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CONCEPTS FROM ANOTHER WORLD: Spirit Controls reveal their World-View

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Dear Reader, the following concepts were parts of communicated contents from the spirit world. The FEG-communicators were “Prof. Hans Bender”, “Ptah”, “Yellow Feather” and “the Chemists”, who have as far as we are concerned long since proven their “extra-dimensional” nature through their ability to influence our physical world.

The more we consider the question worthwhile in how far descriptions from the Trance-Entities can enrich our understanding about reality anyhow!

And even though their claims sound partly highly complex and very surprising and strange, we present them for your consideration and for the purpose to broaden existing concepts of consciousness and reality.

Many times Spirit-Controls have shown their claims have metaphorical meanings in the first place.

Nevertheless many of them are deeply fascinating and we hope you have an interesting read through this cosmology from the Trans-World.

The Editor


In the first part the entity “Ptah” claims to know cosmological entities have interfered human beings evolution thousands of years ago. Later we learn that the “enhancements” then given to the human species today have an essential influence onto our socio-cultural development.

If this is real or an allegory we don’t know!

(all cursive texts are Deep Trance Speech or Automatic Writings)

Midst 2010 a trance-personality spoke through the FEG-Medium and postulated the existence of an incredible connection between the human race and a power that – following the personality who calls itself “Ptah” – stepped into the human realm 6000 years ago.

The entity introduced itself as an “inter-dimensional presence” that was once known as “God Ptah” by the Sumerians and Egyptians. He claimed to be the “Door-Keeper” and highest organised control of the Trance-Medium. He implied the human race was then enhanced by an interbreeding species from the depths of the cosmos. If the process happened on a biological or a consciousness-related plane wasn’t answered at that time.

“6000 years ago I was part of a plan that sped up the process of (your) evolution to (another) races benefit. A race coming from a place afar …”

Since that time Ptah claimed the human being is carrying one of two alien “heritages”.

His earliest message emphasis was related to the interests of certain guest-sitters at that evening, but additionally to a certain personality we are associating with the FEG Spirit Team (Felix Experimental Group): Aleister Crowley! A personality claiming to be him is in fact part of the FEG Spirit Team!

An apport of a note in the handwriting of this great pioneer of magical practices seemed to confirm that assertion. To mention it early: Aleister Crowley was never a “Satanist”.

That was a pure tabloid fantasy!
Crowley applied techniques – sexual magic in the first place – that were labelled “blasphemic” by the english church and Crowley chose in the following to provocate but to give in.

Aleister was in the first place the chairman of the two most influential Organizations that were exploring the myths of oriental secret teachings – the O.T.O (Ordo templis Orientis) and the “Order of Golden Dawn” – and Crowley searched for the “intersection” with the occidents hermetical magic. He was a pioneer and a freethinker and not a few call him a genius. 
“Ptah” claimed that Crowley was one of the few that had decrypted a “creation-related-secret” hidden in the human body and encrypted “in the teachings of the Mesopotanian and Babylonian mythologies” about the “divine” heritage. “Once brought by the Knights of the Temple over the Silk Road to Europe” Crowley presented his findings in clouding metaphors mainly in his “Book of Law”!

May it be, as it is with Crowley, “Ptah” explained further that the ‘visitors’ were beings that exist consciously in the physical as well as in the non-physical realm; in our T3-Dimension (T=time plus 3 Space Dimensions) as well as in the realm from where disembodied spirits do communicate with the physical realm.

When in later messages the Interbreeding- or human enhancement-process was more emphasized Ptah revealed that the concerned race, when present in the universe of the humans, is carrying a matching creational biology.

“Ptah” told these visitors origined from the “Zeta Reticuli”-System, from where they – from a certain point in time onwards – were voyaging out into the cosmos because certain existential necessities were depleted. If these necessities concerned their natural environment or their biology was not revealed.

Zeta Reticuli

“(…) their life stood at that time on the edge of destruction.”

Following this the “enhancement–process” of the human being was in reality an urgent interbreeding act that should secure the survival of the alien race from the Zeta Reticuli.

“That was the moment the human species became their sibling.”

If Ptah himself is really part of this race or if he considers himself only as a witness of events did not become clear!

Secure the Survival of an Alien Race coming from Zeta Reticuli? That reminds strongly of the drawn conclusions regarding Alien Abductions. A depleted Alien Race refreshes its DNA with human material and enhances in return their abilities somehow!?

No, not really, because with the further spin of the story it appears as if these “Aliens”, even though they are associated with several star systems, do somehow represent contradictory potentials in the range of human behaviour.


With the one described enhancement through an alleged “race” of cosmological entities a second attempt followed by a second “race”. Both are having a long mutual history following “Ptah”. One could say, they are the both sides of a same medal….

From early on Ptah was describing in his messages some kind of a “failure” in the development of the human kind – and the disastrous effects. He claimed that the human race was the crone of creation on the T3 level and that the contact with the Zetas also presented a first step on a path of doom: the contact to another race, the Chi T’Auris!

Taurus with the binary star system Chi Tauri

“The development of mankind did not step forward as wanted.
A spirit of superiority made the human being blind, let it loose control and lead it away from its natural position within the matrix all things that exist in present, in past and future do dwell in.”

“Tightly interwoven the human being is – and its selfishness, greed and ruthlessness in making the creation a slave has created dangerous effects unmanageable from its perspective.
When mankind won’t find its place, the once described as masters of the universe will fail and fall and go down forever.”

“Ptah” revealed finally that the failing of the evolutionary development of the human kind was mainly caused by a second “alien” intervention.

The well known greys are associated with Zeta Reticuli

“Ptah” did not verify who was first, but he said there was a second Interbreeding attempt happening with another race from the Chi T’auri-System. He claimed that the both “races” from Zeta Reticuli and Chi T’auri have an eon long connected history and as if it was unavoidable to have the one without the other – where the Zetas were interfering with a local race the Chi T’Auris fought for their part of the resources as well.

A spirit of Superiority – after being enhanced – seducing the human kind to subjugate man and nature? 
That sounds somehow familiar…!
For the first time Ptah then mentioned the fact, that the human existence is strongly interwoven not only with its natural habitat, but as well with “parallelly” existing Life-forms!


With the entities associated with the binary star system Chi T’Auri this mysterious relationship between humans, Zetas and Chis become more clearer. Their influence at last seemed to be like a kind of signature, a “bloodline” it was called, something that changes human beings from within and renders their value-system.

In his last messages of 2011 “Ptah” created a scenario, in which the three races cling together in a doomed relationship:

“(…) there are mighty powers that are working against us. These powers (…) are as thousands of years old as we are. So the struggle is going on for all times! And unfortunately we are not always the succeeding side. (…) But where is light there is always the power of the dark working against.”

“Ptah” claimed that this second interbreeding process happened in Black Africa. He associated the implementation of a certain social-cultural pattern, “the system of “kingship”, with the arrival of the Chi T’Auri.

The Chi Tauri System through a telescope lense

At one point he called both races – the Zetas and the Chi T’Auris – inter-dimensional effigies representing “the two only main paths the conscious self can choose”.

He claims that every form of conscious existence always only can choose between two elemental life-paths and the more it tends to the one or the other it fulfills more or less the ones or the others “heritage”.

These two paths were also described by the deceased “Prof. Hans Bender”start of December 2011 in England at an informal Séance at the “Banyan Retreat” in Kent:

“You only can live the one or the other way. These ways are elemental and are represented by “creator beings” existing not on your earthly plane!”

“It is so easy but at the same time so elemental and important: The one path follows the flow of nature, is peacefully embedded in its natural environment. Its vibration is a deep warm tone that echoes through the universe. Its oscillation is in harmony with the waveform of natural creation. Things flow in balance and harmony to share and receive the gifts of creation.”

“The path of the Chi-T’auri in the contrary takes the opposite way. Their way is to own but to share, to exploit, but to live in harmony. Great wealth this path is directed to, but it is flanked with its victims, the weak and the dead on planets depleted and annihilated. The path of the Chi-T’Auri brings forward great kings and undisputed leadership, agitating followers, willing to do everything to uphold the power for personal profit! It’s the path of mans slavery and of all natural resources.”

One of the last South African Shamans Credo Mutwa knows of the Chi tauri Interbreeding from Ancient Tradition, where they are described as having a reptilian nature.

Both trance controls spoke of “Bloodlines” we humans do follow but at the same time do represent as well through our actions. So we allegedly are not only more or less influenced either by “the signature” of the Zetas or “the signature” of the Chi-T’Auris within us, but furthermore we do carry the “heritages message” further through our actions in different degrees!

The term “creator being” in this connection shall not be mixed up with the “Annunaki”, who are described in ancient textes as well as “creator beings”. No, the term was used in another meaning. The affiliation with these entities planted the seed for certain behaviour-patterns of the human species.


In the next chapter Communicators “Yellow Feather” and “Hans Bender” propose a concept how consciousness and reality could be correlated. They claim that the “self” or “soul” or “consciousness” is a force field that creates reality on different levels of a multiverse!

“Reality is not what it seems”, the Communicator Yellow Feather claimed.
“There is a place we call the soul’s spring. From this spring life spreads out into many rivers….”

“Prof. Bender” described the human consciousness as an informational energy field. This force field stretches out into the ether and forms flesh, creates the physical, on every plane the field energy is reaching out to.

He explained: “Imagine a room full of vacuum. Imagine you wanted to throw a red laser beam onto the opposite wall to make it visible. Imagine further there are several smoke providing sources in the large room! Every time you throw the laser beam onto the opposite wall, it has to cross the areas of thickened smoke!
From a certain perspective it looks as if the red laser beam creates form, everywhere the laser is illuminating the smoke!”

Smoke illuminated by a laser beam

“Imagine now, your consciousness, your soul, is the laser beam projecting itself onto the smoke layers on which it seems to create form. Large areas of smoke seem to become physical, but in reality a thin beam protrudes and only illuminates them.”

The spirit control claimed, that our main consciousness field creates form on different planes of reality, like the laser beam does seemingly take and create form within the smoke-areas.

Such a kind of projection the world – as we experience it – is!

At the same time we thus exist on all other reality levels, our consciousness-“beam” or -field is protruding through…! In past and future, on etherical and material planes and probably on many, many more, images of our consciousness-field do exist.

And even though these projections seem to be independent they are not!

We are linked with the other planes, and our actions show results not only in our dimension, but as well in theirs!

“The soul is not a one-dimensional being”, Yellow Feather said:

“There is a source field (…)!
A field that feeds many children!
Children that are usually not aware of each other – only when they return to the mother field they become aware what they really are.”

“Ptah” says:

“Everything that exists, every action that is being taken, every word that is being spoken not only vibrates into the matrix and changes it. Additionally on the connected parallel planes effigies of every thing and thought are concerned.”

“The destructive behavior of man resonates through the ether and creates true monsters. Destructive entities have emerged out of the dark realms of human existence and they do thread the whole creation!”

“Mankind will tear down all with them into the abyss (…).

So our all own existence is on the edge. We need to change the human kind in its destructive behavior!”

That is why a plan was created, all positive nature- and life-related entities did join: to enhance the human consciousness, to inform about parallel and concerned existence-levels and to safe creation in an inter-dimensional Joint Venture on all concerned levels.

That plan regarding the “awakening” of man is mentioned by Trance Entities all around the world…!

The Soul as an independent force field that projects itself onto dimensional levels is in fact a very new age approach.
But what is happening with the evolution of the mind, the development of our self? When everything is only a projection, an illusion, everything may seem meaningless!?
Not at all!


If Crowley actually has decrypted the “creation-secret” Ptah is revealing in the next chapter we do not know! Fact is, that the answer to what becomes with our consciousness is intruiging but leaves many new questions naturally. Even though we consider the concept highly interesting in regards to a holografic uni- or multi-verse!

In “Automatic Writing” Sessions with “Ptah” he spun the story one fantastical step further:

“Can you imagine that what we called “heritage” was only a description to bring something closer to your understanding? Can you imagine that creation communicates, that we are “you”? That we are creations of the same source-field, only existing on different levels? Can you imagine why we linked into your trans-dimensional experiments with your disembodied loved ones? You, they and us are creations of the same field, that created this universe!”

And this was the beginning of the most fantastic claim he had made so far: The revealing of the “creation secret” mentioned, the one Aleister Crowley during his studies of ancient Babylonian texts was allegedly able to decrypt and which he covered behind his mystical metaphor “every man and every woman is a star”!

Yellow Feather described it that way: “All the rivers flowing from the source, (…) on their waves they transport all consciousness awareness they have collected on their paths. (…) And when the soul once becomes fully unbound, its informational gain will be gigantic – within milliseconds eons of knowledge and the information of galaxies will be achieved by the seeking soul-field and be contained!”

“And at a certain point, when the information collected has become compact to a certain degree, it will overstep the borderline to the material, to the physical.”

“This is the moment universes are given birth!”

This unprecedented concept claims to be the answer to the question, what the meaning of life is: “Every man and every woman is a Universe” is the assertion Crowley wanted to conceal!

The consciousness as the main creational power in the universe

The entities claim, that the “consciousness field” exists far beyond the borderlines of bodily existence. It exists boundlessly over eons meanwhile it collects information through awareness.

Yellow Feather: “And the secret is, that every universe was once a soul… – and is in the end universals womb, host for a new existence, giving birth to new realities, the primordial Mother of all beings of a future history.

This is the path of the soul!”

So the claim is that compacted information, contained in the consciousness field, will become so dense that it oversteps the borderline from the informational to the physical. At that moment the consciousness field creates a “Big Bang” and becomes a Physical Universe and host for new life!

“At the moment the core soul field is fed a new universe springs from the dimensional ether, the so called nothing…!”

Is that thinkable? Our consciousness, our soul travels the galaxies and the deep spaces of existence for over eons to finally explode into a creational “Big Bang”? What a fascinating micro-macro cosmos correlation that is…! Actually a fascinating idea!
Such claims of the higher organized entities of the FEG Spirit Team are in accordance with the new so called holographic reality models of quantum mechanics.
Morphogenetic informational fields, like Sheldrake postulates them transport existential information on paths unknown and render the evolutionary possibilities of species.
“Hans Benders” laser-beam example as well fits into ideas regarding a holografic universe.
Such claims definitely broaden our regular ways of thinking.
And with this the basic goal of the disembodied entities plan starts to become true!


On which asset our whole psycho-socio and socio-biological existence is grounded? What drives us to literally move mountains? What is the most productive and powerful experience the self can have? It is the ability to love and to be loved! And isn’t it logical to conclude that this ability projects itself as well?

“There is a power given to the human kind. This power is able to permeate the highest walls, to enlighten the darkest places…!”
“The only truly existing self is the wonder of consciousness.”
“And there is a something (…) that has the gravest effects on the self. It has such a powerful resonance that it echoes through the ether as well!”

But this time it carries anointment, cure, reconciliation, transcendence, forgiveness and support.

“For every one of you sole individuals!
There s a power at your hands mightier than the sharpest blade of those that exploit, abuse and kill!”
“This blade creates life and its strike deliverance.
Nothing is as mighty! So don t underestimate it – it is a chance to save the universe of the human race and all the entities that are connected with it.”
“Its mighty resonance creates a deep warm tone oscillating through Space and Time and beyond.
It creates the good and redeems the spirit!”
“Never underestimate how far your own action can reach.”
“A single act of love is able to unban a whole universe!”
“Stretch your necks to the light and this divine sword will be given to you.”
“Read the word, that is engraved on its blade: Unconditional Love!
“I am Ptah (…), a friend of the human race!”

There lays a poetry in “Ptahs” words we admire very much. Love as the highest principle!
The highest principle to transcend the evil in the universe! 
This is not really new, but many hope that there lies a truth in these assumptions!
So let’s make love and save the universe!

Here we end our little trip through our Spirit Teams Cosmology.
We naturally know that it is only patchwork, what we have been given through.
We know that many new questions have come with most of the claims.
But after all the originators of these claims have the ability to alter our physical world, alone
because of this, we considered it wortwhile to present their claims though!

God bless you

The End

This is the temporary end of our story, given to us by the FEG Spirit Controls: “Ptah”, “Yellow Feather”, “Prof. Hans Bender” and “Aleister Crowley”.


Kai for the FEG