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MEDIUMISTIC DEMONSTRATIONS AT ‘GORDON HIGGINSON FELLOWSHIP’-EVENT – with Bill Meadows, Scott Milligan, Kai Muegge, Terry Tasker, Eileen Davis, Glyn Edwards and MEDRADO

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Gordon Higginson was one of the finest mediums of the last century and a great medium, speaker and teacher. His gifts of mediumship were wide ranging and comprised mental mediumship, trance, physical mediumship and healing.  Gordon was also a man of great charisma and an outstanding servant of the Spiritualist Movement. ( Through the Gordon Higginson Fellowship his Founder Glyn Edward, who was once a scholar of Gordon, wants to behold the memory of this great man and medium

Over the last week around 130 Students of the Gordon Higginson Fellowship were offered an extremely rich event-schedule! Strong Physical Seances were held, workshops, Mental Mediumship Demonstrations and Lectures around the topic.
Every Student sat with every Physical Medium in Seance and was able
to witness first hand how the Spirit World intrudes ours via the joint-ventured Deep Trance Process!

Besides the performance of our FEG Spirit Team, in Physical Mediumship the Audience was experiencing the productions of Bill Meadows’ and Scott Milligans’ Spirit Team as well.
All the Seances were held under strictest control measures. Meanwhile the english mediums were traditionally tightly bound into their chairs and demonstrated, that every opportunity to slip out of the control or exchange the cable binds were excluded, the FEG-Medium was hold permanently by two controllers, as it is tradition in German Physical Mediumship Research since the great days of Rudi Schneider (ingenious physical medium), Albert Freiherr v. Schrenck-Notzing (Scientist and Researcher) and Marthe Beraud.

The Physical Medium Scott Milligan also developed right from his adolesence his exciting Ectoplasmic Physical Mediumship. He is moreover a superb tutor for trance and other mediumship-topics

For the Audience especially interesting to witness was exactly that different approach, represented by the characteristics of the spirit controls and their modi operandi to guide the sitters through the sessions.
Meanwhile it is typical to work in english spiritualism with guides of a caliber of deceased priests, wise indians and energetical children, the german spirit team is mostly built of spirit scientists and pioneers of the spiritistic era.

Apported through the faculties of the FEG-Spirit Team: At the end of Kais second seance he was seated in front of the cabinet. Bright red light illuminated the scene, when he was taken into four limb control. The trance personality spoke and announced the arrival of an apported gift to Donna James, who did the medium control during the session. Suddenly the medium started to breath heavily and moan, when in front of everybodies eyes in front of him an object fell to the ground: a typical apport as it has happened many times before with Kai…

The result is, that the course of the ‘german’ seance was very ‘experiment-oriented’ and pragmatical – with a spirit scientist, that was permanently explaining what was going on under their (spirit-)control and who led the sitters that way step by step onto the increasing levels of their influence along the evening. Another huge topic for the spirit scientist is the ‘medium control’: unnervingly often he lets the sitters listen to the detailed description of how the control is performed by the persons left and right from the medium, who hold him tightly on arms and legs during the darkness phases of the seance, when in up to 6 feet distance focus objects are manipulated by the spirit scientists and other etherical visitors. Partially striking and upsetting, resp. comforting Messages were also brought through to several sitters over the three FEG-Spirit Team Seances.

The Bill Meadows Circle whose strength lies in Bills excellent physical mediumship as well as in his wifes and Cirlce leaders Colleen Charisma. Their sessions are amazing and exciting and live especially through the highly characteristic spirit-child personality “Marie”.

 The exciting UK-Mediums Spirit Teams work lives additionally from the dynamic of their spirit teams, energetic child-personalities or meaningful indians or priests or comparable types of controls alternate meanwhile phenomena are going on! Fraud-proof their mediums bindings are as well! No question that neither young Scott Milligan, nor the elderly Bill Meadows could escape their bindings that are always checked and presented by and to the sitters to their full satisfaction.
Both spirit teams perform marvelous phenomena and give messages further as well!

The Room ready for the FEG Spirit Teams seance. The seances were all held in the conference hall of the Eastbourne Centre Hotel. In the background Julia Muegge.

In Scott Milligans Seance for example, even though the medium was very tightly bound to his chair by cable binds, a written message by the deceased Tom Harrison to his wife Anne appeared, lying on the ground. Under no circumstances this message could have been written fraudulently by Scott, because he must have freed himself, what the marked cable binds did prevent.
With Bill for example it is the case, that you see Bill sitting in red light, tightly bound to the armchair before the Seance starts. The two controlling sitters have just left the cabinet and have left the curtains open. They had just checked, that there was no possibility for Bill to free himself anyhow and the lights are turned of.
Not three seconds later (!!!) the first objects rise from the table to the left of his cabinet!

So the sitters – in regards to physical mediumship – have been presented extraordinary performances of interacting spiritual entities!

The Eastbourne 2012 Mediums. Under them the leading personalities of the Gordon Higginson Fellowship Eileen Davis (lower left), Glyn Edwards (upper right) and Terry Tasker (lower right). Then Dr. Jose Medrado, the former full materialisation medium and today trance painter (upper left), FEG-Groups Physical Medium Kai Muegge (upper middle) and his ‘colleagues’ Scott Milligan’ (second lower left) and Bill Meadows (second lower right)

Additionally to that rich range of events the most respected mental mediums of UK performed: Eileen Davis from Scotland, who is an icon already in her lifetimes, Terry Tasker, who has a wonderful attitude to bring people together with their loved ones and the unique Glyn Edwards offered amazing demonstrations and workshops! 

Brazils famous medium and trance painter Dr. Jose Medrado during his opening speech! This photo was taken, when the strong clinical smell occurred induced by a certain spirit control of Medrado, a physician.

Thursday one of the highlights of the week was scheduled: the speech and trance-session of Dr. Jose Medrado, the trance painter! The Doctor for Philosophy was in the eighties a brazilian FULL MATERIALISATION MEDIUM and became famous for the fully materialised spirit of an unknown (?) female, who was called, because of her bridal looking dress, simply ‘the bride’. Fully enclothed in ectoplasmic substance the bride made headlines besides the many other full materialisations in Brazil, one of the spiritualistic heartlands since the times of Allen Kardec, whose ideas and books was a main influence for brazilian spiritualism!

When Medrado became older his body started to suffer too much from the materialisation work and his spirit team changed completely. Today his main spirit control RENOIR enables him to become overtaken during the course of an approx. 90 minutes lasting session by the leading master painters of the past.
In less than 5 minutes paintings like the ones presented here are produced by him.
He applies an amazing technique for which he uses his fingers and brushes to bring colour onto the canvas.
He claims that the spirit controls apply layers of ectoplasm between the colour to form and finalize them in such a speed.

Jose Medrado painting in Full trance. The entry of his main spirit guide “Renoir” was well observable for the guests of the afternoon-session

Another amazing phenomenon around him occurred two times in Eastbourne, in the conference hall filled with nearly 150 persons. As it is a brazilian tradition mediums there have mostly a physician, mostly german ones, in their spirit team. And when Medrado just mentioned he had been given a short input by exactly this guide, the room filled immediately with an unmistakeable strong smell of something, like aceton, or another strong cleansing-liquid, everybody instantly associated with the smell of a hospital.
Like a huge wave the smell two times travelled from Medrados place on the stage in every direction and EVERYBODY in the room smelled it clearly!
An amazing experience who has never before experienced such an olfactorial phenomenon!

Within less than 5 minutes pictures like these (examples) are painted in a mix-technique of finger and brush-painting, More than 4000 Pound one of the Pictures did made during the auction later for Medrados “City of Light”!

In the auction for Medrados paintings inspired by Renoir, Gauguin, Monet, Picasso, Lutrec, Klimt and others, several thousands pounds could be made for the untired humanitarian work Medrado is doing in Brazil with his “City of Light”! A huge humanitarian centre for poor peoples medical care and free meals. Mainly the City of Light is for orphans and for their education every single penny from the paintings is being taken. Medrado himself is working for the brazilian government and has a regular income! His trance work shall sew seeds for spiritualism and shall collect money for his centre!

An extremely packed week of incredible content came to an end at Friday!
We want to thank the Gordon Higginson Fellowship for having given us the opportunity to be part of such a great event!