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The Seance Room at the Acacia Center, Murcia, Spain

This was to be the first time Kai had demonstrated his physical mediumship in Spain. This Seminar on the subject was held at Rob and Barbara McLernon’s Acacia Centre – at Los Molinos near Balsicas – in the Murcia area of the Costa Blanca. The event was attended by a total of eighteen delegates, plus the four co-hosts, Kai (medium) and Julia (his circle leader and fiancee).
Apart from Sandra and me; Chris Howarth and Ann Harrison, Kai and Julia had not previously met any of the other delegates, or organisers Rob and Barbara. The event had been planned to include two seances for each delegate but – as there were six spare places in seances during the week – some delegates had the opportunity to attend all three seances at this venue.
Each sitting was restricted to just twenty people including the medium.
The first seance, on Tuesday February 7th, lasted a total of two hours and twenty minutes. Kai gave a preparatory talk beforehand to the delegates, regarding seance procedure and protocols, plus the do’s and dont’s needed for the correct behaviour of the sitters whilst phenomena was taking place.
When the delegates who were attending had been searched and seated ready in the dedicated seance room, I undertook myself (at Kai’s request) to strip search him. On only one occasion in the past had Kai subjected himself to a full body search of every orifice by a medical doctor prior to a seance (at which the usual phenomena took place), but after the strip search I carried out for this seance, I was able to assure all the sitters confidently that Kai had nothing hidden on his person; in his simple seance clothes, or in his shoes and socks.
Following this preamble, I walked with Kai to the seance room, whilst he held his hands aloft; touching nothing before being seated in the cabinet. The room door was locked and sealed, and the seance began with an opening statement of intent/prayer by Kai.
On one side of the cabinet – to the right of the medium – sat Julia, ready to control the lighting; the placing of the various pieces of equipment (tambourine; maracas’ illuminated handkerchief and luminous tile) and half of the four-limb medium’s control that is applied to the medium whilst phenomena is taking place some two metres or more away from Kai. Julia also controls one side of the cabinet curtains when instructed to do so by the medium’s guide – Hans Bender.
Sandra sat on the other side of the cabinet to the medium’s left. She too was charged with the job of controlling the cabinet curtains whenever necessary. Sandra was also involved in applying half of the medium’s four-limb control as instructed by Kai’s guide.
Indian chanting/meditational music was played to help the medium induce the necessary deep trance within himself by means of a rather stressful holotropic breathing technique. This continued for almost fifteen minutes, until it was clear to all that the medium was deeply entranced. At the same time, a prolific series of loud rapping occurred all over the walls and ceiling of the room close to the cabinet. At this point, Kai’s spirit guide, Professor Hans Bender, started to address us all via the trance state of the medium (speaking through the medium’s normal vocal chords).
The rapping was – by this time – almost in tune with the music that was being played, and the rapping died down, to be replaced by the sound of the levitated tambourine and two maracas being shaken and played more in harmony with the different CD and lively music which had replaced the original meditational music.
Hans Bender explained to us all the agenda he wished to follow with the phenomena, and that the spirit team was intending to bring a profusion of ectoplasm for delegates to see for their closer inspection later. He told us this might take a little time to establish, because this was the very first time Kai had worked at the Acacia Centre, and also the very first time that the medium had not used his own portable cabinet. He did, however say that in the second and subsequent sittings at this same centre, it would be quicker and easier for the spirit team to establish the phenomena. as the environment became familiar to them.
We then witnessed a profusion of spirit lights around and in front/above the cabinet. This display of blue-white, large, clear and bright spirit lights was indeed very impressive. They moved rapidly around the room for all the delegates to see, occasionally falling from the ceiling area to the ground. At one point, a spirit light circled rapidly some one foot above the medium’s head like a halo, much to everybody’s amusement
Whilst various types of phenomena were taking place, the medium was frequently moved out of the cabinet on his chair, and put into a four-limb control by Julia and Sandra on the instructions of Hans Bender, whenever he deemed it necessary to prove to the delegates that the medium was totally immobile (both in arms and legs) whilst the phenomena was taking place. Hans Bender even insisted – when this happened – that Julia and Sandra also checked and controlled each other by feeling across in front of the medium.
Shortly afterwards, we heard the ‘Flip, Flop’ of human feet walking from the cabinet towards Ann Harrison. Hans B told us that this was a person in spirit who had lived to the age of 92, and he wished to touch his wife who was present. needless to say, he was easily identified as Tom Harrison, a good friend of Barbara and Rob McLernon, and husband of Ann, who was present. The shuffling of the feet that was heard as the materialised Tom approached Ann was typical of the difficulty he encountered in walking during his later life. On this occasion, he did – in fact – manage to touch Ann on the knee, which was wonderful evidence of his return for her.
There were personal messages too for Sandy Sinclair-Horsforth, who was present, and for Chris Howarth, referring to his visit to Hanau to sit with the Felix Group there.
On the instructions of Hans Bender, the delegates continued to listen to loud music and to sing comunally (which helped the phenomena and ectoplasm establish itself). There were quite strong psychic breezes registered by many of the delegates, who also felt touches by spirit hands around the room and – ocasionally – feelings akin to small animals passing round the room, or sitting on delegates’ laps.
With the medium under full control, a number of spirit hands; large, small – and frequently missing one or more fingers, were seen to show themselves on the luminous plaque, which was two metres away from the medium. Most of these moved onto the plaque from the direction of the seance room’s far wall (and moving back towards the medium).
After this display, Hans Bender called for a break of 8 to 11 minutes, so that the seance room door could be opened (with the medium back in the cabinet) and some fresh air/oxygen could enter the room whilst the spirit team prepared the final phenomena on their programme.
When the seance was resumed (after Hans Bender was heard talking the medium back into deep sleep), we could all hear the faint crackles (like static electrical charges) as the spirit team massed and extracted the ectoplasm from the medium. Then the instruction was given (by the signal of the medium’s foot stamping three times on the floor) for the cabinet curtains to be opened, and the clear red light illuminated. We all witnessed a large mass of ectoplasm coming from the medium’s mouth and falling to his knees. Hans Bender ripped the ectoplasmic display apart so that all delegates could see clearly the spider’s web-like inner structure of the ectoplasm.
The cabinet curtains were closed again and the red light extinguished. A few moments later, however, the exercise was repeated, so that everybody got a very clear view of the ectoplasm and its inner components. The curtains closed again, but just seconds later, the signal was again given; the curtains were opened and the red light illuminated. After just this few seconds, every little bit of the voluminous ectoplasm had disappeared!!
A few seconds later again, the curtains to the cabinet were once more opened. This time, there was once again a vast quantity of ectoplasm present; clearly seen by all, and we watched – fascinated – as an apport ‘grew’ out of the ectoplasm in front of our eyes. This was the small statue of a Buddha, which had been brought for the hosts, Rob and Barbara McLernon.

The Brass Buddha, materialized from Ectoplasm in front of the Sitters eyes

Back View

The seance was closed by Hans Bender, and the delegates quietly filed out of the seance room, to allow Kai to recover properly from his trance. I was asked to stay behind and ensure he was OK. When the medium started to recover, his first thoughts were for the quality of the seance. Was it a good and successful one? Had all the delegates been able to see and experience everything? Fifteen minutes later, Kai joined all the delegates to chat and interact with them. Needless to say, he received a very enthusiastic reception!!!
This first seance in a series of three was indeed a great experience. All of the delegates were very happy to have been a part of it!!
Please read the blogs for the next 3 sittings of Kai’s visit to Spain.
Regards,  Robin Foy