full of anticipation.

Image: The evening that welded us together for many years. We witnessed Lucius receive a personal message in a paranormal wax ball, embedded in an old thimble, which was an additional coded clue to the originator of the message

In fact, when we first sat together, we not only experienced a full table levitation, but at the same time Luzi also received a message in a wax ball from the discoverer of LSD, Albert Hofmann, an inspiring man about whose life and work Luzi later wrote a book. The message, which was inside the wax ball on a rolled-up strip of paper, read:
Lucius, gaze this wonderful nature, it is alive. I am alive, Albert. (Lucius, schau diese wundervolle Natur, sie lebt. Ich lebe. Albert.)

Luzi always remembered this message with its multi-layered meaning with pleasure until the end and he always emphasized that it was for him the most significant proof for the further existence of consciousness beyond death.
After this visit in Hanau, Kai was invited by Luzi to the Basler Psi-Verein and in the following years we were witnesses of the development of ever new fantastic phenomena.

Over the years the friendship deepened, together the three of us traveled to England and sat with other physical mediums, the Bill Meadows- and Rainbow-Circle. For several years Kai, Julia, Luzi and I were regular visitors to a finca in Ibiza, where Hans Schaer invited physical mediums from all over the world. In 2017, in addition to Kai and Julia, Bill and Colleen Meadows, Warren Caylor and Mychael Shane were there at the same time and there were daily séances. A fantastic experience was a séance held by Bill Meadows and Warren Caylor at the same time; during this the two Spirit teams discussed how the evening should be arranged! In 2016, Kai, Julia, Luzi and I took a trip to Brazil.
These remarks may be a bit rambling – they are enumerated to describe the bond between Kai and Luzi. A connection that seemingly ended on April 9, 2021 with the sudden death of Lucius Werthmüller.

Image: Another facial expression embedded in ectoplasm at Lucius’ first appearance in the rooms of his beloved BPV’s, the Basel Psi-Verein.

On May 7, Kai held a séance for Luzi’s family and two friends with the aim of letting Luzi enter our spheres through a portal. Thanks to Kai’s mediumship, Luzi succeeded in showing himself. The spirit-control of Kai, ‘Hans Bender’, explained that Luzi would show what catharsis he had gone through. Afterwards all present could clearly see how the medium with his hands pushed aside a kind of upper layer of the ectoplasm and under it Luzi’s face was visible! The face was black and white at the first and second light exposure and not immediately recognizable, at the third exposure Luzi’s face was surprisingly delicately colored and his facial expression was calm, clear and loving. The face was motionless and from that like a photo, but for me the face seemed to communicate with us with its soulful expression. All participants recognized him without a doubt..

Part 2 from Kai


Death and dying are relatively heavy topics in the German-speaking countries and also in most other western countries. It is and remains until the last hour on earth for everyone just an unenlightened – and therefore uncertain – area of one’s own being, for which no generally valid concepts exist. Ideas, perhaps, hints, religious beliefs, mystic hypotheses and visionary insights, but nothing on which man could rely on in this central existential question – in today’s fast-moving time, in which the end is almost speeding towards us.

But the great number of us is not a spiritualist, a mystic or a researcher of the afterlife, not a spiritualist, not one of those who seem to be much closer to the subject than the rest who refuse it for fear of the unknown. Mostly the time is lacking for a reflection about the topic and anyway any leisure is lacking as well…! Even not for the highest own self purpose, for the sake of enlightenment, one would like to look into this darkness. In almost the whole ‘civilized’ world one turns away in such a way from the inevitable life-reality for every individual: death. One mentions it less and less and transforms it so into a social ‘taboo topic’.

Image: In front of his family and close friends, Lucius appeared in various ‘otherworldly states’. None of the perspectives came from a known photograph during his lifetime …

In my mediumistic work I actually believed to receive something like messages from him already days after his passing away. But maybe the ‘Spirit’-processes created only a kind of telepathic maintenance with the this-side-facing elements of the original or core soul of Luzi, which was in ascendance.” – (K.M.)
‘When Julia shone the light beam on it, the picture appeared in rainbow colors, so above Luzi’s face it had the colored stripes of the rainbow from top to bottom. Beautifully luminous. I was deeply impressed, I have never seen anything like it.’ – (B.L.), second appearance …


Lucius Werthmueller, the president of the Basel Psi-Verein, award-winning author, organizer and parapsychologist, philanthropist and ethno-biologist, our deeply connected friend for many years, was one of the few who remained open before the great riddles of our existence. Talking about them, his choice of words was precise and effective. As organic and fascinating as he told stories about them, as profound were the underlying experiences from which he drew. Experiences of a life defined in the interpersonal dynamics in – experimental – parapsychology on the one hand (as well as other fascinating fields of research) and in his circles of friends and family on the other. It was the ingredients of this recipe that captivated whole audiences, made them laugh and marvel in his lectures and in radio and TV interviews. With his events he shaped European parapsychology and accompanied its development into today’s spirituality and esotericism.

Lucius Werthmueller died completely unexpectedly on April 09, 2021.

Luzi’s first appearance before family and friends. The various facial expressions in which he appeared represented actual otherworldly states….


If we are torn from our lives unexpectedly, through a short illness or an accident or similar, many of those left behind accumulate agonizing questions, the answers to which are a long time coming. After a phase of despair and horror, the loss of a close relative, which is initially difficult to grasp, leads to days and nights of pondering. Concepts such as ‘fate’, ‘destiny’, ‘justice’ and ‘meaning of life’ are called into question. All attempts to discover a deeper meaning fail in the face of the early unexpected departure from the midst of life. Lucius was not a permanent visitor to doctors. He trusted in the positive powers of a spirit that rules over the body.

Lucius’ meaningful existence enriched entire networks of people. First and foremost, however, he was a family man and a mentor for many questions of life, not only for his sons, from the first day to the last. ‘The longer Lucius is physically absent,’ Sabin sums up, ‘the clearer it becomes to me that everything good in my life has to do directly or indirectly with Luci!’ Today, the mediumistic contact with Lucius makes me tell Sabin that this feelings are totally mutual and that he says the same about her.


In everyday life the sense-giving flow seems to be dried up immediately, the life goals, which are calibrated for a certain life span, are unfinished! The self-set life tasks without completion? Bitterness arises at the thought. Lucius achievements, however, are unquestionable. Their effects are eternal also according to spiritual principles! People die who have not created a fraction of values as Lucius has created! Real inner – and therefore timeless – values! Or maybe everything appears wrongly to us in such a way! Is in reality everything bound in much bigger contexts? Such concepts are not unknown to us, but the immediate concern petrifies thoughts which could lead us to a more peaceful place.

Lucius Werthmueller led a fulfilled life until April 2021, his personality was charismatic, peaceful, full of charm and he had retained an undisguised childlike curiosity. Most of those who knew him loved him, so special was his demeanor, his manner and his interpersonal skills. Many wanted to be his friends. The life he led seemed, on the whole, truly fulfilled! Fulfilled by an independence in thought, a freedom in action, beyond social conditions, sustained by family happiness and clearly marked by the extraordinary areas of interest that blessed his life and work in the famous Psi Society with passion.


A seeker he was – and a finder! Happiness and fulfillment in this life were what he ultimately sought to share through his work in this fast time, which he sought to decelerate. That is what we all strive for. Then this center is torn from its place! Standstill, shock, the pillars of one’s existence come to tumble. Who or what has the power to take life – even in its prime – so seemingly pointless? No protecting hand? No saving divine instance? One that intervenes at the last minute and allows one to return, one that saves from such adversity?

Many of these agonizing questions confronted us in April 2021 when Lucius suddenly passed away and the loss felt seemed almost too great to comprehend and categorize. Slowly, the impossibility of a world without this influential man became a certainty.

Picture: The Lugnorre experimental researcher Markus Kappeler has for years – until today – made professional photographs of the mediumistic apparitions at Kai Mügge seances. In his premises took place the second Luzi apparition, which was clearly different from the first – but also had many similarities …

‘After the ascension of the image to head height, Luzi’s whole head could be seen bathed in all the colors of the rainbow…!’ (M.Kappeler about Luzi’s second appearance …)


In 2009 we started our collaboration with Lucius Werthmueller and Sabin Sütterlin at the Basler Psi-Verein. At that time we brought a very unique European and several decades trained powerful Spiritism in the form of ‘Physical-‘ and/or ‘Materialization-Séances’ to the Basler Psi-Verein. ‘Spirit communication’ through deep trance routines was our theme and fundamentally distinguished us from other mediumistic offerings in general in Switzerland.

Our friendship started earlier ‘with the most beautiful afterlife message I ever received!” (Lucius Werthmueller 2009), through our spirit team in the ‘Felix Circle’ in Hanau, Germany. At a guest seance during their visit with us, around 21.15 that evening, a materialized ‘wax ball apport’ appeared in Lucius’ closed fist! In it the handwritten message of an old friend addressed directly to him. That evening began our friendship of many years.


I don’t remember who first brought up the subject. But there was an offer early on – even though we never did the English ‘mediumship of afterlife messages’ – to have a ‘Lucius séance’ with family and only close friends – during our upcoming visit to Basel. In my mediumistic work I actually believed to receive something like messages from him already days after his passing. But maybe the ‘Spirit’-processes created only a kind of telepathic maintenance with the this-side-turned-elements of Luzi’s core-soul in ascension?

We did not foresee yet ‘which’ eyes the Spirit-Team would open for us, which insight it would allow us and whether a contact to Lucius would come about and how it could look like. The closer the date came, the more respect I had for my own courage! What should or could there be at all, purely theoretically, what such a trance-state based spirit team could say to the few selected present ones in comforting at all? All present in the room were still truly deeply affected!

And then it was time and in front of his sons, in front of Sabin and in front of very few best friends Lucius began there, speech-channeled by the central spirit-operator of the trance, the séance-moderator ‘Prof. Hans Bender’, to explain the multi-dimensional connections of the events in a ‘whole’, to interweave different space-times and to retell the story around him and Sabin – and all others present – from a higher point of view, and also to reveal the meaning that extends beyond our earthly – always limited – perception. And to reveal a kind of multi-dimensional love story of souls attracted and belonging to each other, which assured all present forever their place in space and time together, to be able to revive today the fantastic time and the man Lucius much more consoling!


Lucius showed himself at both occasions of his appearance presumably quite consciously analogous to otherworldly cognition processes of his – with different black-white (blue-white) meaningful facial expressions, which both times resulted in a representation of him full of clarity and marked by expressive colors! Such a materialization process happens with the help of provided group and environment energies. Following a Western teaching tradition, the medium catalyzes and directs subtly received informal complexes of various densities from the ‘sitter’ circle as well as from himself. The guides go on to say: ‘The naturally existing ‘meta-infrastructures’ are structural essence archetypes from the ranks of those present and those having been specifically trained extensively by the medium for years – until the psychic structures reaching out into the beyond forming interfering and coherent overlays – until matter-based creations manifest for a short time in the séance-room and disintegrate again immediately afterwards.

In the meantime we could photograph Lucius and his presence in our seances under fascinating conditions and received his messages. On those occasions, the occurrence recreated a kind of ascension, which we understand as Lucius Werthmueller’s elevation into higher spheres of being.

Such were the lighting conditions at Luzi’s second appearance in Lugnorre at a private seance before old acquaintances. There was complete darkness until from the cabinet the bluish light began to shine more and more constantly. It illuminated from behind an irregular ectoplasm ‘screen’ on which Luzi showed his face in different expressions …!