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Chairman «Experimental Group Thun»

Olivier Gross is a Suisse medium with many years experience. Besides having a highly responsible profession he founded Paramatma Thun together with his wife Daniela who plays a significant role in the mediumistic activities around them. Like the renowned couple ‘the Bennets’, that were once causing the famous Scole-phenomena in the nineties, Olivier and Daniela seem to form a comparable spiritual relationship. Several years ago, they founded the ‘Experimental Group Thun’ to work partially with the same spirit entities, like the Felix Circle Germany. Meanwhile Paramatma is in the meantime deinstalled, both are still involved in the organisation and exercise of sacred spiritual events unique in the german speaking countries. Physical Mediumship is a main inspiration for their lives. Editor 


I describe in this short report the personal experiences I had when being a part of the Séanceroom Experiment ‘Interlinking individual strands of ectoplasm for gemstone materialization’ during a Séance with the Felix Circle-medium Kai M., the 14th of August 2014 in the rooms of the Basle PSI Association. 
I specifically focus onto the aspects concerning the experiment and my personal experience. I want to underline I also hugely admire previously described amazing and fascinating additional phenomena, that are going on, even though I won t mention them here. 


Thursday, the 14th of August 2014, my wife and me drive down to Basle to attend the séance with Kai M. at the PSI Association.
Our contact to Kai and Julia M. and the Felix Circle stands in close connection to the intensive work within the ‘Experimental Group Thun’, that was founded a few years ago. Seemingly the same group of spirit helpers like ‘the chemists’ – around the trance-personality  ‘Hans Bender’ – does not work only with the Felix Group, but at least as well with our group, what enables the interlacing of potentials, even though main communicators are different (Indridi Indridason, Rudi
Schneider) in Thun!

This factor has decisively and directly abeted the development of our group! 
With this background we regularly drive to Kais and Julias Séances, where we every single time are surprised newly, how individual and mannifold the spiritual potentials manifest on the physical plane and at the same time affect us emotionally to a considerable degree.

The threepart set of gemstones, that was the physical result of the strange ectoplasmic experiment.

Already after a short initial phase, meanwhile the medium ‘Kai Felix’ (his first name is ‚Kai‘,
the spirit personalities adress him solely with ‚Kai-Felix‘ though) entrances itself via a specific shamanistic breathing technique, the spirit personality ‘Hans Bender’ eventually comes through and welcomes the sitters warmly and in a known affectionate form.
He thanks the organizers and Kais wife Julia, who ‘are enabling these communions with their committment and love’.
He carries on: ‘We specifically acknowledge those in the room we work with at other locations, Daniela and Olivier, welcome, we are happy you’re here. I might need to talk shortly to Olivier, we would like to invite you for an experiment at the end of the session. Therefore we would quickly like to check your health status. But as far as we know, the path is clear and it is solely your decision if you like to give yourself one more time in our hands. We are positive you like to do that“.
I thank ‘Hans’, his words immediately have somehow captured my mind and body completely and my thoughts start to circle around the forthcoming yet undescribed experiment and my pulse increases inevitably, meanwhile the energy in the room raises and phenomena of different nature manifest throughout the room.
Once more a pleasant and exciting start in one of these seances, that always enable the sitters to make new insights and my anticipation towards what might come enfolds all planes of my presence.

During the phase meanwhile two or three autonomous light-spheres move with high speed through the room and frequently appear and move in front of, below or above us sitters I feel the attempt of being ‘scanned’. Two lights appear directly in front of my head and move with enormous speed in a meandering routine up and down. 
Then suddenly on the left hand side coming from my middle ear my auditory canal warms up considerably reaching the outer ear and additionally my temporomandibular joints  (jaw-joints) do on both sides heat up as well. I recognize this somehow as an energy build, as I know it from my own trance-work and at the same time i feel more relaxed than at the start of the sitting.
During the scanning-procedure i very clearly recognize the announced clarification and i become nervous a bit in regards to its outcome.
Shortly later Hans talks again: “Today we mainly work towards an experiment in the red light phase of the evening. Subject of this experiment is our mediumistic vessel Olivier, friend, contender for the communication inbetween the dimensions. Olivier we are not knowing about any illnesses in the inner ear- or jar-region of yours. 
Should we be wrong you should not take part in this experiment as planned.
The experiment is about
– the extraction of ectoplasmic material from two different mediumistic vessels and 
– its intermixture and 
– the utilization of the joint creative potentials.”

“Your left ear and your jar-joint will be manipulated. These manipulations are undangerous and we invite you to reflect about being part in this experiment.“

I answer: „I would like to very much, dear Hans!“.
He commences: “Later we will want you to sit then besides Kai Felix in the cabinet and you’ll be entranced. The ectoplasmic process will be triggered and you will have to linger in the trance for several minutes. Like yours Kai Felix’ organism will be then facilitated as well to exhibit to the sitters ‘the two mediums united in ectoplasmic extrusion.“
But now first several more mediumistic experiments follow previously to the red-light phase and i recognize the same preparation on the bodily- as well as on the consciouness-plane like during my trances with the «Experimental Group Thun».
This well accustomed process abets directly the activation of my mediumistic organism and I sense the ‘otherworldly’ around ‘Hans Bender’ very specifically interlinked.

Hans: „Sitters, we directly enter the red light phase! The entities prepare the ectoplasmic  substrate for extrusion. Please let a lot of fresh air into the room and support the ongoings by singing please“.

I sense the moment of the experiment coming nearer and feel more and more relaxed at the same time. After a short phase of singing, Hans explains: „Let me describe shortly the course of this amazing two mediums involving experiment. First of all we will want to have Olivier with his chair besides Kai. Then behind closed curtains we will prepare the extrusions from Oliviers orifices of the head.
This will be exhibited to the sitters as soon as the process starts. Closing of the curtains. At that time Oliviers head lays on his right shoulder towards the medium, meanwhile the substance flows towards the ground coming from his ear.

With a signal reopening of the curtains: Extrusion of ectoplasmic matter through Kai Felix and melting of both mediums strands in another. Closing of the curtains. Reopening and exhibition of building handforms, animating the mass on the floor to generate objects. 

Finally the pile on the floor will be uplifted and Julia will be trying to secure objects that might appear or fall to the ground. Under circumstances the objects have to be freed from the mass. Closing of the curtains and desintegration of extruded material. Opening, the mass has desintegrated. That’s the plan!”

“Is Olivier still present or has he fled this location?” (Sitters laugh)
I answer: “No, I am still here!”
Julia asks if she will be receiving verbal instructions during the processes: “No, I cannot talk, since ectoplasm is leaving Kai Felix mouth. Should the generated objects not appear we will seperate from the ectoplasmic stream and give instructions!”

“Dear Sitters and Friends, this is an experiment that was exercised many times over the world (Brazil, Argentinia, USA): Mediums connect their ectoplasmic strands to generate different results.
Julia, when we start to generate the ectoplasmic flow from Oliviers ear for the first time red light will fall onto it! It must be not too bright, even though we will clearly show the extrusion, the triggering of the flow of ectoplasm!”
“Olivier himself will in the first place feel as if he had water like after a bath in his ear. A slight pressure will build around it and his jaw joints and that was it more or less. Leaving his ear the ectoplasmic matter will sprout over his head and flow to the ground.
Olivier, are you still part of the experiment?” 
I answer: “Yes”.
Hans says: “We start to prepare the ectoplasmic matter, music and singing please…!”
At the time of the preparation i can feel how ‘energy’ is becoming somehow more and more dense and at the same time my consciousness expands. Additionally my left ear canal feels enormously warm and my temporomandibular joint is not anymore controlled by me and I am fully relaxed.

Installation within the cabinet

Hans calls me: „With mild red light Olivier please come to the cabinet with your chair.“

I carefully leave with my chair the place within the circle where I was seated (opposite to the cabinet) and walk over to the medium. I inform the entity Hans I have arrived. 
He instructs Julia to open the cabinet curtains. 
He tells me: “Seat yourself on Kai Felix’ left hand side with the chairs rest towards him, please. Legs can reach into the room. As close as possible to Kai Felix! Closing of the curtains please!” 
The moment the curtains are closed I feel complex processes form and me becoming part of the whole. Something familiar I sense and I feel very comfortable, but already in a slightly altered state of consciousness. 
Hans communicates now non-verbally with me and instructs me to open completely, to even empty me the way I did it countless times before during my work in Thun with him. 

Then he talks again: “We would like you to lay your head relaxed onto your right shoulder. We then try to release the procedure. That will take only a few seconds, sitters outside listen to my signal, because we want Olivier then to describe, what is happening. Music and singing please!”

Picture: After a split second lasting touch of Kai/Hans at Oliviers ear ‘like from a bursting bud’ the ectoplasmic mass flows coming from the ear over Oliviers face. 
(all drawings copyright Daniela Gross, „Experimentalzirkel
Ectoplasmic Exposition

As soon as the music plays I recognize the familiar energies within the cabinet. I quickly achieve to ballance the uncomfortable posture of my head with an according breathing pattern. 
At the same time I feel the hand of Kai/Hans. Three of his fingers touch very shortly my outer ear and it feels as if a light-impulse in my inner ear expands to a fluid, reveting my ear canal.
It is a very pleasant feeling and the process expands more and more. Like bursting from a capsule is my head within seconds covered by the ectoplasmic flow.
It is a very fine, but at the same time even weighy substance, combining very wet and even dry characteristics. It triggers always unexpected and even contradictory palpable sensations. Looking like dry raw cotton wool, it is a surprise to actually get in touch with cold clamminess and stickyness.
I know the substance and its peculiarities from experiences with the logurgia of Kai Felix. I sense the overwhelming energy within this process and am surprised by the precise work of the spirit entities.
Hans says: “First Opening and red light!” 
Not everybody can see well and so a stronger red light is demanded by him. At that time the ectoplasmic stream has already reached the floor…!
The curtains are closed again and I recognize that a second extrusion-process, this time through Kai, is generated and Hans’ signal for reopening of the curtains is given. 
The ectoplasmic strands do unite now in front of the onlookers and end as an amorphus pile on the floor between Kai and me.

During the first opening the mass prolongs from Oliviers face down to the floor and a second opening (pic above) reveals the extrusion of bulging strands from Kai merging with Oliviers individual strand on its way down to the floor.
The conjointly generated mass on the floor seperated from Kai and is only with Oliviers orifice still connected. It seems to ‘breath’ and typically move as it is common with Kais ectoplasmic productions. 

Hans announces that more ectoplasm has to be produced to build ‘hand-forms’, spirithands, meanwhile I am fully enwrapped within this strange mass in an engrossed trance. 
I hear Hans demanding more activity on the side of the sitters for the creation of the complexer handform. Nevertheless I am like fainted at that moment in time.
Hans signals cabinet to open and where from Kais mouth before was a bulging strand of ectoplasmic matter coming the sitters now see a much more gracile structure in approximately a little more than arms length with an obvious hand at its’ end, manipulating the mass on the ground and finally uplifting it.

After succeeding to do that, the first generated objects below become visible and Julia reaches out for them and overtakes the first gemstones.
“Is that all!?”, I hear Julia ask. And Kais trance-personality answers: “No!”
In front of Julias and everybody elses eyes who do sit close enough to observe the differentiated movements of the hand it does lift and lower the relatively huge mass in a whole until a last object is thrown out. 
Julia overtakes the third and last gemstone from below the mass. 
Closing of the cabinet.
“Was everybody enabled to see the hand lift the mass!?” Sitters confirm.
“We are aware that all our new guests this evening might be irritated by this seemingly strangely looking procedure. But today we do present for our older friends amongst the sitters this specifically rare process for realization! Thank you for your interest. Now give us energy with music and singing, please!”

The newly produced strand is much more slim and ends into an obviously agile and active hand, that manipulates and lifts the pile of ‘fine matter’ on the floor.

Below it at first two gemstones become visible and 

– after a first securing – a third one.

Ectoplasmic Desintegration

Hans speaks: “Now we are going to free our friend from the uncommon matter! Describe what you experience, Olivier!” 
I answer: “A tugging at my ear I feel and a desintegration of the substance that feels clammy covering the whole head.”
The desintegration is comparable with the dissolution of a substance, whose finer characteristics seem to dissolve gradually from the outer to the inner areas (in my case the ear canal). I feel that very good in my face. Several more main parts of a threadlike structur seem to retreat or rebuild and whole small areas like vanish within seconds.

I sense this pattern-based dissolve very clearly on my skin.
Hans demands an additional visual control to finalize the desintegration process of my ectoplasm to go sure there are no connections left on my skin.
He expresses his thanks of having me taking part in this unique experiment and I thank for the invaluable experience.


After I have left the cabinet, extreme dischargings in form of lightning-like flashes become visible coming from it – even meanwhile Hans explains: “Rests of the non-dimensional material are removed!”

“Dear friends, tonite we have banned from the ectoplasm the analogue forms of our interwoven existences – and the experimental interspace – into the matter of gemstones.
There is the world of day, represented through the stone as clear as a morning sky. 
There is what you call the nightside of nature and is represented through the stone that is like a stary night sky.
And there is a room where both worlds are overlapping. It is the same experimental room of this evening, the milky stone as foggy as ectoplasm is representing it.

These three stones that embrace the spaces of our work go into the possession of the Experimental Circle Thun. It will be anchor-points for our future work with this circle; please put them where the other objects we are already interfering with are located!

Post Scriptum 

Sounding egregious in fact the merging of ectoplasmic strands coming from different mediums is an attempt known very well from the history of ectoplasmic mediumship and séance room display since the heydays of western physical mediumship and beyond. 
From Argentinia we have photographic evidence from the 30ies involving two mediums and in Spiritualisms heartland Brazil interlinking ectoplasmic strands were exercised at least into the late sixties. 
The more closest to our cultural environment are the massive demonstrations of the charismatic Physical Medium and Spiritual Leader Rev. K. M. R. in the United States who frequently drew ectoplasm from sitters solar plexus and combined it with its own! 
One of the best reports available is the combined Séance between South African Iconic Physical Medium Alec Harris and K.M.R., when the interlinking of extruded matter lead to the development of peculiar forms of full phantom materialization. The Editor