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AUGUST IN THE CABINET – Shannon Taggart shoots up spirit activity again

By 18. Juli 2014Dezember 28th, 2022Uncategorized

Some of you might remember August Goforths report on last years US-Sittings ‘Water under the Rocks‘ – a lyrical and inspired as inspirational account of what he experienced during Physical Seances held in Springfield and Dr. Neals House in Cassadega, near Lilydale!
What only a few do know is that August is not only a skilled writer – The Risen – he is a professional  working in difficult areas of psychotherapy and holds his own psychic abilities hidden behind a pseudo, what is as necessary as it is sad.
It is because until today it happens quickly to become mobbed by ones own professional environment learning about such activities! Reasons our own circle leader only knows about too well.
But anyway, be it as it may.

August, together with Shannon Taggart, held sittings in Montcabirol, when August sat in the cabinet and Shannon, who is an experienced and professional spirit photographer did shoot up!

August in the Cabinet

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