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NENSHA – THE ART OF THOUGHTOGRAPHY – UMBC Library Special Collections digitalized the Ted Serios Experiments

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Ted during an attempt to get the Polaroid ‘imprinted’ by ‘thought’

Within the highly interesting and discussed sector of spirit-photography there is a subgroup, that is called ‘thoughtography’.
‘Thoughtography’ only had a handful of ‘mediums’ or facilitators, but some of them were strikingly persuasively investigated like the case of Masuaki Kiyota of Japan, where there is a long history of ‘Nensha’, the art of projecting thoughts onto photographical materials of all eras since the early days of photography.
An even more accessable case for us may be the amazing case of Ted Serios, who we have mentioned now several times here on articles about photo-anomalies of all kind!
Ted was extensively investigated by a team around Dr. Jule Eisenbud, who wrote a classic within modern parapsychological literature about the case. 
The experimental results in all its completion were now been digitalized at the UMBC Libraries Special Collections and can be accessed now by everybody!
The photos are presented within their experimental context with all ‘blackies’, ‘whities’ and negatives, partially displaying very well a development towards the ‘positive’ over different stages!  

One of the amazing rows of photos, that developed from a ‘focus-drawing’ towards better and better and more detailed images seemingly coming from Ted’s memory of a visit at the Chicago historical museum

 After several years, Ted seemed to slowly loose his ability, maybe due to his worser and worser getting alcoholism, we do not know!
Fact is, that through Eisenbuds Study one amazingly important chapterwithin parapsychological research was being written!

Today a young dutch seems to own a very comparable ability, which he has demonstrated to several researchers and the media. His name in Robbert van der Broeke and Nancy Talbotts BLT Research Institute has extensively published about him!