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THE SAN PEDRO POLTERGEIST DISTURBANCES – One of the best documented Poltergeist Cases ever (with 80 min video-documentary)

By 5. März 2013Dezember 28th, 2022Uncategorized
Dr. Barry Taff, Barry Conrad, Jackie Hernandez and two neighbours listen terrified to the pounding sounds coming from the attic, Conrad had just left….

The San Pedro Poltergeist Case counts to the best documented of its kind. A professional team of Parapsychologists around Dr. Barry Taff investigated the case thoroughly and two TV Videographers made friendship with the concerned mother Jackie Hernandez, who stood in the focus of the disturbances and recorded a bunch of interesting phenomenal occurrences!
The case from the early 80ies was startling and terrifying and united the most typical characteristics these cases mostly have: Unnerving sound phenomena (poundings and raps), light phenomena, tactile sensations, apparitions, smells, attacks and a lot more.

Jackie Hernandez, strongly nervly affected by the permanent ongoings…

 Usually the affected parties by this kind of paranormal disturbance doesn t have the nerve to document properly (as it was done during another fascinating case we wrote about here on the FEG-blog), so we are lucky that at the time of Dr. Barry Taffs investigation, a news-crew of two journalists were present and documented what they could: Jeff Wheatcraft and Barry Conrad.

They documented not only the start of the investigation and recorded many of the visual and audible paranormal effects, but accompanied Jackie after she had fled San Pedro and followed the ongoings further, than anybody else.

The mysterious appearance of unexplained liquids at the most unbelievable places is typical for Poltergeist cases. The liquid, that oozed from the walls in San Pedro was analyzed at a laboratory with an outcome nobody would have ever expected…

Dr. Barry Taff, who was involved in the famous “Doris Bither-” or “Entity-“case, investigated the most weird things during his investigation in the Hernandez house: shortly after his involvement and acquaintance with many of the poltergeist-effects, besides the regular foul smell in the house, a mysterious liquid started to drip from many walls and cabinets. The liquid came in huge volumes, was light brown and one of the substances that were tested in a laboratory. The laboratory findings were unbelievable and extraordinary!
Liquids are another typicum in Poltergeist cases. In Jackies case more liquids flew from light switches and power sockets during the Poltergeist was very active!

For years only snippets and short excerpts of all the recorded materials were only available until Conrad started to tell the whole story showing all the relevant material that was shot during the time in a 80 min documentary: