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 Over the weekend of the 3rd of December we were guests at the wonderful “Banyans Retreat” in Ashford/Kent.We were invited by our hosts Nic and Steven, who run the beautiful location. We wanted to learn to know each other and then Julia and I wanted to attend a Seance of Scott Milligan. Additionally I was giving an informal Seance as well for especially interested sitters one day later.

The week end was without exception a very beautiful and succesful one. At the beginning we were right away taken by the beauty of the Retreat. 

Picture: The beauty of the location is exceptionally.

A little lake in the middle around which in early December the old tree population and bloomless flora grouped like in a “still life”. Huge crinkly tree trunks, covered by bark rugged by decades it did spend shelter against the climate conditions, stretch their necks and tiny arms to the sun, before they fall back into their winter sleep. 
Exceptionally beautiful! 

Picture: The natural environment spends a grounding energy to all spiritual practices exercised at the Banyans

Impressed we were as well by the open and committed characters of the people we were conversing with over the long weekend: In the first place Nic Whitham and Scott Milligan and their partners. All 4 were receiving us with the most loving and easiest attitude we were admiring very much!

Nic and Steven, who run the “Banyans Retreat”

Additionally it was a special event we were invited to: The “Christmas Tree Seance” of the Scott Milligan Circle, that is at the time operating at the Banyan Retreat regularly. 
Scott Milligan is an extremely impressing personality. Even though very young, the deep and warm tone of his speech reflects an inner ballance only a few do achieve and a great knowledge about the secrets behind the curtain of bodily life is his great asset. His empathy is huge and very much admired by the many who follow him into his workshops and other sessions.
Humor and Wisdom is a great mixture and Scott owns both of them a lot!

Scott Milligan

The Banyan offers a large array of Workshops, Meditations and a long list of sophisticated therapeutical applications like the ECT (Electro Crystal Therapy), Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Tai Chi Qui-Gong and many many more.

Furthermore their Seance Room is especially designed to provide all needs imaginable. The whole electric light-installation is controlled with a single key. By simply turning it all lights are securely shut down and the key does stay in Nics trousers until the lights are to turn on again. An unaudible ventilation system feeds the room with fresh air permanently and it is really easy to attend a seance under such circumstances and in such comfortable chairs.

The especially designed and just renovated Seance Room at the Banyans

A wooden Cabinet, reminding of the older days of the “Spirit Cabinet” is the focus point in the large room usually. This time the huge white Christmas Tree positioned 4 or 5 feet in front of the cabinet and around it in a radius of 3 feet a mountain of enwrapped christmas presents were catching the eye. 

The “Christmas Tree Seance” is an old Spiritualistic Tradition. 
The widely operating “child”-controls in Physical Mediumship are especially invited to have christmas experiences most of them never had in their short lifes. So the phenomenological part is, that these children then materialize in the room and even though the medium sits audibly confirmable by his breathing and continous remarks bound in his cabinet, in front of it we were perceiving little feet tapping around and the rip open of many of the presents. Later all the presents, provided by the sitters, were given to charity.

When Scott was taking his seat in the cabinet directed my attention to a jawdropping event. He already had mentioned it, when we were having dinner: “When I sit in the Cabinet chair and people are going to bind me there is an early ectoplasmic effect already perceiveable. In front of my solarplexus a strong draw of energy is starting and you will be able to feel that! Palpably! Its like a whirl of wind in front of it!”

The “whirl”-like materialisation of spontanous (ectoplasmic) substance in the room is a feature of my spirit team as well – and such a same whirlwind Scott was then describing to me – I was very eager to experience that.
In the evening Scott had not forgotten what he offered to me. He signaled me to come very close and I bowed down to him and hold my hand in front of his belly, I immediately recognized it: Not a “maybe”- or “good will”-wind was whirling there, but a clear, unmisunderstandable strong draw of air let me loudly speak out my surprise how strong it was!

During that night many characteristical communicators were talking.
Julia and I were adressed by the well known calm and smooth voice of “Leslie Flint”. He said very nice things! He was speaking of our own work to bring through valuable messages from the disembodied world and good strong spirit related physical phenomena. He mentioned the pointlessness of mediumistic testing and recommended to not let this illuminating work be restricted by so called scientific test conditions mediums are not used to work under. Genuine Mediums can only loose in such a constellation. Furthermore a medium shall never look for reputation by those who doubt. They can only be persuaded by their personal experience. The medium has to offer his gift to the truely searching, to release their hearts from darkness and anxiety – not to those whose worldview seems to be completed and who look down to us! 

Then ectoplasm was extruded in red light, running in a thin stream downwards until it had reached the floor.
Several times it was shown. Then the medium was transported around in his chair. The christmas tree was laid down as we could later see and the chair must have been uplifted and transported over the cabinet blocking christmas-presents onto the other side of the room.

One more time the guides adressed the sitters to wish them a most beautiful christmas and new years eve before the lights went on. Scott sat with his heavy wooden chair on the oppposite site of the cabinet and the area in front of it was full of wrapping paper and ripped open toys.

After the informal FEG-Spirit-Team Seance: Scott, Darren, Steven, Nic, Kai

Thanks to all involved for the good time we had!

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