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MEMORABLE TABLE SITTING WITH MY SON THE 26th AUGUST 2014 – by Elke M., Dipl.Soc.Ped. and teacher, retired, mediums mother

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I wrote my memories down directly after the sitting and present them in present tense to give the reader a most actual impression. Elke M.

We are sitting with four people at the table. A huge part of the group is hindered to come today because of work or holiday. Usually the group has 10 members. Kais wife Julia is not present either.
At the beginning Kai tells us about some of the most amazing ‘happenings’ the spirits had triggered during his recent seances and shares with us apported objects from his own mediumship and the mediumship of Mychael Shane he and Julia had met in the US and about whom an article is in the making.

Then the actual sitting starts after a prayer around 9.00 pm.
The lights we turn down in the hope to see the mysterious lights better that appear, when the spirits are around us.

Approximately after 10 minutes singing a huge round white light emerges between Kai and me, that is visible to everyone. After that whitish, greenish and reddish lights fly around the room, coming from every direction.

Four loud compact raps at the ceiling somewhere above us lead to a loud crashing noise.
We decide to pause quickly and see what has happened – maybe another apport is involved and has crashed to the ground.
But on the floor, outside of the sitters group around the table, another display is revealed: One of the chairs, we had sorted out for garbage because it was bent laid totally destroyed on the floor.
The chairs seat is demounted, a metal beam bent and broken.
I myself had sat on the chair previously this evening and put it besides the exit to litter it later.

The previously sorted out chair is ripped into pieces and found after one loud crashing noise from the floor. Minutes before Elke M. had sat on it and found its legs were slightly bent, letting the chair bounce. She put it besides the exit to throw it later into the garbage.

We carry on with the sitting and the table starts to levitate 23 seconds 2 feet in the air and remains floating, dancing or like swimming there – seemingly somehow in the musics rhythm.

Shortly later and after more whizzing lights and floating tables this time on the opposite side another loud bang is being heard. Not before we illuminate the lights for a second time, my daughter in law Steffi recognizes that the tables leg in front of her was secretly demounted and loudly crashlanding behind her.
We set the leg back into the surface, where the legs usually are quite stable fit into. Though it was not the first time the present spirits demonstrated their ability to unrecognized demount table legs.

Kai frequently tells us when he believes the spirits are giving a message to the group.
The most amazing happening of the evening followed after such an impuls of him.
He announces the spirits want to bundle physical powers of us sitters to produce an ‘ancient spirit light’ shining ‘pure white healing‘ over and into the sitters bodies.
We all shall put our hands over one another approx.1,75 feet above the middle over the tables surface.

Kai has the impuls to count down from three to one and we count with him. After two resultless count-downs, every time ending in an audible expression by him of releasing power, it happened: Below our hands, on the tables surface a glistening bright sphere of white light appeared, approximately the size of a football.
The light actually blinds us more than we can say it illuminates the room, because we all are only seeing white, before the sphere expires.

Football-sized light sphere suddenly like exploded on the tables surface in front of everybodies eyes…

 Kai says the spirits had explained, that even though our retinas are imprinted for a long time, this light of course does not affect the human eye negatively. The spirits claim it has the same quality like the light tibetians describe as ‘the clear ancient light’, that can be seen in the moment of transition.
We are all pretty shaken by that massive display of energy directly in front of us.

During the entire sitting the table is very lively and produces drum-whirl-like jumps from side to side with an other-worldly speed, not at all recreatable by human means. Also our hands cannot follow the tables surface speeding up and down.

10.30 pm we say thank you and farewell to the spirits working with our group for the unbelievably rich evening.

E.M., founding member and sitting with the FEG for the last 10 years.