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Again and again certain people complain publicly, the Felix Circle would not operate under the guidelines of Spiritualism, respectively would not produce Survival Evidence.

Everybody who has sat with the FEG or who is reading the published independent reports knows that this is false! Some people seem to simply ignore these reports or they write their comments without having no knowledge about what is happening at all during FEG-sessions.

We ask ourselves, why this is so, and we believe our different sociocultural background and tradition in conversing with spirit is enough for those people not only to reject us but to frequently claim publicly about the worthlessness of the FEG Mediumship!

Spirit Communicators we work with and don’t fit into a certain “survivalist”-pattern are being laughed about and – typically for the internet – with malice and from behind their desktops they try to fight on different sites for their claim that no, or not enough, or not the way it used to happen, survival evidence is brought forward through our work.

Usually we should not care for the opinions of single parties, on the other hand side it makes sense to once and for all introduce only a few of the powerful Survival-Evidence events, the FEG-Mediumship is regularly bringing forward!

The Felix Experimental Group works in the tradition of the German Spiritists, especially in the tradition of Rudi Schneider, a famous Austrian Physical Medium.
Spiritists value the communication with spirit without having made a religion out of it.

We believe in Life after Death, but also, that mediumship goes far beyond the survival question.
Survivalism and Spiritualism, (and spiritism naturally as well) are earthly (!) constructs and we believe we shall not reduce our spirit communication with patterns these earthly constructs do implicate.

We believe moreover mediumship has to be freed from any kind of earthly dogmatism to become able to really bring forward higher knowledge!

Nevertheless the FEG Spirit Team brings forward striking survival evidence regularly because Survival is an important part of a higher order, but far from being its essence, we believe.
We also believe that the physical phenomena induced by spiritual entities speak for themselves and are self-evidentialy pointing to that higher realm we all will once enter!

Yes, it is true, we will survive, but this survival will happen in terms that go far beyond our capabilities of comprehension and communication and we believe, that spirit-personalities of the deceased actually have to downgrade themselves, back to the patterns they once have fulfilled, when they become part in an interdimensional communication attempt.

From the moment on the soul has become a free potential, unbound from the chains of space and time, it does so quickly veer away from its earthly existence and terms and ascends into higher realms of spiritual awareness and existence.

Its a huge leap, a dimensional change that alters (nearly) everything, that once had a certain meaning.

Still so many people haven t internalized the achieved knowledge about Life after Death from many different research areas and are in the personal need for the annointment of becoming confirmed the human survival!

The FEG Spirit Team does what it can to help in these instances. And mostly it delivers it in the typical way of western spiritualism, because thats the language people speak when they want to converse with the spirit-world.

So what is it, that we describe as striking. What is it, when we say, that some of the messages arrive in physical shape?

With several examples we want to show the reader once and for all, what the FEG-Spirit Team is capable to produce, when transfering the message of Survival to the people, to our fellow sitters:

1. The most dearest relatives of a female sitter are showing up on Polaroid-based Experimentation in Spirit Photography, lead by the main spirit control, the deceased Professor of Parapsychology Hans Bender in 2008. The spirit control announced beforehand, two spirit personalities were very close to a person of the group and would not only show up on the photos, but would be immediately recognized by their ‘receiver’.

Picture: Long term sitter Silvi B. is visited during Psychic Photography Experiments by her dearest relatives, that manage to show up on two photos between a row of ten shots. Noone in the room was aware of any family relationship of hers.
Picture: Silvis dearest aunts, how they appear on an old picture that hangs in Silvis Living Room….

Previously to their appearance on the psychic photography the spirit control had announced, the visitors would appear in a way Silvi was used to look at them…

Nobody of the FEG-Group had ever been in her living room or knew about this photo!

2. Sitter S.W. was contacted by her deceased mum who was begging for forgiveness for what she had done to her. A huge emotional potential, that was touched in that communication refering to a dark childhood in a burdened family, could be released that night, when the mother was admitting all she had done. In the end she wanted to give her daughter something, that he allegedly had wished for.
A piece of jewelry then fell onto S. shoulder.

After the Seance S. confirmed she actually had wished for something from the spirit world, she could carry around with her. So her mother, as a symbol for her Love, overgave her a piece of Jewelry from the spirit world, S. from then on wore. First she carried it with her around in her pocket, then after a few days, she hung it around her neck….

Picture: A piece of Jewelry from the Spirit world, apported 2010 by a deceased mom for her daughter in the seance room …

3. From one of the first classical cabinet sittings in 2009 on – the group sat with a cabinet before, but never inside of it – Author Costas and Ellen Waitzis were regular guests. Start of 2011 Ellen died unexpectedly during a hospital stay for a knee surgery.

From then on Costas became a regular sitter and waited for Ellen to come back to him in the Seance Room. After 5 months someone approached him (medium controlled) in the dark and kissed him several times onto the head. He immediately knew it was Ellen.
During the upcoming sittings this contact did strengthen and after several more reluctant approaches Costas was finally able to hold his Ellen – seemingly fully materialized – in the dark. Meanwhile they were embracing and kissing themselves, the spirit control announced from the cabinet, that Ellen had brought a present from the spirit world, he from now on should carry close to his heart to have her always with him: an apported beautiful lead crystal…

Costas wrote extensively about the incidents to friends and befriended ITC-organizations and the new edition of his book about the spirit world will contain it as well!
That man, who was broken, became fulfilled again, gained weight and is since his final contact with Ellen today with 80 years more active than ever…

4. During a sitting the American Physician Neal Rzepkowski was adressed by two spirit personalities. One spoke to him accent-free Lakota, a sub-dialect of the Dakota Tribe, called him a real “medicine man” and that he would be ready for the “song of the pipe”! The song of the pipe is a metaphor only known to people quite close to Indian culture! It means that the person has shown, that he is mature enough to converse with the world of Spirit!

Noone in the room knew, that Neil had a Dakota spirit-guide, in fact noone knew he was a doctor at all. Neil claimed in front of the people to be a medium in America. That is so important because the indian in spirit had brought with him another man. A former patient of Neal, who was quickly identified by him, after the spirit mentioned some remarks in connection with Neals treatment of him in the past.

Neal writes: Although I occasionally thought about LL over the years, it had been some time since he last came to mind. I was very surprised and grateful that he greeted me during the seance.
The second spirit person to greet me was a Lakota Sioux Indian. (I recognized him as one of my guides). the spirit control of Kai started to say he was pointing a stick at me and then corrected himself and said it was actually a pipe. 
He then (…) pronounced quite correctly 2 words that the guide gave me to identify. 
I am quite sure no one else in the room, and certainly not Kai nor HB, would have known the Lakota language, but I do know a fair amount of vocabulary, and immediately recognized these words. (…) 

This is a very impressive and extraordinary example of spirit communication to me.
There was much more that happened in the séance, and others also received evidential messages. However, since it is late as I write this, I will conclude here and say that I was “blown away” by the whole experience. I believe that the British expression for this would be “gobsmacked”.

Read his full report!

5. When Mediumship Researcher Marion Dampier Jeans was visiting us she received one of the famous wax-ball apports from the FEG-Spirit Team. Inside was the handwriting of famous Danish Medium Einer Nielsen. Einer Nielsen materialized spirit personalities for nearly 50 years.

Marion, who is a born Danish, contacted with the apported piece of paper a specialist at a Danish newspaper. With his expertise it could be stated, that it was in fact the handwriting of the deceased Einer Nielsen, written in the Danish Grammar of the fifties. Moreover the writing contained Super knowledge the medium could not have known previously. Read Marions own report on her website please!

Picture: Front of the apported original handwriting of Danish Medium einer Nielsen…

6. Many of you know Ann Harrison. She is today a commited publisher of important spiritualist literature! Her husband Tom Harrison, son of the Materialisation Medium Minnie Harrison, was one of the icons of the spiritualist movement, when he died in 2011.
2012 Ann sat in a FEG-Spirit Team Seance, when the spirit control from the cabinet was asking for total silence in the room, because someone was shuffling in a typical manner over the floor of the dark Seance room.
After she had announced that she immediately identified her husband, the spirit control carried on to give personal information to Ann from the cabinet, meanwhile the materialized spirit personality was audibly moving through the room. When the spirit control announced that Tom now would try to touch her, she immediately felt a brief touching on her knee. She sat at least 3 metres from the cabinet, the medium was permanently speaking from.

Ann writes: Who else could it be but Tom Harrison, my husband, back again in his
‘home’ Centre. We heard his familiar shuffling footsteps as he moved
across the room. Professor Bender (spirit control) then went on to say the man wished to
touch someone in the circle. Because I was at almost the furthest
possible point (almost 3 metres) from the cabinet I encouraged him to
try to touch Barbara who was nearer but no, with an extreme effort, I
felt a tap firmly on my knees (a warm, soft but firm fist) before he was
pulled back towards the cabinet. A few minutes later, after we had sung
again, Hans Bender came back to say that the man, ‘Thomas’, wanted to
tell that lady something (that something was very pertinent to me).

Read Anns full report on her website please…

Picture: Tom and Ann Harrison

We could easily carry on to list further examples of what we consider is regularily called “Survival Evidence”. But we want to overhand it to the reader to carefully study these accounts – and several more, if you should wish so here on the FEG Blog – to decide, to answer this question for yourselves, if Survival Evidence is happening or not happening at the Felix Experimental Group!

The mere fact, that our approach is another than from mediums raised in a spiritualistic country and doesn t always fit into the patterns of Spiritualism – for example because of our mediumistic contact with what we call “Super Spirits”, that claim to be stone-old cosmological entities – some believe it is righteous to discredit, dismiss and state frequently false things publicly about our work!
In the name of the ‘true’ spiritualistic mediumship…

Please make up your own mind now!