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(Marion Dampier Jeans is a cosmopolitan, born in Denmark, living mainly in the UK, France and also in the US. Nevertheless is Scandinavia her passion and focus of her spiritual activities. With her investigations, books and demonstrations she is reviving spirituality in these nordic European countries. She visited and wrote several times about the indigenous Sami people, whose spirituality is like American Indians legendary in Europe. Her efforts to educate about the matter is exemplary and unique. So she travels Scandinavia frequently and is as an author of different scandinavian bestsellers a regular guest in TV and talkshows.)

The Lysethus in Arhus, Denmarks second big city, is an independent church, built in 1894. In its smallest hall the 3 discussed séances were held between the 23rd and 25th of September 2016


careful planning, Kai and Julias 3 days demonstration in the only
spiritualist church left in Scandinavia – in use for over 100 years –
was happening to be held last weekend. 
One physical séance with a table-setting and two classical physical cabinet-séances were to be held.
séance-room in the church is its smallest hall, used every week for
spirit activities, and was checked and stripped of everything, the
chairs and the cabinet and the focus objects were the only objects
allowed. Then all things were in the room as it should be for having such a
special demonstration.                                 
was very conscious about the conditions this séance was to be
held in, about creating security in not to become cheated and so about
the control conditions the medium had to undergo. 
lot of problems have arrived recently within the physical
mediumship-sector. The well-known film – showing an English physical
medium outside the cabinet in acts of fraud and doing the phenomena
himself – I had very much in mind.
I have seen the uproar, the anger, all around the world, and many turning their back to Physical Mediumship. I
was shocked myself as well and contemplated about the claims so many
physical mediums had been taken for fraud over the last 25 years – for
holding the trumpet in their hand or for walking around helping or doing
the phenomena themselves. In the recent filmed fraud-case we can
evaluate that the exposure came at least from inside the physical
mediumship-community and not from any skeptical sources outside.
my work with Kai and Julia was very much influenced and was observed by
me with scruples and vigilance from the preparation of the séances to their end.
have frequently sat with Kai over the last 12 years, also with the
Felix Circle in Germany. My own involvement in Physical Mediumship
stretches over 40 years, so my observation is not shallow, but happens
with full scrutiny. 
I have seen how important the way Kai works is. Kai does not get fastened into a chair – like the medium that was exposed. ‘Controllers’
are holding him – with their hands on his legs and arms to control his
movements and activities all the times the light is extinguished.
Holding the medium in darkness means permanent hands-on contact, when phenomena are occurring!
So I
was allowed to control him and Julia and held him really tight
throughout the phenomena happening in the séance-room. When the spirit
activity was obviously strong, I was additionally asked – by the spirit
operator ‘Hans’ (the German Prof. Hans Bender) – to hold Kai
fast, but to lean over to Julia as well, to feel and check her and her
hands on Kai holding him. Julia was always holding Kais leg and hand.
also provided with a permanent quiet singing the opportunity to always
locate her inside of the room, meanwhile the phenomena went on in the
middle of the circle. 
this ‘super’-controls I detected Julia was not moving into the room
herself and was in the contrary actually always holding the mediums hand and
leg on her side, as I was on mine!
the spirit control ‘Hans Bender’ asked to let go of the medium, so he
could sit free to talk, I still checked all the time – touching – where
he was, his back, legs and feet and so forth. 
In no way or form has he being left
to walk free or do anything without my knowledge, during the darkness
related phenomena of the cabinet séances!
I detected there was anything wrong or in the case I could not feel the
medium when he sat outside the cabinet, I would have stopped the séance
no way would I become part of a fraud, specifically because I also was
strongly feeling responsible for the three Danish physical circles I
overlook – also on the behalf of Einer Nielsen (deceased Danish Physical
Medium, he passed in1965) – which all were present at the
Kai did not leave his chair!
also had checked Kai already extensively on his naked body directly
before the séance: He stripped down to his under pants in front of me
and I examined Kais clothes, shoes and body. 
is a big guy and even did let me check the folders of his upper body,
as well as he showed me through his underpants the section behind his
scrotum, where nothing was hidden either. 
took place in the library of the church and on his way down to the
séance room, he walked in front of me, with his hands in the air, so he
couldn’t reach out to anything.
know Kai was entering the séance room bare of any things is important, when we look at the volumes and sizes of presented material during the séance (apports and ectoplasm). Additionally light-,
touch- and materialization-phenomena in a distance are happening, transport of objects through
the air and the room, and from time to time huge masses of ectoplasm are exhibited, developing forms,
and the excavation of images (faces) from within the ectoplasm is part of the demonstration. edit.)
Bettina Thomsen and Marion Dampier Jeans were responsible for the three days of Contemporary Physical Mediumship with Kai and Julia Muegge of the German Felix Circle.
 a.) The Table Séance
The first demonstration was the table sitting.
were sitting in two rows outer and inner circle. The table was a
plastic table and was big enough to have 10 people sitting at it, used
in the séance room in the circle of the church. 
There was the usual touch, spirit lights and moving of some toys from the cabinet into the table-section or around.
cabinet was positioned out of reach approximately 8 feet from the
sitters around the table in Kais back. Kai was singing and speaking and
as main protagonist explaining nearly all the time –
Julia provided her quiet singing always and had
her hands on the shoulders of her neighbor.
We were sitting so tightly
squeezed around the table, that there were no times we could not detect Kai and could fully exclude him or Julia were standing up going to the cabinet
or anything like that! Additionally
we held and
controlled him strictly in this first sitting when the table
started to float up with all four legs! Four hands and feet were
securing his feet, knees and hands, when the table suddenly levitated
like weightless…!!!
strongest experience I had with the table phenomena was when it began
to loose its hard surface and its structure started to melt as if
changing on molecule-level its characteristics: First the legs started
to bend and felt like rubber. I could feel it clearly, checking it with
my own hand.  The table top began to bend also and soon the flat
surfaces plastic was dynamically deforming into a wave-like form and
look. Such
a strange observation I had made not the first time. In another of Kais
demonstrations, sitting holding Kais hand and leg many years before,
his arm felt like rubber and also began to strangely bend. 
Then the outer circle took over and sat around the table and suddenly all felt something was landing on the table…
the light was turned on, the chair from inside of the still closed
cabinet in a 6-7 feet distance away from the sitters and the back of Kai, was
seemingly being lifted and transported through the room and onto the table! But to navigate this
by human hands in total darkness undetected was impossible in my opinion. There was a big
chandelier hanging down in a part of the church hall and in the way the
chair might have taken. It was hanging between the cabinet and the
stand up undetected in darkness and manoveur the chair over the heads
of the sitters would have taken quite a time. We heard Kai permanently speaking and Julia singing. We heard nothing from the chandelier that looked totally uneffected whatsoever. 
The chair had arrived onto
the table, only three legs touching the top surface, because it was
bent by the psychic force, as mentioned before, completely. The chair itself was heavy, an old solid wooden one from the 1950s.
the demonstration I examined the table and it was back to its regular
state, no cracks and solid, the same as when we started. Each sitter saw
table séance and phenomena were an eye-opener for the students, who
also were surprised how quickly these phenomena can happen.
b.) Ectoplasm based Cabinet Séances in Deep Trance – and three Danish Physical Circles and Mediums witnessing it
had trumpet levitation, light phenomena and touching phenomena mainly.
Almost all sitters were touched and a message to one sitter from a
relative was delivered.
first ectoplasm was developing; it was draped from head to toe over
Kais body. He was walking around that way in the circle area outside the
cabinet. The huge web of ectoplasm was self-illuminated and interesting
to observe. It also illuminated Kai, so he could be seen within the
illuminated light. 
The white ectoplasm, the way it is produced from the body and how it takes different forms, was shown in red light also.
The material was somehow very fine, but had some rough parts also. It
also had holes and string-like threats in it. Kai was moving around, showing
and touching it.
For me this was very interesting. I know that Icelandic Physical Medium Indridi Indridason,
born 1883 and died 1912, had talked about this illuminating light from
the spirit world as well and that it was safe for the medium. In
Spiritualisms heydays it actually happened quite frequently that Full Spirit Materializations brought their own ‘harmless spirit-lights’ into the séance-room, usually with no other light-source shining! 
Danish Physical Medium Einer Nielsen, born 1894 and passed in 1965, expressed the same knowledge about these quite strong spirit lights as a communicator in 1990 during a séance in my physical circle in London. 
a circle in the North of England the same light was shown to me before –
and explained to be a light, safe for the mediums developing – and safe
for working with.
when Kai walked with this illuminated mass of ectoplasm, it gave a
wonderful feeling: I see his development also in a more historical scale now. It was extremely beautiful, I have to say, a fascinating and truely beautiful sight.
there were two times the mass of ectoplasm was coming out of Kais
mouth and landed on the floor, in front of him. We could all see it
moving in good red light, clearly having a life on its own, almost as if
it was breathing in a rhythm, or like trying to stand up. This was
developing two times in front of everybodies eyes!
also showed how stones materialized from his eyes and we saw 14 of them
appear from behind his eyelids and then delivered! And stones were also
appearing from Kais checked bare hands: two stones appearing with a
flash of light for the president of the church, Bettina Thomsen. Vibeke
Lilja Broch-Lips was given a small metal figurine of an indian deity
Only three of the many objects that were produced by mediumistic means in red light.
participating Danish circles reported huge fascination and satisfaction
over the whole course of 3 consequotive nights. They say they have
learned a lot, so many interesting things and information – also from
the explanations given by the ‘Hans Bender-personality – about ectoplasm
and other mediumistic productions! 
c.) The Sunday Physical Séance
Sunday demonstration was for another group of students, a physical
circle that had just started. There were other mediums from the
spiritualist church and students of Bettina Thomsen and my self (MDJ)
also present.
did the stripsearch and the checking of Kai as before and was
coordinating holding Kais arm and leg constantly checking he was in his
seat and that Julia was queerly singing. From time to time I leaned over and
held Julia when there were phenomena in a distance, see below:
We started with spirit lights, both from the inside of the cabinet and the outside. 
had the demonstration with the hankerchief, when it was taken from the
grasp of sitters, the touching of spirit hands and very heavy food steps
in the room.
sat outside the cabinet and Julia switched on the red light and the
spirit control asked a sitter to sit directly in front of him. She was
sitting down there and Kai started quickly to produce stones and objects
from his eyes, ears and mouth. The material of small whitish plates
that appeared seemed to be nacre (mother of pearl), some with small inscribed icons
and images of religious character on them. Then there were stones of
different colours, cut and size also and the pregnant woman sitting opposite
to Kai was given 7 of them, that all came from Kais eyes, and were
called ‘violet flames’ by ‘Hans’, the control.  
then produced from his mouth a large quantity of ectoplasm forming into
a hand, hanging from his mouth and moving independently, as if it was
living. This ectoplasm was again different in look and size. 
we had the most fantastic display of light coming from Kais hands,
round shapes with black lines in the middle that swirled around the
people, who were amazed.
this ‘Hans Bender’ began to give me a message from Einer Nielsen. 
‘Hans’ did not reveal Einers name at that time, he mentioned that he
would come in company with another spirit i unfortunately could not see within the
bulging ectoplasmic mass on Kais chest, but i only saw Einer. I was
allowed to stand in front of the cabinet with Julia. She illuminated the cabinet with a torch light and we saw Kai, who was like laying in his chair.
was told before that I would see Einer Nielsen in the ectoplasm, and
here it happened.  
‘Hans’ said things about my work and the appreciation
of the spirit world, specifically Einer Nielsens appreciation about my
efforts to make his work unforgettable in spiritualism within
scandinavia. In the 30 years of his work estimated 20.000 spirits
stepped from his cabinet materialized! I was touched deeply by this
reaction from spirit!  
Famous Danish Physical and Materialization Medium Einer Nielsen
light Julia shone onto the ectoplasm showed there in the middle of it a
clear face, almost in 3D, of Einer Nielsen! He even turned his face
sideways, first looking straight ahead. It was a fantastic experience
and could be seen also by those that sat close to the cabinet.
I also was very touched, when I was told I was to be given a rare and ancient stone, that just had been transported into the circle. 
appeared out of nowhere literally, no one could have thrown it or gone or reached
into the centre-circle, where the stone suddenly laid! Julia was by my
side, Kai in the cabinet, but within a few seconds the ‘bloodstone’ laid
An apport! And being done so fast! 
referred to the quite big stone as a ‘bloodstone’ and that it was one
of only a very few – he mentioned eight – that were once produced by the
‘Alchemisten’, Kais spirit team. He said that for every receiver into
the stone a kind of etheral pattern was inlaid, that strengthened their
connections to the spirit world or give healing. He said they are called
‘bloodstones’ because they connect the spirits like blood kind of
connects organs of a body!
circle closed with the most fantastic light show that lit up the whole
circle and the room. The light was that strong I had to close my eyes,
the power of this was fantastic. At the same time it was very much
controlled, how the light moved around in the room.
of the three events were different, each time made it more interesting
and we have a lasting impression, all participants, circles and mediums
can go forth with. With more knowledge about how to work, this was so
wonderful to see happy people, who had a wonderful experience.
A great thank you to Kai, Julia and ‘Hans Bender’, the spirit control, and the rest of the spirit team.