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FEBRUARY 2017 MEMORY PROTOCOL – an independent report by Investigator C.Dresbach

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(The least have understood, that what Author C.Dresbach describes are the closest and most thorough looks onto modern séance room-, resp. ectoplasmic phenomena, ever recorded. 
They can in their thorough- and brightness easily be compared with rare historical quality descriptions of séance-room phenomena in a whole.
This is in in every case revived modern expression of séance-room tradition in Europe and so is Dresbach chronicling it. 
In so far, Dresbachs observations are unparalleled and due to his existing capacity of intellectually processing and describing them to the outstander, intriguing.
From the thorough German text we have shortened very small parts for the translation, because they have been described thoroughly before and are marked with (.)!)

Once more we were invited to join a deep trance séance with Kai M.. Present was a promising heterogeneous group built from new sitters and as well of experienced ones. The following is a memory protocol!

MAINLY FOR THE NEWBIES…there was a thorough introduction
Mainly for the newbies there was a thorough introduction being given by the medium itself to make what was to follow understandable in a historical and cultural context.
After we started to enter the séance room, i took my place directly besides the seat of the medium, for i was the independent controller to hold the medium during darkness at arms and legs. 
Opposite to me Julia M. was holding also the medium, so that it was secured by us two on its chair.
This is a known convenient form of control to securely rule out any bodily involvement of the medium with the phenomena mainly happening within the sitters circle.
There is an increased stage of that control, the ‘supercontrol’, when one of the controllers reaches over to the other to secure the opposite controller. Doing so the medium is blocked with the body and the controllers are secure as well!
The supercontrol was several times asked for by the communicator meanwhile phenomena were occurring at different places in the circle.
Again and again the independency of the phenomena from the medium were demonstrated that evening that way!
I executed last time four years ago at my first sittings the medium control and was looking forward to again take this important seat in the circle. 
Already during the specific breathing routine of the medium to entrance itself and during the first words of the trance control HANS, the first illuminating apparitions in form of flashes and foglike, shiny greenish areas, were visible for us.
Shortly after the introduction by the spirit (.) the different ‘experiments’ already began that night.

It like always began with the spirit interferences with the inmidst of the sitters circle held ready instruments. The rattles and shakes were put onto a turned around bucket and additionally a shamans drum plus stick besides. The rattles right away were shaken and later thrown into the room. The shamans drum in the following of that start was beaten in the rhythm of the music and our singing.

Meanwhile the instruments were audibly handled, I held the medium in the previously described manner. It sat indeed totally quiet on its chair and every movement of him I immediately had sensed. And regardless the spectacle of the instruments happened in front of all of us!

After this first episode nearly all sitters were starting to receive touches by spirit hands, whereby these touches were described as elusive and chilly, like from a real hand basically.

Even the mediums mother who sat solely behind me in second row always having her hands on my shoulders, was after a few attempts touched at her back (!) and head (Elke is ill and was located there wanting to be able to leave the seance room in the case of feeling too weak without much disturbance or without leaving an empty chair behind, but she stayed til the end).

That was uncommon in so far that she sat in second row and the spirit had remarked that the phenomena were only to happen within the circle dependent on the alleged energy field covering the free space of the circle.
I wasn’t receiving any touches, because the controllers were wanted to focus solely onto the mediums control (and security) and not to become distracted!  

Secondly shiny balls on a plate, then put onto the bucket opposite in the circle, were wanted to be moved. Nearly immediately they started to roll around there and were thrown from it in the end!
A female sitter claimed she was parallely permanently being touched at her leg!

When no more balls were rolling we all were wanted to step in front of the cabinet. Therefore the red light was lit to orient and position in front of the medium. Immediately small crystals were starting to fall from all heads orifices. Alone three relatively big ones were coming from under the right lower eyelid. According to this first a big bulge under the eye became visible and shortly after the stones appeared from the eyes! But not enough with this, the medium stood up from his chair, visible and in red light, moved to a sitter and materialised a big, white so called Activation Stone from his bare hands into the hand of this lady. This was accompanied with a glaring light coming with the object from the mediums hands…!

Some of the evenings materialized stones…

Immediately afterwards the ‘flying handkerchief’-experiment was focused onto! Like in previous instances sitters were asked to hold the shiny (illuminated pieces of tape all over it!) hanky into the sitters circle, where it then was grasped for by the spirits and transported through the room. 
After a starting the experiment was successful and the hanky was seen taken from the one sitters hands all over to another sitter. It looked as if freely floating over to the other side in the dark…! 

Surprisingly after the transport a materialization of a hand was shown to the sitters.
The medium returned from the cabinet sitting openly in it. Suddenly a blueish flash of light was visible and illuminated the medium sitting in its chair. This strange blueish light should stay the only light illuminating the following. Again and again it flashed and with every flash something more of an ectoplasmic apparition became visible. It started with a white, clothlike heap of ‘ectoplasm’ on the head of the medium. This heap unfolded now with every new flash of light a little bit more showing first single fingers, then a whole hand and finally a whole arm with the complete appendages and extremeties of a hand was visible. 
(.)Such an extraordinary observation we could make already a year earlier. The blueish flashes came in faster and faster sequence, in a way you could observe the genesis of the apparition in its different stages very well! In the end the ectoplasmic build reached from the head of the medium down to his lap.

In the first sequences of the blueish flashes of light fingers started to appear…


The hand then ‘grew’ down more and more…
In the end the ectoplasmic apparition reached down into the lap area…

The next experiment was already announced beforehand and was now to be executed: the freely flying trumpet!
Therefore the medium held the trumpet first into the room and wagged with it, as if it wanted to lure the spirits from the darkness to come and grasp for it. We were just starting to sing. But they didn’t and the spirit announced the trumpet to be thrown simply into the circle. We saw the illuminated trumpet thrown actually through the whole room onto the floor opposite from the medium and the farthest from him. 
The medium overgave itself into the holding control. 
In the following we were several times counting down, waiting, but the trumpet didn’t move.
Then the trumpet was taken from the floor and started ‘to fly’ with great speed through the room. 
Thereby it drew circles above our heads, stopped and floated in front of some sitters and tapped on forehead and shoulders of others. The phenomenon kept on going that way for a few minutes with steady power output. Meanwhile not a sound or a rustle was being heard when the music was turned quiet, what absolutely must have been the case if any human agency would have transported the trumpet through the room that way. 
I myself controlled the medium when that all occurred, first with the normal holding control, later with the super-control as well, holding Julia at the same time!
The medium sat quietly, motionlessly on his chair, he didn’t move at all!

 After this final experiment the ‘red light’ section of the evening started, in which commonly ectoplasm in different forms and expressions is being exhibited.
 Already days before the séance I had expressed the wish (not to the medium) to be myself privileged to see faces generate in the mass with own eyes. It is a well known spiritistic phenomenon depicted on many historical photographs of gone séances of the past.
Oftentimes deceased relatives it is told are showing themselves then to the present guests of the evening. Such appearances specifically in the survivalistical english form of spiritualism are seen as proof of survival. That evening my wishes should become fulfilled!

Before it started first the ectoplasm had to be brought forward. A process, 
striking in itself and intriguing to witness. For the following, every time the red light was switched on, so that we could observe the whole procedure:Under loud moaning and sounding the medium drew a gaze or veil-like cloth out of his mouth. Mutltiple armlengthes long the mass grew higher and higher towards a huge heap in front of the mediums feet.
The mass was laying, fully seperated from the medium in the end on the floor, but it wasn’t anymore looking clothlike, but more like foggy! The mass was looking totally weightless and started to move and pulsate. When the lights were switched off inbetween again blueish flashlike illuminations appeared around the medium. Several times the blueish flash appeared above the mass, so that it became visible in the dark for a break of a second.
When after a few seconds it stayed dark after the blueish flashes the red light was switched on again.
In the mass on the floor now something was moving. Inside of the foglike Material something moved and it looked as if a small head was building up, that slightly swayed from left to right…!

Now Hans announced three personalities inside the ectoplasm. And after another short darkness the mass now was like erecting from the floor to the mediums chest, where it broadly layed and reached from the hips up to the shoulders.

Moreover the look again had changed at this stage. Now it looked like drawn spiderwebs. At some locations it was thick and bulging, dense, meanwhile at other locations it was half transparent, gauze-like, thready, fibrous and sticky. On the chest in the meantime three large grey dark spots had become visible.  

From my position i could not see any of the three faces, even though I sat directly besides the ectoplasm. It more looked like as if a greyish matter deliquesced into a kind of Rorschach like pattern inside the ectoplasm. Hans, the spirit-speaker, now asked everybody around to one by one step forward and confront with the faces. Thereby he talked about the faces already to melt away…!

artistical recreation of the three faces

I was the last in line and to be enabled to catch a glimpse onto these mysterious faces. But because from my position i couldn’t at all discern a face and because of the faces’ dissolve also was announced already by Hans I was starting to make my peace not seeing nothing of any faces.

When i finally stepped in front of the mediums chest and started to fixate the right dark spot within the ectoplasm from close proximity, I became aware of the face of an infant. It first looked like an old photography in the style of the twenties in 19 hundreds. The face stared directly at me and suddenly it seemed as if it was moving and starting to strangely become fulfilled with life. The image was so real detailed, that i could even see single hairs from its haircut fall into its face and the pattern of her iris in the eyes of that child. It was carefully smiling around its lips and was directly going into a mutual intercommunication of glimpses with me.

This amazing face was like perfectly painted or even modernly printed onto underlying cloth and framed by thicker gauze or worked into the gauzelike material. It looked at times like an oval piece of cloth and its material was so fine also in appearance to the rest of the ectoplasmic material, that even looked rightout rough in parts. The outer border of the 6 cm image was bulging. 

Altogether i could look at it between 5 and 10 seconds.

Just when I wanted to turn to the upper face I was called back to my seat and the lights went off. I could not even look once at the upper male face apparition, but I learned from later descriptions, that was unlikely my encounter a bearded man, visible to its shoulders, wearing glasses. About the female apparition I cannot say anything.

After this episode the séance was as good as closed. The ectoplasm was already after seconds and after turning the lights off and on simply totally disappeared. 

Hans talked with weaker and weaker voice the medium would suffer heavy migrane and that the séance now soon had to be finished.
After a warm goodbye the medium exited its trance and the sitting was ended. 

All left the cellar to gather upstairs with the others to discuss the together experienced…

C.D., 2017, February