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By 19. März 2012Dezember 28th, 2022Uncategorized
Robbert van der Broeke, dutch Physical Medium (Psychic Photography and Videography)

The today 32 years (2012) old Dutch Medium Robbert van der Broeke and his stunning results in Psychic Photography – and newly Videography as well – were many years investigated by different capacities like Michael Roll (website)or Nancy Talbott (BLT Research Institute).

Besides Robberts frequently proven Psychic Abilities especially his Physical Mediumship in regards to Psychic Photography is earth-shattering.

The apparation
of the deceased Aaron Russo appears on the screen of Robberts digital
camera, after he had shot in the presence of the Film-maker William
Glaszecki a picture of an empty corner in the room. Glaszecki filmed the
whole process and thus validated the compelling outcomes of Robberts
work. Beforehand Robbert had given a message from Glaszeckis former
mentor Russo.
Watch the full Video below.

Since 2011 Robbert is experimenting as well with “Psychic Video” and a few days ago the results were presented for the first time. Strange entities seem to blend over the image that is taken by the running video camera of Robberts upper body.

On the experimental videos of Robbert different “entities” seem to blend over the actual picture of a digital video hd-recorder. The “extras” are on the digital hard-disc right after filming and can be watched right after the filming from the video-cameras screen.

Watch the published compilation of Psychic Video achieved by Robbert:

Nancy Talbotts BLT Research Institute, that is for years involved in highly sophisticated crop circle research, stumbled upon Robbert in 2002, when behind his house the first netherlandish crop-circles had appeared and Robbert was able to witness its development.
Investigating these Nancy became aware of Robberts outstanding psychic gifts. Soon afterwards he presented first photo-results, taken within the crop-circles.

In the following Nancy documented the breathtaking psychic photography of Robbert van der Broeke.

Read BLT Institutes huge documentation and scientific approach efforts regarding Robbert and his results:
An interesting introduction to the case at the head of this site and scrolling down a huge link-list about the different production-eras of psychic-photography-production of Robbert van der Broeke can be found HERE!

Read Nancy Talbotts opinion to the newly achieved results HERE.