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Author and Spiritual Teacher Rolf Stadelmann describes how Activation Stones in a glass bowl under a considerable quantity of ectoplasm, flowing from mediums mouth, started to shine in a blueish color

by Rolf Stadelmann

(Rolf Stadelmann is a well known Switzerland Shaman-Healer and Spiritual Teacher in his early fifties estimatedly, from Basle, a Magus and an Author about sensitive healing work with plants and plant-essences, shamanistic, mediumistic and sensitive healing work. 
His main website ‘sun-deer’ can be found here)  

Just recently I attended two more séances with Kai and Julia M. of the German Felix Circle.

The first séance, 28th of November 2016, that was attended by many first timers, was of a powerful program of mediumistic basics. Well audible knocking sounds from walls and ceiling, touches by spirit hands, spirit-entities walking through the room (medium sitting in the circle strictly held, mostly moderating ongoings like that from its position), movements and playing of musical instruments and fingers and a full hand on a plaque in a distance from the controlled medium, and a flying trumpet.

Specifically impressing was a rain of stones literally from mouth, nose, ears and eyes of the medium, as well as the materialization of a small deity figurine made of brazen into the hand of a lady sitter in red light, followed by ectoplasm in red light.


After exiting mediums mouth it was detouched with the help of his hands and was developing a pulsating life of its own down on the floor – and like from an egg breaking open, a not fully formed, but well recognizable hand reached out and erected itself upwards.

The second séance, 1st December 2016,

was completely different – when we had many interesting, supporting and valid informations already in the earliest moments of spirit communication and basicly over the course of the séance itself been given.
Beginning there were clear stones, raining onto the floor (see photo), the moment the main spirit control was ‘stepping-through’ (the medium), and following – over the course of the séance – there were frequent small forms of light visibly exploding or flashs of light discharging – and later brazen deity figurines happened to be materialized directly into the hands of four sitters….

Objects materialized the 1st of December 2016

Specifically extraordinary was the ‘recharging’ of estimatedly five huge ‘Activation Stones’, the so called ‘Centerstones’, placed at the beginning of the evening together into a glass bowl.
Somewhen during the sitting, medium sat inside the cabinet (usually only when there is light used in the circle, for example to arrange something) and asked for the stones, which were handed over to him immediately.
Then we saw the bowl filling up with ectoplasm exiting the mediums mouth and well observable started to shine blueish. Meanwhile the bowl was held in one hand, the other hand made again and again circular movements above it.
Symbolically spoken it was like a magus, who with sorcerous movement patterns ‘bespoke’ and ‘reloaded’ the ‘Centerstones’ and that took quite a time….

Author and Investigator Prof. E.K. was attending the day of the ‘ectoplasmic Centerstones energetisation’ together with his wife and describes his approach when composing such an image. Always exchanging with others and alligning the observations he believes with ‘the intersubjective consensus’ such a CGI image can be as accurate as a photo can be…

Towards the end of the sitting a kind of rudimentary ‘life form’ of ethereal nature showed up, with a mellow white-yellowish self-illumination and moved in quite a distance from the medium and cabinet into the room.
Moreover this time two trumpets were simultaneously brought into flight and all personal Activation Stones (much smaller than the Centerstones) sitters had brought into the room collectively became reloaded newly also, holding them outstretched, when a very bright flash of light exploded high above the cabinet located slightly outside the sitters circle.

Again the séances were both touching, tantalizing, meaningful and instructional, and impressive!

Rolf Stadelmann