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The Dutch Medium Robbert v/d Broeke and a photo showing him with an insect-headed entity which had appeared previously in a visionary episode when Robbert and Stan (a friend who helps Robbert with his documentation) discovered a new crop circle in the summer of 2012.
(photo by Robbert v/d Broeke, using a timer)

When investigators of the paranormal find the right approach to their human study-subjects, they often experience things that lay far beyond what even Parapsychologists are willing to accept.

The trick is to sensitively become part of the phenomenological system, not only to illuminate parts of it from the outside!

The system theorie of the German Physicist Dr. Walter v. Lucadou describes the reasons, why in certain cases of paranormal outburst, the phenomena cease, the moment researchers enter the scene – who come as strangers from the outside and usually leave as those.

The ‘ceasing phenomena factum’ is as well known in parapsychology as the ‘failing recording symptom’. Both are highly interesting research artifacts that lead to interesting conclusions!

The crop circles Robbert is connected with show baffling physical anomalies which indicate a direct interaction with some unknown energy. In this photo the wheat was obviously affected by some kind of swirling energy. The BLT Research Team has also documented many plant stem node-anomalies in crop circle plants in Holland.
(photo by Roy Boschman)

Since we don’t know precisely what is going on in anomalous phenoemena it is vital that informed field-researchers not destroy sensitive environmental factors, but proceed with care and sensitivity so as to assure concerned parties that professional care is being taken in these investigations.
We can state that any profound understanding of the “paranormal” is only poossible in long- term investigations. To gain the subject’s trust and to gain insight into the dynamics of any particular case takes time and also requires one being at the right place at the right time—a situation which can be very time-intensive.
It is a naive expectation to think one can gain understanding by simply shouldering camera equipment and then, let’s say over a weekend, expect to reveal what’s behind the mysterious aspects of the paranormal. Unfortunately, many field investigators seem to believe this! But real insight doesn’t work that way.

One of two photos of an indigo-colored “creature” taken in broad daylight by Robbert with the camera of a Dutch TV producer. Robbert was being videotaped while he used the producer’s digital camera and also watched by several people present. The “creature” images were seen on the digital camera’s LED screen immediately after Robbert took them.
(photo by Robbert v/d Broeke)

Nancy Talbott’s (BLT Research Team) approach to the mysteries of Robbert v/d Broeke’s mediumship and the crop circles which form around him has been to personally observe and document as many precise details as possible. She has been visiting Robbert in Holland most summers since 1997 (going on 16 years now) and has written many in-depth reports about various aspects of his case.

Robbert came to our attention because of his “Psychic Photography” ability. In the history of the paranormal there are only a few cases in which persons or groups were able to influence photographies reliably. In the last century mainly Myota Kasuaki and Ted Serios were the main facilitators of photographic phenomenon, but there are a very few other cases which are not so well-known. The Scole Experimental Group also conducted “Psychic Photography”!

This unknown face appeared repeatedly, intersperced with John Lennon’s face, during one of Robbert’s photo sessions which was being videotaped by American filmmaker William Gazecki in December, 2010.
(photo by Robbert v/d Broeke)

Robbert’s ability to take photos like these is amazingly special.
The “energies” he perceives as being present during these photo-sessions can affect any photo-camera (film or digital) he is holding—a fact which has been repeatedly documented in front of dozens of different investigators, TV and film crews, and other visitors.
These people simply hand Robbert their cameras and, within seconds or minutes, strange images of one kind or another appear – clearly visible immediately on the camera’s LED screen for everybody to see!
This has been documented several times on videotape which has been operating continuously.

Photographic experts say it is not possible to create these images in the actual manner in which they occur—without the presence of a computer and photo-imaging software.
But in Robbert’s case there is no computer present, no photo-imaging software, nothing but a camera which he has often been handed by someone else. And yet the anomalous images keep appearing whenever Robbert feels the “energy” present.

One of the strange markings that began to appear on Robbert’s body during the summer of 2012 after he would discover new crop circles near his home.
We know from the range of anomalies around the UFO-phenomenon many cases in which the skin of onlookers was affected. Jacques Vallee, for example, documented a strange triangle showing up around an UFO-witness’s navel area which stayed for month–and was perhaps connected to the mysterious healing of the witness’s old war-wound that had disabled his knee. Within three weeks of the sighting, the witness’s disabled knee fully recovered.
Robbert also sometimes sees Ufo-like craft in his”visions” of crop circles appearing. Moreover strange balls of light have been seen in connection with Robbert and also with the crop formations in his area.
(photo by Stan Plujimen)
Since our last articles about Robbert more strange events have occurred in 2012 and new photographs have been made! More strange encounters have happened and the various people involved struggle to make sense of it!

The paranormal sometimes comes in strange ways and surely oftentimes the
human ability of comprehension is not sufficient to adequately describe
the bigger context.

We are thankful to Nancy Talbott’s thorough and intriguing documentation of Robbert’s case and to both her and Robbert for their compelling and tireless work and their permission to present some of that information here. 
Don’t miss the footnotes in Nancys reports, they oftentimes lead you to more interesting contents!