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The Austrian Countess Zoe Wassilko-Serecki roamed 1926/27 the Country to give european researchers the opportunity to study some especial phenomena, occurring around a rumanian 13 year old girl.
Not only classical Poltergeist-phenomena were reported repeatedly in the years before from the romanian press and many other observers, but also the peculiar phenomenon, that a possibly demonic entity, who claimed to be responsible for the RSPK-Pheneomna, also attacked its focus person (Eleonora) in that way, that suddenly traces of heavy scratch- and bite-attacks from the entity, often with rests of sputum, could be observed.
When Eleonora was tested by Schrenck-Notzing, Ing. Grunewald, Rosenbusch and other high-ranked academics a film-corporation from Munich, the EMELKA did one of the first documentaries ever produced concerning the field of Parapsychology.
In the last years again and again cases surfaced of poltergeist-type disturbances, when seemingly unseen hands or claws attacked the involved families. That happened during the San Pedro Poltergeist case, the “Entity”-Case or the South-Shield- Poltergeist case a.m.m.

In this short documentary also an extraordinary case is discussed where unseen entities attack a family
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