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Besides the several times observed twinkle effect, two other sitters
observed a strange attraction of a stream of very fine matter, before
the object suddenly formed directly below the opened palm (after several
openings and closings)

 On November 13, 2013, I attended a seance at the Wallacia Development Center (WDC), Australia, led by
the medium Kai Muegge. Kai’s spirit control, the deceased Hans Bender,
produced anomalous phenomena while the medium was controlled (handled)
by two sitters on either side of his
chair. There were loud raps on the walls and ceiling, and little balls
of light flitted around the room in the dark. Hans also produced a sheet
of illumination like a white aurora borealis that moved past sitters
seated well away from the medium. I experienced being struck on the
hands and knees by unknown objects, and felt a stroking of the hair on
the back of my head. A trumpet prop, self-illuminated by fluorescent
tape, flew around the room, occasionally striking me and other sitters.

The highlight occurred for me when I was invited to sit cross-legged on
the floor in front of the medium seated in his chair. There was
sufficient red light near the medium to see clearly what was happening. After i had checked his left hand very thoroughly by touch, he extended it with palm facing down, and instructed me to
hold my hands open beneath his hand. His stationary hand opened and
closed a number of times until an object fell from his palm into my
waiting hands. I watched his hand intently, and was able to see the
object form directly under his palm. It twinkled briefly during the
transition from nothing to matter. The apport was a white stone or
crystal. Hans explained during its creation that this object
encapsulated little pockets of ectoplasm. These might be the scattering
of brown dots visible at one end of the stone in the image below.

The apported stone that ‘twinkled into matter’ in front of Williams eyes

Different crystal apports were given to at least four other sitters
during several sittings at Wallacia. One of these recipients also
reported a sparkling effect as the object formed, and another sensed an
upward flow of ‘something’ towards the medium’s palm just prior to the
object’s formation.

A sitting on November 17 was interrupted
when one of the medium’s controls became unwell and I was invited to
replace her. I became one of two persons who continuously held the
medium’s hand and knee in the dark while he was in front of the cabinet,
and held the curtain of the cabinet aside while he moved into the
enclosure. An apport was produced from the medium’s left hand in this
sitting as well. I was positioned slightly behind and below his left
elbow and was able to monitor the hand from the rear. The red light
appeared less bright from this position, and I saw the object as a
shadow as it fell from the medium’s hand to the floor. This time, the
formation of the object was not accompanied by the sparkle effect. We
can speculate that this was because the forming crystalline matter was
different, or because the sparkle resulted from reflection of ambient
red light. In this case it might not have been bright enough for the
reflection to be seen.

From the vantage point of the medium’s
control, I was in a good position to view the created ectoplasm that
built up in a white heap of fabric-like material on the floor in front
of the medium’s feet. Hans’ intent was to form the shape of a hand
extending from this heap. This was accomplished twice after the medium
re-entered the cabinet for a moment and then emerged to show the result.
I clearly saw in red light a human-like hand extend above the ectoplasm
with fingers in different positions each time. The hand was well-formed
but one or two fingers seemed to be thinner at the end than expected.

The observed materializations in these sittings convinced me beyond any
doubt that physical anomalies had occurred. I now hold the
normal-appearing crystal I was given and marvel at how I had watched it
come into existence from nothing.