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A TRUELY VALUABLE READ – ASSMPI-President publishes versatile compendium

By 25. Juli 2018Dezember 28th, 2022Uncategorized

The spiritual or esoteric market is a massive business. All sorts of services are offered (and demanded) and its book-market is world widely a hundreds of million Dollars business in which too often not anymore expertise is the authors faculty, but having seen ‘a unicorn’ is mostly sufficient to qualify in the eyes of an in that regard under-educated public interest in the esoteric – starting more and more to grow over the last couple of years.
So to find ones way through endless shelves of esoteric bookstores and identify valuable, really valuable, books for different interest fields or demands is a difficult task and the reason i am writing this today.

The Author Jock Brocas is President of the ASSMPI and known as relieable evidential medium…

I do know the author Mr.Brocas on behalf of my involvement with the ASSMPI, although what follows is not in any means a friendly turn. If I wasn’t convinced by what I had read, i would mention the book, but not reveal to you in any thoroughness what now follows.
Because in 8 years of work the author has not only collected material from a lot of different sources and lets many renowned personalities of the spiritualistic scene offer their opinions to different, partially difficult, topics, he allows to look at different ‘holy cows’ of the spiritualistic movement and discusses them critically, what is very rare. But reasonable.
Very much too often for example you find a lot of ‘rainbow-bridge’-spiritualism, but much less about problematic states in which spiritual seekers slip into without their guilt, and which are undenieable and complicated conditions, about which we have to be educated. This book does that. And it does much more, it is a compendium of a thorough nature in different regards and it is always honest.
Even somebody like me who has read everything in the last 30 years has found a lot of interesting passages I was really stunned by reading it – to once more finding out learning is never over and specifically not with this very versatile book! Give it a Go!

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