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(The Author wants to express, that his presentation of the photographs in this article has nothing to do with his opinion regarding the genuity of the alleged phenomena. K.M.)


Medium Carmen Nicoletti serving as an instrument to form a huge full form materialisation developing behind her

In this image we see the medium exuding ectoplasm for the benfit of the full-form materialisation beside her and the visible spirit hand

A spirit with a bunch of apported flowers places on hand on the mediums shoulder, while another spirit hand operates the record player

The mediums Antonio Alves Feitosa and Carmen Nicoletti, at the moment when they process the exteriosation of the “nervous fluid” or ectoplasm.

Materialized hands touching the record player. The Circle Leader is playing the guitar alongside.

Materialization of the Spirit of “Sister Tereza” in a public meeting of the Spirit Center “Mais uma Estrela que Nasce” the 5-11-1960, through the mediumship of Antonio Alves Feitosa. Shiny cords of ectoplasm connect the medium to its materialised spirit form

Antonio Alves Feitosa materializes two hands operating the record player. Out of his ears and nose he exudes large amounts of ectoplasm connecting the hands and holding one trumpet high up in the air


During a session of spirit healing a spirit materializes in full form behind the head of the patient. Two independent spirit hands manipulating the head area of the patient. To the right the deeply entranced medium is seen exuding cords of ectoplasm connecting him with the spirit form and the cabinet

Two materialized hands appear below of the patients own ones; to its right side stands the materialized Spirit and the medium is in deep trance

The fully materialized spirit form places apported flowers on the body of the patient

Materialization of the Spirit of “Sister Francisca”. She is hugging one of the participants of the meeting. The same médium of the previous photos Jose Costa Lima is seen lying in deep trance.


Taken in Rio de Janeiro in the house of the Prados early 1921. From left to right: 1) Srta. Antonina Prado (automatic writing medium), 2) Eurípedes Prado; 3) Sra. Prado
(the main medium); 4) Stra. Alice Prado; 5) Erastóstenes Prado.

The teacher Ettore Bosio stayed one year at the house of the Prados to document the occurring phenomena through photographic means, all displayed below
“Joao” was called in his last incarnation Felismino de Carvalho and was a rebel fighting against the oligarchic brazilian government until he died in 1900. He was the uncle of the médium and had a good-tempered character before he became the spirit control of Senora Prado.

At first the control spirit “Joao” left the cabinet to welcome the large audience of sitters of the 21th of June 1921.

After Joao went back into the cabinet a female spirit appears in front of the 70 sitters. “Anita” claimed she was a florist in her time on earth. She is responsible for the many perfect parafin-“gloves” of different flowers

After Anita dematerialised a sailor appeared. But not before the seance of the night of the 24th of June he disclosd his name “Marinheiro”

Photo of the sitters of the public seance of the 21th of June 1921 held at the house of the Prados

In these two photographs spirit apported two different objects into the hand of the medium, who is standing inside her cabinet

Before this photo was taken Mr.Prado wanted his dead son Antonio to materialise, but only a pair of hands showed on the left shoulder of the medium

The magnesium light reveals a developing materialisation in the back of the mediums cabinet, first at her shoulder, then behind her waist

The materialisation moves around the waist of Senora Prado, who is urged to stand up to display the materialisation in full view

Taken in total darkness this materialisation claimed to be the deceased garandfather of the medium

All parafin-items were achieved in April 1921

Direct writing example of the spirit “Guilherme”

Could “João” have opened the machine and impressed the plate? Asking this while communicating with Joao through means of table tipping the alphaabet, the spirit answered: I want to know your opinion on mine first photographic work! So this photograph was allegedly been produced through paranormal manipulation of the plate.

In this photograph the spirit shows itself outside the experimental control cage for proof-issues. The entity allegedly identified itself as Manoel Barbosa Rodrigues – a deceased regular sitter of the seances in the Prado-house.

Pic 30, 30A and 31 show incomplete materialisations. The Author stresses, that seldom the circumstances are optimal to gain complete materialisations. These 3 he declares all as incomplete.

The materialised spirit of the deceased child of a female sitter, taken inside of the cabinet, that now shows itself as a adult, and shows facial features of itself how he looked like before he was dying

On the wooden floor a spirit hand is touching the feet of Mr. Manoel Tavares. Mr. Tavares claimed to have distinguished different fingers of the ectoplasmic creation

One photo made while the dematerialisation-experiments of the 16th of January 1921. Despite the photo should show the medium in its chair (see upcoming photo), the camera took the spirit-body of the immediately dematerialised medium

The medium in its chair, taken while the dematerialisation-experiment

Photo taken in another phase of the De-Materialisation-experiment 8:30 in the morning of 16th of January 1921. The mediums body has vanished to a large extent. Only some transparent shades can be seen.

Photograph taken the 30th of January, at 9 in the morning. Clearly visible is the facial physiognomy of the spirit “Joao”, as he is reproduced in photo 3 when he was still living

Photograph of a group of Spirits taken the 10th of February 1921, 8:30 in the morning.

Photograph of 23 of March, 9 a.m.. To obtain this picture of the more fully materialised spirit “Joao”, Bosio writes, many accounts were being made. Finally Joao presented himself as showed in the photograph.

Photograph taken at 3o’clock of the afternoon of the 25th of March 1921 by Bosio. The body of the materialising ghost is by now all transparent. In the sessions it gave the name of “Evangelista”. Its luminous shades fan out in all directions.