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THE MESSAGE OF THE STONES – Transcript by O. Gross

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The transcript is refering to unique excerpts of a séance, when allegedly the trance- or spirit-personality ‘Hans’ is talking to the sitters via the medium of the Felix Circle Kai M.

Phase I (Welcoming and Introduction)
(With the first words of the trance personality very audibly a huge quantity of stones was apported/materialized into the séance room…)
Here I am amongst you and am feeling very much at home. That’s why my todays ‘coming through Kai-Felix’ from the start onwards is a gesture of notice and regard.
It is all about the so called spirit world – of which I am a messenger – that in a 160 years old tradition wants to bind the western spirits on a long term base. Embodied spirits that on another plane might be involved in this for a very long time, because of karmic destiny.
That might be those amongst you who are so very committed and sensitively doing this work – with an untiring reservoir of inspiration and energy. You are, your souls are, involved eternally into this mission and you will carry on to be a part of it, even from station to station on the timeline- and cause-related plane of existence, where life and existence reveal themselves as they do at the moment.

Dear Friends, the evening is to share some specialties, to show attention and respect to those meant and of course to advance the higher phenomena.
It’s many times the phenomena that draws people towards our work and into the séance rooms and so we do not get tired to bend and manipulate the time-space – to show who we really are!
Alright then, please feel welcomed personally by me in gratefulness and sympathy. 

Phase II (Explanation and meaning of the ‘activation’-stones)

Four of you will receive one – and dear friends – as a gift coming with no requirements at all!
It’s from our regions of life and existence.
The stone is an analogon for becoming a part in a higher organized system, all of you already had contact with. The stone is a physical equivalent and represents your opportunity to become a real part of it.
When that happens in your spiritual work things will develop positively and in fact palpably – like for example within healing work the stones can be applied and will go recognizable in high resonance with patient and the practician.

But what activates the given stone? Dear Friends, simple ‘doing’!
Again and again in Kais environment the question is discussed, in how far Christianity, Spiritualism or whatever believe-system might have the highest spiritual potential!?
We believe that simply being a good man, following the natural senses for good and evil you all have within, is still one of the best counselors in life.
Simply being a good man expressed in word and action – especially within the area of Spirituality!
Unfortunately this complex is specifically poisoned by personal animosity and negative influences, even though all participants should seek for the same, us and you: with permanent, enduring, advancing and connected effort bringing down the wall between our worlds.
The stones play their part: The more stones we hand over to humans, the more the wall will tumble down.
Down between the humans and the spirit worlds, down between souls and hearts by picking the stones from the wall and making them shine!
When a certain number of planetary stones have been activated an access to a higher organized system of spiritual activity, content and phenomena will unfold and interlink.

Everybody sitting or working with ‘the Alchemisten’ (spirit team) or other mediums of ‘the crystal network’ will have the opportunity to take part sooner or later!

But be assured nobody wants to integrate you in a system against your will by overhanding stones!
The stone comes as an offer with no condition. Without any – if you want, you can leave it here! But if you choose to accept it, its power should not be underestimated.
And if the power maybe does not immediately and blatantly shows up, bear in mind it has to be activated and the activation requires a continuing, patient, in love exercised interaction with human beings. Working with the spiritual mediumistical is in the first place interactiv work with human beings.
Come together with joy! The people that sit in the circles and the cabinets and work for insight. The valuables of interacting with other human beings, the dynamics within the experimental group, should be appreciated more than to keep always looking for the personal goal, when working with the spiritual realm – always look for the human relations in the first place.
THAT activates the stones! Being a prototype in advanced interpersonal affairs in words and actions! THAT activates the stones.
Being an example though does not mean to overfocus on the activation.
Every minute of a combined effort seeking for the spiritual awareness as a greater good is worthwhile to be exercised and experienced!

At a certain moment in time the floodgates of knowledge will open and then everything will flow in harmony and perfection and you will participate in a wave of epiphany and global enlightenment and your wishes will have become reality!

Video: Materialization of the smallest size of ‘Activation Stones’, the ‘Violet Flame’, 
representing inner spiritual committment and given to a fellow medium

Phase III (after strong and impressive ectoplasmic materializations have demonstrated their autonomy and form-building ability…)

Let us refer once more to the important question: „Phenomena, but what then?!”
Friends and comrades, we want you to comprehend the spiritual-mediumistical work in the first place as a significance, as a value of a new kind of social philosophy!
The interactions with the spiritual realms, the combined transcendental study, as a common goal of a spiritually aware society for the greater benefit of all.
The joint higher goal shall strengthen and guide and heal the relationships between the humans!

For this reason our medium is doing the work, have we chosen it, because in its mission it does not know no grudge. A life always positively strengthening, understanding, forgiving and diplomatic.

This is it, dear friends! Working together for the gifts and the values of the spiritual world, hand in hand with your confederates, friends and mediums, with the common goal to experience together the insight into the higher truths and wanting to share it, maturing together in an interplay of giving and taking.

Friends, the stone exhorts and enables, stays the analogon, the metapher for the enlightenment of the one as for the whole world!
The more of you work in that manner, the more the wall will come tumbling down, the more denser the crystalline network of stones will become, the more overwhelming the paradigm shift will be you are all waiting for.

Hans, der Alchemist


The Stones that had materialized at the beginning of ‘Hans’ message of the stones…! At that day eye ball apportation had taken place as well…!
Activation stone apportation and accompanying gemstone apportation/materialization from the mediums eyes in the rooms of Horninghuset, Copenhagen, May 2015. With a quiet light discharging, the so called ‘centrum-stone’ materialized in the midst of the room. Shortly after the spirit controls had allowed one of the Horninghuset-founders to observe the two eyeball-apportations from close range. The apported gemstones ‘Violet Flame’ – representing the inner committment to the spirit world – and the ‘Black Comet’ – as an analogy to the ‘black sun’, showing the right inner way – were given as gifts in the end.
Activation Stone Appearance at Kai M. Cabinet Séance at the Finca de Bouganvilla 2015. The Stone appeared at the tip of a light beam coming from a huge flash over the cabinet and was given to Dr. Hans Schaer, who runs with Lucius Werthmueller the ‘Foundation for Physical Mediumship’ and who holds for 20 years now Physical Mediumship Events on his Finca!