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A MASTERPIECE HAS RISEN – Author A. Goforths new book is released

By 26. Januar 2018Dezember 28th, 2022Uncategorized
Picture: A Companion to Grief is a thorough and unique Masterpiece, that reaches out to not less but to free the human being from its deepest fears.
Death and dying count to the most tabooized conditions in our society. It concerns ones own outlook to that unavoidable day, mostly quickly pushed aside because so deeply spilled under a lack of knowledge in every regard, feelings of helplessness, insecurities and fear.
And it concerns the condition the death of loved ones leaves those behind, whose own lifes become a never-ending grief-stricken ordeal, a dark valley of endless proportions or an unprocessed state of disorientation, doing them no good at all and have led many in depression, addiction and neverending despair.
Accompanied is this by friends and family incompetent themselves to offer or deliver any valuable support due to their own helplessness face to face with the unspeakable.
For a second time Author August Goforth is going to deliver a compendium to the reader, that comes along as a book, adressing these difficult issues, but that is so much more.
The second edition of the THE RISEN – A Companion To Grief ( – opens up a world to the reader never heard of or at least never has been presented in this truely unique form and completion.
It is on the one side a thorough presentation of the worlds and human kinds forgotten ancient and contemporary but publicly unbeknown knowledge about afterlife realms.
On the other hand it is the story of the tranformation of the Self, the ascension of the Soul, being confronted with what Goforth is revealing to the reader.
And Goforth truely unleashes a malstrom of warm and meaningful words embracing hypnotically the reader and spiral up with him.
Every presented chapter adds up to a prayer, more and more powerful, like a kind of guided deep meditation about the being itself and about the multiverse, uplifting every inner essence, turning every weight into lightheartedness, every despair into bliss.
Goforth, who is a therapist himself, knows what he is writing about, from personal experience. His vast knowledge in ancient and secret teachings, techniques and transpersonal psychology enables the reader to benefit from a high number of truely valuable sources.
And besides all the valuable content that enables the reader to regain power over his/her own condition, Goforths ability to use words is the poetry of this extraordinary authorship.
It touches you somewhere deeply within, and from the midst of your quietly beating heart with every word an incredibly beautiful flower grows and blooms and with the last chapter you’ve become one with it, deeply knowing that unity is always possible and that the journey will go on!
This book lifts the shadows from the grief-stricken soul and takes the weight from the shoulders of those who are afraid of death and dying and it should be read by everybody.
It will be a vital spark enabling us to establish a new culture based on knowledge and inner wisdom towards an universal understanding transcending our fears and insecurities about the unavoidable in our lifes in something that is part of us and we can deeply trust in!