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activationstone and 3 little Buddha apports

A Report by Beyond Superstition

 Kai Muegge Seance

An experience I will never forget! On
the 11th August 2018, I was very fortunate to attend a cabinet seance
with the worlds most scientifically tested and ASSMPI certified physical
medium, Kai Muegge and Julia Antonietta Mügge at Australia’s Wallacia Development Centre located in the Blue Mountain region west of Sydney.

seance commenced with approx 25 sitters and the medium within the
cabinet practicing a technique of holotropic breath work. The energy in
the room was truly remarkable and before long we saw flashes of light
coming from the cabinet and out into the room.

Our spirit friends
announced their arrival with strong tapping on the ceiling where our
singing halted to observe. In the centre of the room were some
instruments, and all could hear a spirit form drag their fingers across
the surface of the drum before it developed a rhythmic beat that became
quite strong and powerful. Inside the cabinet, the mediums communicator
Mr Hans Bender explained that spirit children had come forward for this
particular demonstration. In addition to the drums were objects
including illuminated balls for the spirit children to interact with.

Before long the experience shifted to multiple sitters being touched concurrently from a variety of locations…