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FROM HEART TO QUANTUM LEVEL – FEG-Seances in three States ended

By 6. September 2013Dezember 28th, 2022Uncategorized
A few nights ago another communion with the FEG spirit scientists and teachers ended our private mediumistic visit at friends in three different states of the US.
Two sessions in Springfield, New Jersey, crowned a row of exceptionally outstanding workshops and Seances, many of them with unique and special content and characteristics!
The summoning of Lakota elders spirits and the sessions dedication to their wisdom and philosophy, insights from the FEG spirit teachers reaching from heart- to quantum-level, the ‘coming through’, the words of a lakota elder in spirit and the following very well observable ‘apportation’ – in bright red light – of a totem for the medium, falling from the previously thoroughly checked bare hand (see photos and explanations), the genesis of ectoplasm (a sideproduct when ‘spirit controls’ crossbreed the informational/spiritual with a physical plane of reality) under different conditions, with for example spirit visitors mirroring within, identified by their relative sitters, outstanding multifaceted ectoplasmic photography by a professional photographer, ectoplasm under white light conditions and all the regular features the spirit orchestrators are usually presenting!

The big difference though,
besides the succesful sessions and the natural monuments we were visiting, were the beautiful people making, THE SITTERS,
who gave us their trust and whom we hope we have not disappointed with their expectations – but in the first place THE HOSTS AND THE PEOPLE IN THEIR ENVIRONMENT: Neal Rzepkowski and kyle, Tom Butler, Lisa Butler, Janet Caywood, Howie Abraham and Christina Bohan Sachs who gave us everything, love, joy and company,
warfield moose, shilo Clifford, who gave us the most intensive spiritual experience of my life, August Goforth for love and support, Shannon Taggart for the wonderful photo-work and more and Gary and Roberto, who helped so much and giving!
Robert Narholz for friendship and support, Rosemarie Pilkington for friendship, support and intellectual conversation, and even so lisette coly for her nice company and support!


PHOTO: In the Lakota pantheon the frog is the spirit gnâská, representing the powers of the ‘sorcerers’, the holy and medicin man.
In a second meaning it represents all the SPIRITUAL POWERS OF THE UNIVERSE! The feather, which is engraved on his back means ‘friendship to a lakota’! If you are befriending you give a feather to show that! We HAVE befriended much with a lakota medicin man who introduced us into an old ceremony that gave us the most intensive spiritual and physical ‘mediumship’ experience ever! Mitakuye Oyasin – All is related!)

PHOTO 2: Seance Room in Cassadaga, New York with cabinet decorated with the ceremonial flags of the Lakota Yuwipi Tradition!

— mit August Goforth und 2 weitere Personen.