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Picture: Prof. Stephen Braude 2012 during his investigation of the FEG-Mediumship


We want to inform you today about a huge leap forward, about an attempt to reunite science and Physical Mediumship, about the investigation of Americas leading Parapsychologist, Prof. Stephen Braude, of the mediumship of K.M., the Physical Medium of the Felix Experimental-Group in Hanau, Germany.

Braude is in his sixties, a retired Professor of Philosophy from the University of Maryland, Editor of the Journal for Scientific Exploration and is for decades involved in Mediumship and Makro-PK, (especially Physical Mediumship), Consiousness- and Afterlife-Research.

His books “The Limits of Influence“, “Immortal Remains” and “The Gold Leaf Lady” are counted to the most valid and intellectual debate contributions of today.

After 9 days of having everything done to be fully transparent for this second investigation of Braude, he made considerable statements in regards to his findings. ‘The control conditions were excellent’ (quote), there were no fraud indications and the mediums cooperation he believes, ‘should set the standard of behavior for all Physical Mediums’ (quote) working under scientific scrutiny in the future.
‘I was given thorough access to all the premises and full cooperation from the medium!’ (quote)

It was Braudes second visit, after he had observed unquestionable phenomena the last time, but the control issues in regards of the medium during the cabinet sitting at his first visit end of 2010 weren t satisfying to him, because he didn t know the people, that were holding the medium, nor did he know the medium nor its surrounding, the circle and family.
 That is why Prof. Braude didn t want to publish something before he wouldn t have had the opportunity to return to the FEG’s bomb shell cellar in Hanau!

This he did now!

Picture: Stephen Braude and Robert Narholz 2012 in Hanau

Originally we were doubting if it was clever to let these investigations being done further on, because we knew from the history, that the mediums never had won something from these investigations.
Unexpected and inconsiderable flaws during the control in the end always left room for doubt, what in the end had lead to the exclusion of that kind of Mediumship from the research efforts of Modern parapsychology (same happened to Poltergeist-Phenomena) mostly.

Such doubts then always lay on the shoulders of the medium psychologically, whose honesty in the end is questioned then, even though it had nothing to do with it at all!

An example: A sitter opens the chain to scratch its nose! A thorough scientific report NEEDS to mention this. In the end it cannot be avoided to theorize that this exactly might have been the moment accompliceship had taken place. Everything else that might have been perfect and valid can be destroyed by such inconsiderable moments in time.

With the many researchers we had here we have learned that such inconsiderable events cannot be excluded without taking the medium to a laboratory, where the whole setting needed is naturally annulled completely in the end.

Picture: The FEG Medium Kai Muegge had his first sitters circle with physical phenomena at the age of 15 (here in the Interview with American Film-Maker Robert Narholz)

So anyways, we followed the urging of our scientific circle leader Dr. J.S. to let Prof. Braude come for a second time, because he believed Braude was aware of all of that and applies a highly psychologically sophisticated approach to his mediumship research.
Together with Braude the American Film-Maker Robert Narholz came to film for a Physical Mediumship documentary. (Finding PK)

So persuading Braude would mean, despite all the sympathy, he this time wanted to imply much stricter controls during the three sessions, especially during the main Cabinet Seance during the week…
And this he did.

Supported by the scientifically thinking ‘main spirit control’ of the medium, the deceased Prof. Hans Bender, who is permanently vigilant that the control of the medium is perfect, Braude did achieve what he was coming for!

We were expecting that Braude wouldn t be able to validate our own claims of standing in contact with deceased personalities, but we expected being able to show him unquestionable physical phenomena under good control conditions – especially the ectoplasm – enabling him to evaluate no fraud is involved.

So over 9 days and three sessions Braude was observing, filming (infrared table levitation) and witnessing full levitation in sufficient red light, raps, touches, spirit lights and object movement far out of reach of the medium while having the medium and the mediums wife under control (registering every movement of them)and ectoplasm and some of its features. Spirit Communication was happening as well with messages for Braude and Robert Narholz.
Braude will publish a thorough report in a scientific journal about his investigation, we were allowed to read but we naturaly cannot publish it on the blog beforehand its publishing.

During the last table session a full levitation could be filmed. Note the mediums (with his back to the camera) one hand above the table and his rocking with its chair. Levitating a table with ones foot needs to have a safe stand! Moreover full levitations were observed a few days earlier in good red light showing all hands were on the table and all feet on the ground…

Braude writes in regards to the table sittings:
(quote start) ‘(…) we had 5 clear table levitations, 3 of which occurred in red light sufficient to see hands on the table and legs beneath (on the floor). In the latter, we were able to record a brief levitation with infrared video. Although it can’t be regarded as strictly evidential (because not all sitters or hands were visible from the single camera angle), I consider it a valuable document of an event I’m convinced was authentic.

I also received an apport which arrived while the hands of all sitters were visible in red light, joined. No device was discovered that might have released the metal figurine of the Indian goddess for wisdom and knowledge Saraswati.’ (quote end)

For the most scepticism inducing Cabinet Seance we allowed Braude to take a place, usually only close people to the medium are allowed to take, directly besides it with the task to control it at all four limbs, when phenomena were occurring out of reach of the medium.

The sitters were seated in a way, that not 2 of the present 3 circle members sat adjacent to one another to exclude one was able to free him/herself from the sitters chain without being detected to fake phenomena!

Stephen writes:
(Quote start) ‘The cabinet sitting was important to me because I was able to control both Kai and Julia (mediums wife) during the proceedings as well as monitoring pre-seance conditions very carefully (including a strip search of the medium).

Kai cooperatively allowed us to see under the folds in his belly and inside his underwear. We didn’t conduct a full cavity search, but it was clear that no contrivance or mass of cloth or other material was concealed externally. Jochen then provided Kai with a fresh set of clothes, which I inspected before Kai dressed. We then walked Kai down to the cellar, and Kai kept his hands raised in full sight the entire time so that I could be sure that he wasn’t grabbing some accessory on the way downstairs.’ (quote end)

Picture: After a brief table levitation, the medium announced that a nervous vegetative state might announce phenomena. The table stopped to rock suddenly. Then Braudes Camera failed, the battery had unloaded itself somehow. The Medium asked for red light and the 4 people present could see the medium very well. “Grab my hands, the medium announced”. Standing that way around the table, suddenly an object fell from the ceiling or mid-air! A figurine of the Indian Goddess Saraswati for knowledge and wisdom. Earlier it was theorized if Braude might get ‘a gift from the spirit world’.

Then Braude started to witness the first phase of what the spirits call “building up a forcefield” that enables them to interact on our dimensional level with the sitters. That field is the base that ectoplasm can build up and form and act in the end. Over several experiments the spirit world is testing then the level of influence by trying to affect and manipulate (focus-)objects and building ectoplasmic forms in the room.

(quote start) ‘Many of the usual object movements and lights occurred at a distance from the medium while I controlled him, and I’m impressed by the fact that they seemed to occur just after the medium twitched or grabbed my hand.
But while the various physical phenomena occurred, I controlled Kai, and I sometimes controlled Julia as well. I sat to Kai’s left, only a few inches away. My right hand grabbed Kai’s left hand and rested on Kai’s left leg, which I also touched with my right leg (and my left foot was in front of his left foot). (…) I also reached across Kai’s lap and my left hand grabbed one or both of Julia’s hands in such a way that my forearm rested on Kai’s right leg.
So I could be sure that Kai didn’t move from his spot during the phenomena, many of which took place at least 50 inches from Kai.’ (quote end)

Pic: Braude preparing his infrared, wideangel camera before the third session with the FEG 2012

(quote start) ‘When the ectoplasm appeared, I sat approximately 1 meter from the mass that Kai pulled from his mouth, and in red light I could clearly see it, lying outside the cabinet and separated from the medium, moving, as if it was breathing.
Then twice I saw it sprout what looked like a hand with fingers, moving left and right and seeming to wave.

In each case (of the curtain openings), the “breathing” mass seemed to sprout a gradually developing hand-like appendage, with distinguishable (but not clearly separated) fingers.

The next time we opened the cabinet, we saw an already formed long protrusion or narrow column coming from the mass, rising to a height of 3 or 4 feet, looking like a semi-transparent tube.
The medium’s left hand passed slightly back and forth across the top, as if to show that nothing was pulling the protrusion up from above.(Quote end)


Naturally Braude discusses in his paper imaginable fraud techniques in his report, but needs to reject them in the end for obvious reasons.
The decision to let Braude sit so close was right, because exactly this enabled him to do very detailed observations:

(Quote start) ‘The mass was outside the cabinet and Kai remained inside. But the breathing (or flexing) seemed to be animated from inside the substance, and the mass was expanding at different points within it.
(…) And as for the hand, no hair could explain how it gradually took shape and became more determinately hand-like.

Moreover, since I was with Kai from the time he was strip-searched, and since I saw no contrivance in the séance room before or after the séance, I rate it as highly unlikely that Kai used some sort of hidden device to produce the animated ectoplasm.’

‘I’m especially grateful to Kai for allowing me not only to control him directly, but also to conduct a strip search, and to observe him after the séance.

I will eventually publish a full and detailed report of my experiences.’ (quote end)

Stephen Braude and Robert Narholz were both receiving messages from spirit personalities. Both weren t revealing their names and were trying to persuade the sitters of their genuity by telling both guys things, the medium did not know:

Braude was contacted by an old research fellow of him who tried to remind him of a conversation they had about the ‘spirit control’ of another medium, the research fellow was involved with.
Maybe this spirit talked in too many riddles, Braude could not remember having a discussion about a spirit guide at all, even though his first guess, who that spirit guide might have been was right – the caribean pirate “Jean Lafitte”.

So be it as it may, Robert Narholz in the contrary was adressed by the grand-mother of a person he was filming with at the time and at the moment he trys to validate what was given through.  

After 9 days Braude did leave the M.-Family, that had learned to like Braudes humorous and sensible character very much. Even though he does not think in spiritualistic terms he is counted to the most respected researchers in the field. We thank him for taking the time to evaluate the phenomena at the Felix Experimental Group, the Mediumship of Kai.M.