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The Walking Monk and his message – the following article is illustrated with stylized representations created from original drawings by (c) Petra Armbruster.


Stardate Pro Eximi Da-uri Iom Atrom – Da-uri Ioma Ree

Comm beacon code (Ital. Mediterranean coast): ItlZR(…)-SwtzGY(…)


  • Non-local space travel and spiritual entity: information transfer
  • Hyperspace re-activation of divinatory source elements of the Being
  • Personal repositioning of the own crystalline-terrestrial network-spirituality
  • Consequences of a too early initiated dual-systemic transcendence
  • Imprinting and attraction of allied soul-entities, about finding ‘oneself’ and ‘in each other’

About the message and the appearance of the materialized spirit being resp. Zetas follow exclusively observations and comments in original quotations from present terrestrials. The observed fully materialized being left the cabinet at its leftmost corner and moved in front of it in a radius of about 2 meters into the room….

‘I saw: a Spirit person holding his right arm up visible by the lightning that came out of his right hand. The flashes were like from a strobe light, illuminating the whole figure and from the area of the heart a blue light reflected.’

‘The feet I tried to look at, but I could only see the figure floating 10 cm above the ground. Feet were not recognizable. The figure stopped in front of Sabin for a long time and then came toward us.’

‘It had its left arm around its neck, was somewhat bent, it wore a scarf. I could not recognize a beard. The head was bald and the eyes were not visible, but the eye sockets were large and set back like the eyes. It occurred to me that it had no eyes or was blind.’

(In fact, the Spirits state the Gonpo incarnation was a blinded monk! Red.)

‘For me it was a very impressive evening, which I will not forget so quickly and will have a long lasting effect on me.’

‘The message (death as taboo etc. and gender man, woman, androgynous) touched me as very visionary and coherent. I also found it exciting that the message was announced before the appearance of the monk.’

‘When the monk came out of the cabinet I was very amazed. I have never seen and experienced a spirit being in such clarity. For me the head was bald, the face with a pointed nose and the large eye sockets were well recognizable. I was sitting rather far away and therefore could not see more details. I was also fascinated by the light he had in his right hand, which made his appearance recognizable in the dark room.’

‘When the monk looked at me I felt rather perplexed and slightly frightened. I did not expect such a clear materialization. I was already a few times with you and was allowed to experience several times materializations of objects, which in itself is already a very impressive experience. However, Kai has set an even greater frame with the appearance of the spirit being, which moved and was also noticeably present.’

‘I thank you both for your work, that is really unique and also gives me the strength and motivation to continue working on my own mediumship.’

‘Once again a heartfelt thank you – it was a great pleasure and special to be allowed to be present at the séance. It was my first full materialization session and great activation for me personally. Thank you for all the effort that goes into something like this!!! I hope Kai was able to recover quickly.’

‘The spirit-being stood not far from me. A faint colored or gray apparition of the Zeta Reticuli, or ‘Gray’ aliens. According to my perception, it was a male apparition without hair, somewhat older, dressed in a full-body cloth (similar to a monk’s habit). The eyes were difficult for me to see, perhaps closed or very focused. With his hands he sent different frequencies of light.’

‘Impressive for me in particular, was the energy that ‘he’ emitted. I could not fall asleep until about 5 o’clock in the morning and got strong energy surges. Since a few months I have been dealing with the beings of the Zetas anyway and I could answer many open questions through this energy transmission.’

(Apparently, some guests – from a certain time onwards (?) – saw the extra-terrestrial nature coming to the foreground in the facial features of the visitor, what could be observed already before – in other materialization sessions with the gatekeeper. Red.)

‘Indeed, this was the most impressive materialization I have ever seen.

The figure that appeared, honestly seemed to me like an alien wrapped in a cloth.

It simply reminded me of the depictions of aliens, for example in feature films.’

Séance from 20.9.2023 – from Sabin, the host of the event:

‘Kai withdrew after a short introduction – he already seemed to be no longer fully connected with our reality. We were informed that most of the time Lex van Sommeren’s mantra-like music would be played and we should hum or om-sing along continuously especially during the visible part of the séance.’

‘Kai sat down in the cabinet and already after a short time he was in trance and spirit-moderator ‘Hans Bender’ came forward; he spoke about the gatekeepers and their multidimensionality. After some time he withdrew with the request to chant om as powerfully as possible.’

‘During several minutes, flashes of light could be seen again and again behind the cabinet curtain. Everything indicated that a spirit manifestation would show itself. In fact, a strange being appeared out of the left-hand slit a scant meter away from me: glowing snow-white and irradiated by twitching blue light. This being was clearly three-dimensional, about one meter 70 tall, slightly bent and wearing a white robe. Its face was turned downward and its right arm extended forward. The head was clean-shaven.’

The robe seemed permeable so that the silhouette of the arm was visible under the robe. Very slowly the being turned and occasionally it was no longer visible, but showed itself time and again during a total of certainly two minutes. This time is bold and I think others perceived a different duration, I just want to say that we could see the phantom for a longer time. Later it emerged once more from the slit in the center of the cabinet, again its head was lowered. I did not look at his arms or feet – and therefore had the idea that he was leaning on a stick and was blind. Others have told that about 20 centimeters above the floor the robe ended and no feet were visible. Also, most have observed that he held a light in his hand with which he illuminated his face.’

In earlier sessions, the spirit figure liked to sit in the middle of the room and illuminated itself there as well …

‘With pleasure I report you my impressions. The problem with me is that I wear glasses and can’t see that much for a long time. But I could see the full materialization with the light source and how it disappeared behind the curtain. However, it was a very moving moment for me.’

‘An intense powerful look from 1 m 20 away hit me, he looked older than 2-3 years ago, bent in the upper back, like someone leaning on a stick. Yet it was Gonpo.’