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LIGHTRUNE & MESSAGE of the :DDoo generation of the UNITED SECTORS 2024 Gatekeeper- and Space-Guild

ABOVE: THE LIGHT-RUNE IS A GIFT FROM THE GUILD FOR THE HUMAN RACE. Origin and build unknown. Unquestionably it is a kind of a magical (image of an) object implicating strengthening and uplifting elements for the earthly year 2024 …!

Please use the automatic english subtitles when watching the video ! Thank you!


For the first time, P’tah explains in detail the background of the UAP-mystery and dissects failings of humanity at the crossroads of contemporary evolution. He gives answers to the paradigm shift from the outside and the ascent into cosmological humanity…!

He explains the cosmology of the planet over millions of years, and the opportunities and risks of one of its inhabitant species: the human race.


Disclaimer: This is not a worldly political message or positioning!
The source is the Higher Spirit World of Spirit Communicators. ‘Higher’ means that they act as guides, Spirit Guides, and want to give people a moral compass! Through the spokesperson of the Spirit group, an extraterrestrial guardian source has its say, which has been observing people for thousands of years and tries to guide and direct their actions according to good and evil – in dualism! He is a council member of extraterrestrial guilds, brotherhoods and commissions operating on independent timelines and recognising and explaining human destinies in possible variations of the future!

LIGHTRUNE & MESSAGE of the :DDoo Generation
of the Gatekeeper and Starfaring Guild of UNITED SECTORS
on behalf of ‘Humanoid Planetary Associations and Brotherhoods’

We greet you, Spiritual Sovereign of Terra, at a new change of systemic cycles – between the solstices and solstices, moons and nightsides of 2023 and 2024 – at a special time of transformation for the planet and its inhabitants.


December marked the anniversary of the One created from the Whole, who adds another name to the divine heritage in your human race: Jesus Christ! With the One, the Unique Divine symbolises itself in the dualistic reality of existence. (Number 2)

In his birth and in his historical life, the high-vibrational dispositions that are induced into the soul field of the prenatal biological human being have been realised in an exemplary manner. Like an accompanying spiritual obligation – towards the divine life-implications. At the source of becoming human, it results in the moral and ethical approach to all things.

In Jesus Christ, this has been lived out to the last consequence.

So materialise the Christ energy in and around you – at all times, from the first to the very last minutes of the year, so that it may guide you into the much more structured year 2024, which will be able to put things newly into some kind of order!!!


The cycle that now lies behind you has left its mark on many: Powerful and embossing creative dynamics spring from the numbers 2-0-2-3, their sequences and orders, in the thousand-year calendar of humanity today.

Influential and, above all, significant factors made up the year and could have combined into sacred orchestrations, from the multipliers of its individual numbers, their positions and special relationships to each other, as at only a few other times in the millennium.

Calculations in mantic number magic referring the past year indicate a union of intensive vibration of two sublime components. Transformation on meta-levels and higher order! In essence, divine principles – 2 & 3 – logically unite and transform into ‘portals of ascension’ (5). This is an indication of profound changes, developments from 2023 are heading towards ‘changes in the dynamic of the crisis in 2024’.

You might now want to reply: ‘No, it wasn’t like that at all! My year 2023 was characterised by uncertainty, uprooting, disorientation and illness! And not magic and enchantment!

Channeling is the spirit of a message –
it is like – metaphysical music
is like its poetry!
You can even feel it too.
It sounds!
The voices of foreign languages,
singing metaphors of distant lands.
In words and ciphers, and form
in the chaos of nothingness,
as waves and particles –
to synergies of interpretation.
To silence, from rhythm and flow,
from dark depths – a treasure?
A key…!
And it opens unknown locks for me!

Friends on earth, most people and their lives are still under the influence of a strongly negative energy. The greatest human crisis of modern times is still taking place!

It is primarily a spiritual crisis of enormous proportions. Emotional global shocks of this kind can influence the dynamics of different vectors (potential future courses of reality) or the laws of chance for weeks, even months, which means a disruption in the cohesion of the universal world structure.

Translated with (free version)

Mantic practices are also affected here! Systems rooted in mathematics, such as the I Ching, the Tarot or numerology, are also difficult to separate positive and negative signs, but they calculate the actual focus very reliably. Numerology is systemically rooted in organizational principles that can also describe reality in a universally valid way. It therefore stands out from other mantic practices.


Sovereigns ultimately recognize the spiritual crisis of the modern age as a natural challenge in their very own dynamic and nature that strives towards ascension. Who, if not the initiate, is independently equipped with the decisive qualities? The sovereign has the competence and insight thus acquired and can recognize the existing circumstances and conditions of spiritual crises as an opportunity!

He can read and comprehend life and the essences of the reality he lives – he can validate and understand the vibrational forms and qualities of beings and things, he communicates sovereign thinking and makes the difference!

‘Spiritual Sovereignty’ tirelessly articulates its sovereign heritage – free from human control systems – it articulates its inner divine truth. Her voice carries her outward from within. Despite all the noise, it resounds clearly and unambiguously and professes its ideals!

The Sovereign will transcend and overcome the spiritual crises!

The signs are becoming clearer and clearer – the Spiritual Sovereign is YOU!

The past year has shed its armor and releases its warrior bodies into the light – the New Year vibrates you into its rhythms of ‘self-determination’ and ‘attained mastery’, the magic of your own Divine-Human High Nature!


I am known as P’tah, the gatekeeper for the communication routes in the consciousness spectrum that our medium and others use to expand their own dimensionality and that of the species. My multiple being encompasses far more points of contact within a long span of time with the evolution of the human species.

Almost 7000 years ago, my assignment on Terra began. The planet was inhabited by a caste of ancient mythical beings from the primal depths of the cosmos – on an only partially material plane. They offered to carry out a complex process in a kind of trans-planetary auction. Certain parts of their architecture, which populated the Earth on the much more material T-3 level, were to be subjected to DNA strand activation and messenger substance engineering.

The underlying plan was to preserve or utilize artifacts and technologies salvaged from the Atlantean disaster on site. It was also to enable cooperation with Arcturians who had been cruising the solar system since the Atlantean cataclysm and were waiting for the opportunity to access salvaged and preserved Atlantean technology, art and knowledge, etc.

For this reason, the original inhabitants of Regulus granted the interventions on the humanoids inhabiting the terrestrial surface to a highly technologized priestly caste that had already been involved beforehand. In the aftercare of these interventions, the unpredictability of the moral decision-making spectrum within the terrestrial ‘high nature’ began to become clear to me for the first time.


Constantly recurring paradoxes in human feeling, thinking and acting are complex puzzle components in an irritated bio-chemo-electrical messenger management of the inhabitants of Terra who call themselves ‘humans’. The ascension process of the species and their initiation into trans-planetary guilds and brotherhoods are at stake. Primitive patterns of behavior are supplanting the sublime source activations being promoted.

Some of the E.T. or I.D. societies exist on Terra on different foundations than humans, are significantly older and have existed there for millions of years. It is assumed that they too are descendants of an even earlier space-traveling species and its technologies. As a super-civilization existing just outside of human perception, they are the oldest inhabitants of the planet, descendants of the first archetypal entities in the cosmos with great influence on both creative and destructive space-processes. From them came the subsequent archons, later elementals of belief systems, later rulers of the destinies of entire planetary systems, whose ambitions of resettlement and conquest were notorious.

This caste of primordial Terrans are at least co-architects of today’s surface Terrans. Their intergalactic high-tech connections have allowed countless races to run a wide variety of programs on Terra. Observation programs have been running on Terra for thousands of years, depending on the motives of the E.T.’s and I.D.’s in charge. Many of these accompanying programs originally focus on the inhabitants, whose evolution will foreseeably, sooner or later, allow them to enter expanded spatio-temporal and perceptual realities.

If Terrans and Zetas jointly inhabit three-dimensional, time-dimensional and other parallel-dimensional and ethereal habitats, there is a fundamental interest on the part of 3D to 6D and other parallel space peoples in cautious control and value system ‘hygiene’ in foreseeably jointly inhabited sectors of cosmic space-times.

In your case, paving the way for one species into cosmological space can affect many species and their interests. The longer the Secret Observation Programs and their non-interference principles run, the more distortions and other problems will become apparent:

Abandoned observatories that are no longer in use are used by unknown non-participating space races, for example to overcome short or long-term resource shortages of any kind and to initiate other unsupervised experiments.

Secret agreements with terrestrial superpowers have come about in this way, including the forbidden exchange of information and resources.

Originally and relevant for the Terran are mainly the long-term observations on emerging civilizations conducted by intergalactic planetary alliances, to control, enable, if necessary limit and finally integrate them into extended habitats in a controlled and compatible manner.


But now, after a long time, the above-mentioned efforts of intergalactic alliances on earth have increasingly found their way into the public consciousness of mankind and our presence is being discussed in the political houses of great powers and efforts are being made to disclose all existing knowledge.

Care must now be taken to ensure that elements of the paradoxical behavior described above do not take the lead in upcoming decisions. The decisions on the current escalating armed conflicts on Terra serve as a contemporary example.

One could assume that in the home region of our medium as an example, human high nature would possibly find its clearest orientation.

But even there, the human being, the citizen, the German, shows himself decoupled from it and its realization. Behavior that is contrary to his disposition takes place in its entirety – across several social classes.

Overconfidently duped by geopolitical decisions, those hands in which divine knowledge was placed are now bringing death with the help of the German arms industry. Your disconnected nature no longer allows you to recognize evil.

With the forthcoming disclosure of existing but withheld knowledge by governments, secret services and the military, wrong decisions can have even more serious and fatal consequences for the once divine legacy of the earth’s population.

Without irrefutable evidence, for example, to define the nature and motives of highly evolved species involved, light-heartedly as helpful and selfless in every respect, and stationed solely for reason of helping humans with their expanded understanding of being part of an animated universe – is careless and far too short-sighted!

Do the earthly lobbyists for the most total informational disclosure possible not see how ignorant their demand is of the very obvious and clearly demonstrated need for non-disclosure or camouflage by the co-present ‘others’! Why are these demands of others not recognized, not even remotely explained, not considered at all? The capacity for empathy is one of the divine miracles that could be installed in humans – and it is not activated on an individual or public discussion level.

The era when mutual awareness is official – contact with humans will be asymmetrical in view of the great civilizational differences still! The human side’s attitude is of colonialist arrogance. Decisions for the whole of humanity are under such circumstances made without due depth.

The non-disclosure directive of the ‘others’ – for millennia – and the technologies used for this purpose are intended to ensure a healthy, uninfluenced further development of the human species and optimize its future role and planned embedding in expanded areas of existence!

If the measures of the non-interference directive, which maintain a perception buffer between the different populations of the planet, were to disappear immediately in the current crisis, the sky would be covered by gigantic airships in urban centers, the streets populated by alien beings.

Everywhere, the currently still inaccessible but existing – and in some cases certainly astonishing – interaction routes and interaction-methods between humans and the ‘Others’ in the world and into the lives of human bein would be revealed.

After all, the ‘others’ have pursued their very own interests with humans for thousands of years and created invisible structures for this purpose. In between, humans have lived their lives under the illusion that they are possibly the only and undisturbed intelligent life in the cosmos – or at least on earth.

A sudden realization to the contrary in this regard – with all the consequences of a global scenario – could potentially bring with it the destructive effects of a worst-case scenario that has always prevented knowers from fully disclosing existing knowledge to all.

We recommend urgently the establishment of commissions on how a soft disclosure involving all societal and visitor components can be regarded – in order to understand the real extent of influence through ETs and IDs, and feed only securely knowledge into terrestrial societies in a controlled manner.

Otherwise, humans would be walking with their eyes wide open into a situation they know about from their observations with late-discovered indigenous societies and jungle peoples. An unstoppable specific evolutionary law would come into force, in which the technologically less developed society will irrevocably and irretrievably dissolve into the higher one.

A paradigm shift, an ascent to new knowledge and understanding, the cosmological human being can be achieved on different routes: via internal – as well as via external conditions.
Only an internal evolutionary shift guarantees spiritual and societal freedom. In this decisive phase of trials, may the human power of decision be filled with great wisdom and foresight in order to do justice to this time!

Friends of the earth! I am P’tah! The gatekeeper has spoken!

End of Message