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Christmas Wishes 2022

By 23. Dezember 2022Dezember 28th, 2022Uncategorized

The World has changed 2022. Many of you we could not even see and meet and join together in what is for all of us the highlight of worldly existence: To explore its mysterious borderlines, the worlds of the unknown and of the spirits as messengers from there.

Some of you we could see, what we are thankful for unquestionably! But entering countries and coming together with the people you love is now bound to an obligation and restriction concerning the free will and choice over our own body. The spirits we are dealing with and Julia and I, we are not condoning such a policy and reject it as a dangerous development into a wrong direction for humanity and its earthly species.

So we choose to fully turn towards the MERCYFUL SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS in this time and come together with our loved ones and emanate and radiate what its message is about with every pore of our bodies: THE POWER OF LOVE AND HUMANITARIANISM. It is a field energy manifesting if we live it that can influence and bring change into our environments beyond words, in a way music for example has the power to influence and change the world, as it was proven before. So let us all shine a light for this world in times of change for that the right paths might be illuminated for all of us and specifically for those in darkness … .