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TOM HARRISON MATERIALIZES – Ectoplasm finally revealed in bright light (based on several witness accounts)

By 10. Februar 2012Dezember 28th, 2022Uncategorized

(based on witness accounts of Julia Muegge, Barbara and Rob McLernon, Anne Harrison, Robin and Sandra Foy a.m.m.)

Ectoplasm! This peculiar and controversial substance! What is its purpose? What is it really looking like? The 8th of February for the first time the incredible FEG Spirit Team did answer unmisunderstandably some of the most primary questions in regards to this!

Again and again has not only the look of some ectoplasmic creations led to controversy, additionally the ‘throw-out’ of ectoplasmic substance from the mediums organism occurred meaningless to some!

Furthermore opportunities to get a really thorough look onto it, enabling the observer to check with scrutiny the build and characteristic of the substances actual inner structure, were extremely rare…!

That may have come to a change now.

After weeks of preparative meditation the spirit team eventually declared the start of a new era of ectoplasmic display under optimized light conditions and in a manner satisfying for all attending sitters.
As a proof we were given the opportunity to photo the development of the substance right from the mediums mouth mucosa under white light conditions. These photos will be published at the 18th of February!

The first seance now was held for friends the 8th of February, organised by the Acacia Centers Rob and Barbara McLernon and co hosted by the Foys, close to Murcia, Spain.
There the FEG Spirit Team was showing for the first time under seance conditions what inner structure lies beneath the huge volumes of the cloudy or veil like substance produced by the Spirit Team!

In the full light of a 40 Watt red light lamp the entranced medium ripped and stretched the usually undisturbed presented substance open to reveal a quite amazing and unawaited sticky mass of spiderweb-like dynamic structure. Again and again he exposed and stretched the peculiar structure in the light, moved and turned it to show it from all sides extensively, obviously aiming to have everybody a sufficient look onto it!

Again and again he ‘choked’ to bring with open curtains more of the substance forward he again started to ‘rip’ open to reveal more of its amazing and uncomparable inside!

Then he suddenly did hold the substance in front of him, full light fell onto it, when pfrom these sticky fibers a small brass buddha statue came forward. More and more it evolved by its own means like a miniature birth, until finally the medium freed the figure from the last fibers and gave it to the lady on the right side of the cabinet.

Then with a two seconds lasting closure of the curtains the substance vanished away leaving no sign of it behind but the figurine…!!!

Earlier the evening the amazing materialization of Tom Harrison occurred – quite a distance away from the speaking medium in the cabinet!

Then ‘Prof. Hans Bender’ described what matter ectoplasm made visible actually represents!
He claimed ectoplasm to be the formgiving informal, the vital agent of the universe, that stands in direct connection to the higher realms that once have created the blueprint of creation.
It is ectoplasm that tells a flower how to grow from a seed, when to bloom and when to retreat back into mother earth!
It is ectoplasm that organises uncountable ants to serve in a purposeful manner their queen!
It is ectoplasm that triggers the wonder of consciousness as result of the most complex interplay of bio-physical dynamics, the human existence.

He declares ectoplasm to be the informal field for all to more complexity evolving existence, providing their program of creation.
Thats why ectoplasm can take every form imaginable!
It can form brass buddhas out of nothing as well as full ‘spirit form’ because it contends at last all necessary information!

The story of Tom Harrisons Materialization, ‘Benders’ explanation why they make ectoplasm visible for us, as well as a photo of the materialized brass buddha you ll find in the update of this article here in a few days, respectively in other reports that may come up from attendees of these sittings here in Spain!

God bless you

(based on witness accounts of Julia Muegge, Barbara and Rob McLernon, Anne Harrison, Robin and Sandra Foy a.m.m.)