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One of the most controversial RSPK-Cases of the late 20th Century was the Enfield Poltergeist Case and I consider everybody of you has heard about. Maurice Grosse and Guy Lion Playfair were beside some news-men and -women the main researchers in the case.
These news(wo)men have made many photographs, under them the well-known ones of a hovering child above its bed – paranormally levitated or jumping – which the most looking at it today dismiss it as hoax or at least not hard evidence and close the case.

That the case is worthwhile to take a closer look and much more elaborate as many sceptical researchers claim a recent documentary disclosed, we want to present today.

Before the documentary starts we want to show you that some of the sceptical claims regarding the case are simply not true, even if they are repeated again and again.
Claim: No photographic evidence of paranormal events.
Despite the fact, that paranormal events somehow regularly are not easy to capture on film – and there are some models in todays physics that maybe explain why that is the case – this time actually unexplainable events could have been captured on film that seem to show real paranormal effects – besides the “Flying Girl”-episode.
In this first of three pictures that were taken every 2 seconds we see the possibly paranormal contortion of the bed-sheet with the curtain.

It seems the camera had a peculiar Poltergeist-type event frozen in time
The two sisters seem not to be part of the events and lay patiently in their beds

A second event was captured by the automatically firing camera when something strange
happened with a pillow:
Within 6 seconds a pillow moves in a zig-zag manner from the bed onto the carpet and back

The children seem to be totally uneffected by the ongoing and claimed not to have recognized what was happening
The photos seem to prove that Janets sister was not involved in bringing the pillow from the bed.

Claim: With the late bizarre twist of the case it discredited itself for the most researchers because of its very high strangeness
Enfield wasn’t the first Poltergeist-case where unexplainable voices appeared.
Independent from the question, if these growling voices really did not come from out of the mouth of the eleven year old “Janet”, the case made that fascinating turn indicating many new possibilities ranging from an unbelievable sociopathic behaviour of an eleven year old unto the possibility that there really was a deceased spirit possessing her and speaking out of her. At last the survival hypothesis became more substantial because the voice made extraordinary claims about its origin and not only that. The “Interviews” made with the entity revealed the personality, characteristic speaking manners and informations not available for Janet of an embittered old man, who allegedly once died in the Enfield house, before the Hodgons family moved in.
Could these informations have been verified by the researchers team? And which incredible occurrences other credible eye-witnesses have observed?
Start the fascinating documentary below with Part I!
Janet in one of her trances, that occurred later in the case, shortly before the unidentified voice appeared.

click (read more) for the other parts of the documentary: