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Kai and Julia Muegge at ‘Marion Dampier Jeans Summer School’
 By Marion Dampier Jeans

(Marion Dampier Jeans is an author, researcher and medium who is for decades engaged in mediumship affairs and bringing the mysteries of Spiritualism into the nordic countries of Europe. As a born Danish she has a strong connection, has written many books and is widely known for her TV-appearances in Scandinavia, where she is regarded and respected as a ‘Spiritualistic Icon’! 
Since 2010 the deceased danish materialization medium Einer Nielsen contacted her with an apported handwritten message in one of the FEG seances in Hanau, she and Kai have a strong bond and work frequently together!)

Demonstrations of Physical Mediumship are unique, but more exceptional when there is development of the medium resp. the spirit team observable over the months and years of work.

The actual opportunity to sit with any physical medium is not just the phenomena, but it is the expanding and advancement of knowledge that follow.

I have sat and worked with Kai Muegge many times, but to see his development over the years is a gratification.
A development that naturally concerns the abilities of the spirit team as well, which still extends this wonderful mediumship!

Marion Dampier Jeans Summer School 2013 at Hindsgavl Castle, Denmark. In the first row from left to right: Marion Dampier-Jeans, Kai and Julia Muegge, Bettina Thomsen (Summer School Organization)

 The 17th /18th of July 2013 on the island Fyn in Denmark. 
 Hindsgavl castle is a beautiful historical and relaxed place – my ‘Summer School’ has run there for 9 years for students who wish to explore the mysteries of mediumship.
Students from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Greenland have attended the courses.
This year at the Castle, Physical Medium Kai and his wife Julia Muegge were the guests demonstrating this rare form of Kais mediumship.

 At the morning before Kais lecture and demo I myself gave a lecture on ectoplasm, the texture and how it can appear in different color, thick or thin in texture.
I was showing a picture of Einer Nielsen (famous Danish materialization medium of the last century) to the students, taken in 1939 in Denmark. This picture shows Einer next to a transparent materialization, through which Einers arm was visible.

I also talked about the different faces that sometimes appear in ectoplasm and why so many faces seemed so different in quality and nature; some looked like cardboard cut-outs, and others like out of focus. In some pictures of ectoplasm faces are even distorted or look like copies from newspapers or photographs.
I explained the different theories in regards to that and the fact, that mediumistic materialization itself was regarded by most of the involved researchers and experimenters as a fact, but that we still do not understand its processes fully!

Einer Nielsen said in some cases spirit could even project their image on to the ectoplasm duplicating their faces from photographs into it.
Another strange ability, showing how even the outer space might mirror within ectoplasm, was when in one demonstration of Einer Nielsen a ‘spirit dress’ out of ectoplasm suddenly showed clear features from the wall paper of the séance room.

 Anyway, Kai is known to produce huge amounts of that not yet understood substance under good controls and I wanted the students to be prepared for what was coming in the séances.
So Kai stated the first day with an excellent lecture about the roots of Physical Mediumship, the ‘Physical Phenomena of Mysticism’, about his 30 years of development and about the work within the Felix Experimental Group, his home circle.
After that, we retreated into the séance room!

 The room, the students and Kai, all were thoroughly searched and checked.
Kai was under observation un- and redressing for the séance, showing he wasn’t bringing any materials with him. He was then directly guided to his seat.
‘Mr. Bender’, a former Professor of Psychology, Kais guide, then introduced himself to the students, an extreme value for them to listen to. The personality explained who he was, where he lived, his work and death. It is important for the sitter always to know whom they are communicating with!

The séance then went on with all the many wonderful phenomena. Bettina Thomsen, the other organizer, was given an apported leopard paten small stone. This stone fell from Kais hand in good red light, after I had personally checked Kais whole arm and hand up to his armpit. There was no stone before, even no place to hide one anywhere at or in his hand, I would have detected it in every case!
I sat very close to the cabinet and could see the stone falling.
This phenomenon was really excellent!

Throughout the demonstration the first day people were very differently been touched (from clear caresses to superficial touches), trumpet phenomenon was shown, dark masses moved small glowing balls around, spirit lights whizzed through the room, instruments were played and all that happened meanwhile Kai was hold at his 4 limbs by two people, I was one of these!

Then we were told we would see ectoplasms building processes, forms developing from the mass! After the ectoplasm was ‘produced’ in front of our eyes from the mediums mouth, the strange mass first laid on the floor, when we were asked by ‘Mr. Bender’ if we wanted to see a hand building in the ectoplasm?

 Then we all saw a hand coming from the slightly moving and flexing mass on the floor waving to us and Mr. Bender explained that this was his hand materialized within the ectoplasm, duplicated from his ether-body which still holds the creational and form-building memory to achieve that!

‘Mr. Bender’ then announced to present the ectoplasms durability and its different states between both thick and thin.
The interesting thing was that my lecture given some 3 hours before became fully true in what we saw that night.

How the hand comes from the extruded ectoplasm (drawing made by Daniela Gross, Switzerland)

Day 2.

This time I was an observant sitter and not onvolved in the mediums control; I sat directly opposite the cabinet in full view of the whole circle. Again I observed interesting phenomena: for example I followed this time closely the spirit lights with my eyes and observed the way they went around. They acted very spontaneously, up to 3 lights were as if they were searching something, I had the impression.
 I was sitting sending out thoughts of Healing towards the lights, after we were told they were healing lights and they constantly whizzed around and went from side to side around me!
Then one of the lights landed on the floor between my legs for some 30 sec. meanwhile it actually expanded its size there and went into to a duller color before it suddenly shot up from the floor and became a small but clearly defined bright light again.

The spirit control then again materialized hands to play around with the illuminated ping pong balls 2 m distant from the held medium, when I noted that the independent spirit light we just saw was landing also onto the wooden board where the 3 illuminated balls were, was shrinking smaller and additionally interacted with the balls and made them move and jump by pushing them.

The most interesting observation for me, and confirmed by two other sitters than me, was when ‘Mr. Bender’ told us the medium would show the ectoplasm outside the cabinet in sufficient red light. The light came on and the medium walked out with this mass in his hands and stretching and opening it, showing its interior to the sitters.
The interesting fact was that the Medium who normally walks slightly tilted forward, due to a severe spine symptomatic, suddenly stood straight!
I was amassed, so was Lissi Rimmen and Hanne Hemcker, both leaders of two Danish physical circles, and we were discussing afterwards what we all saw alike.
I noticed Kai’s sudden upright posture, as he moved effortlessly among us, from the moment he rose from his chair.
He even also looked taller, much taller – perhaps because of a temporary whole spine correction?
As he walked around, we saw this clearly.
He also looked slimmer.
It was incredible to see, he was another person.
Lissi is by the way a qualified physiotherapist and her observation of Kais extremely changed posture gives more credibility to our observation!

 In the end we had with Kai two great learning days!

 Thank to Kai, his wife Julia and the spirit team …for 2 wonderful days of physical mediumship and lecture!

Marion Dampier Jeans