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With the years not only the physical phenomena coming with the mediumship, but also the verbal content gets more and more into the focus of interest of international sitters and researchers.
In fact, we much too often were more or less caught in argumentation about the survival-evidence the mediumship was producing and much too rarely looking into the cosmology the ‘Chemists’, the Spirit Scientists and Teachers were offering!
This does slowly change, mainly through the efforts of committed researchers like Tom Butler of the American Association Transcommunication, who take the time to transcribe what was being said to share it with a larger audience!
We of the FEG-Group are very thankful for all these efforts taken, because we believe the spirit operators really have something to share with us!

So what follows is taken from the last AtranscomJournal and we reproduce it here as a joint venture with the publishers Tom and Lisa Butler!

Excerpt from ATranscom News Journal Fall 2013 about Sittings of the FEG Spirit-Scientists and -Teachers in Reno, Nevada, through the Mediumship of Kai M..
Main Spirit Operator is the deceased professor for borderline areas of Psychology, Prof. Hans Bender (dec.1991)

Excerpt start

Spoken by Prof. Hans Bender via the mediumship of Kai Mügge of the Felix Experimental Group:

[An observation by a sitter: Hans appears to follow a path from knocks and touches, spirit lights, levitation (and movement) of objects, (apports), production of shapes visible over a luminous plaque, the production of ectoplasm, and finally, faces in ectoplasm. Not all of these milestones are met every time, but it seems clear that there is a progression of complexity and level of difficulty for Hans and the Chemists. (The Chemists are a group of entities that work behind Hans and who make the phenomena happen). Hans talks about erecting a field in which sitters and medium cooperate with the Chemists to enable physical phenomena. He speaks of psychic structures which are tenuous at first, but which become more substantial as the field strengthens.
Interspersed with Hans’ comments transcribed below, are many demonstrations of physical phenomena which are in some part visible and/or audible.]

 Kai Mügge Session 2, 23 August 2013 Séance
When we talk about the spiritual land, it is important to know that there is not an afterlife existence. There is the space in which consciousness core fields are projecting onto different physical levels of existences. That means there is not an afterlife in the sense of a comparable existence to yours.
There are a myriad of possibilities. You will enter a stage that is totally indescribable in human terms and by human imagination. There is survival, but the “afterlife” as you are calling it, is not a place.

The afterlife is a space you go into, at least for a short time. It is first, above the timeline. Second, it is a space where on a certain plane, and only for a certain time, all of us become one.
From then on, the free spirit will be projected into new universes.
That is why it is so important to expand your feeling of responsibility not only towards your own natural environment. Not only onto your own realm, because on that projectional path toward your physical existence, the consciousness field has produced uncountable effigies of you.

Every thought, every action, every being produces multidimensional effigies of you on that projectional path towards your momentary existence.
This has to do with the question of why entities who have left the earth plane come back (as spirit communicators), and [the fact that] they don’t come back alone. They come back in a union of entities that are positive toward humankind. Positive in the first place because we come with our own interests. The ruthless behavior of humankind is not only affecting your own nature and your own existence down to a point. I don’t need to expand that. You all know how late it is. This ruthless and exploitative behavior towards every resource in nature, exploitative even towards your own kind not only destroys your values and your environment, it affects these parallel levels and dimensions that are connected with you as well.
On some of them, this history of human kind has created real monsters; negative potentials, huge potentials with which you are connected; which will re-affect you.

I don’t want to make you frightened. Every one of you is watching the news, and every one of you may ask yourself from time to time how could that happen? Why were we not able to control that? Because these huge potentials grow and grow, and yes, re-affect the dimensional planes they are connected to.
That is why I want to say that it is especially important that you consider your responsibility; that you comprehend that you are able to create reality.
Your consciousness was not given to you to be encased within your physical body.
Your consciousness reaches far out into the physical and onto the multidimensional [planes].
You can create and you can change and it is so important that you do because it is not only you who are affected. It is us as well.

That is what is coming toward you as an afterlife. [It is] only an intermediate stage from which a free spirit roams into the depth of the cosmos to swallow the knowledge of galaxies within seconds and carry on, on your creational path toward what we all call the creator.

Kai Mügge Session 3, 25 August 2013 Séance 
We will erect now something which is hard to explain in the terminology of the three dimensional land. It is something like a mesh-like force field. It will extend into the room to reach opposite sides of it and up to the ceiling.
From this mesh-like force field, compacted units (ectoplasmic structures) can act independently into the room.

Ladies and Gentlemen, you all have come with a company. None of you have come alone. Those you admire; there are those you do not even think of that came with you and that will be given the opportunity on behalf of that force field to regain a certain form of physicality; a substituted form of physicality for a certain time so that each of you will experience caresses and touches.
This does not happen without a purpose. That means each of you will be touched purposefully by someone out of the planes of spiritual energy who you carry around with you, at least to a certain degree.

And so, Ladies and Gentlemen, you will feed that force field with the physiological energy of your biological system. We are correlating the psychological, the psychical and the spiritual with the material, thats why the spiritual, the consciousness and the emotional, your psychology is not efficient. That is why we want you to additionally emanate positive mental energy, physical waves of sound by singing with the music, and yes, by fully participating over the course of the evening.

Yes, when the force field starts to extend, the objects will be affected the moment the force field reaches the little focus table (an area approx. 6 – 6,6 feet away from the hold and fully controlled medium through 2 persons).
The moment the objects are affected in rhythm to the music, then the grade of controllability is reached and we can proceed into the evening.

Ladies and gentlemen, during our demonstrations, we are always talking about gifts; that precious gift we all have been given. This gift which transports you; this gift that transports us and that has the ability to transport us farther than you might think.
Our consciousness!
This consciousness is now encased in your body. This consciousness can be projected. To be specific, you all are projections of consciousness. Consciousness is the core field of everything. There is no reality without consciousness. You are all projections of consciousness onto a certain physical plane.

Your consciousness projects onto other planes as well. You are not aware of this at the moment. But let me tell you, your consciousness is not encaged in your body. Even on your plane, your consciousness can reach far out beyond your body’s borderlines. Always be aware of this.

“I” (Hans Bender) come into physical union [with Kai Muegge] to explain that the spiritual land is not a realm of afterlife existence. It is not a land of the deceased. It is a land of the living!
We talked about that before but I want to talk about that again today because I know that we have certain of you here that work or are part of associations, churches or societies …

When we came towards you in the midst of the eighteenth century, we wanted to give you the knowledge about bodily survival to expand your mind, to enable you to step backwards to see the bigger picture.
Consciousness was not given to you to walk alongside your flesh after years of living on the physical plane.
No, the gift of consciousness was given to you to play a responsible part in the huge creational plan; the huge creational path on which every step would lead you closer towards what you would call creator.
Unfortunately, those of you who could explore the spiritual realm, this unbelievable realm of all sorts of life, are mislead by institutions, educators that turned the spiritual land into a pure proving ground for survival.
Spiritualism is survivalism today. In reality today mediumistic efforts are only evaluated, when communication from deceased friends and relatives are happening.

Now let me tell you something. We know how much it can hurt to loose someone.
When I was like you, I also experienced loss. I know how that feels and hurts – but the point is that we cannot interfere with the creational plan!
That it is part of our existence like our birth!

Don’t waste what was given to you by staying with the grief.
Don’t waste your time:
Because do you know what the greatest pain of those who have transferred to the spiritual realms is? The greatest pain is seeing you in an unfinished grieving process; to see you not realizing that you are part of a bigger plan.
The pain becomes unbearable when we consider that those who have transferred step onto a plane on which they become actually reunited with you.
You can’t feel it, but it is actually the case because that which you call the spiritual realm is the location from which your existence is projected into the physical world.
When a relative or a friend is gone and arrives on that plane, he becomes reunited with you, and you become reunited with him.
You may not always feel it in your physical shell. Only sometimes you smell something or you see something and you feel that the one you have lost is actually very, very close to you.

The plane on which we exist lies above the timeline that organizes your lives in the physical. It tells you when to wake up and when to go to bed. When to eat and when to go to work. We live above that timeline. We live in a state of constant and eternal clarity, but what happens is that, those who have transferred to that plane should be projected into new existences of life. But can be bound by your grief.
Love is such a strong bond and can hold back those who have transferred, hold back those you love. Hold them back from their development when you bind them with your grief.

Take a step back and see the whole picture. Consciousness was not given to you to die away with your body after seventy or eighty years. Consciousness is the ultimate vehicle that transports you through the dimensions and enables you as a free spirit to enter the depths of the cosmos and to gain the knowledge of universes within seconds, so don’t hold back.
Don’t let your love hold back your loved ones.
Make your love let your loved ones go on.
This is my message.

We are sometimes asked what makes a good medium and usually we like to answer two things. First, what is usually expected from a medium? It is, what the medium itself wants: To achieve knowledge from a higher organized plane of existence; maybe the plane you call the afterlife or the spiritual plane! The problem is that knowledge from a higher organized or a parallel-organized spiritual or physical plane can’t be described with the terminology of your plane.

That’s why we from such another organized plane cannot directly communicate with you. We must grade down [our energy] to do that, and can communicate only with you then.
That means every idea, every image you make previously, even the image of an afterlife – these are earthly images!!! These are earthly ideas.
They follow the laws of your psychical structure.
So you are hindering yourself to get higher information by projecting such earthly ideas into your mediumistic universe: You will only receive what you project!

 So, get rid of those ideas and open yourself freely and be ready to receive what valuable information might come from these planes and don’t follow institutionalized dogma as long as you want to evolve personally.
If you want to be part of an institutionalized church, yes then follow their dogma.
If you want to evolve, then open your mind.
Forget everything that was told to you.
Make yourself empty.
Make yourself a real vessel – for whatever might come from there – it will be of value.

So, now get rid of all these earthly ideas. They cannot fit a higher organized existence.

The second thing we like to answer is to say what the medium is actually learning when he encounters the cornucopia of creation that is in the different lands of existence.
He becomes so humble, humble towards creation, humble towards every creature of creation.

When people ask me what shall I be, a Spiritualist or a Buddhist, we tell him, it makes no matter if you are a Spiritualist or a Buddhist. Just be a good man. Just be a good person. Don’t be involved in politics or these different belief systems.
Only gain true compassion between men.

Make yourself a free spirit with true compassion because the true compassion gives you the key of happiness on the plane you are living on. True compassion; just be a good man.
This is my message.

 Ladies and Gentlemen, I want to remind you that you are in position of the creational tool that can transport you far beyond your mind’s ability. Don’t waste your time seeking for things that were taken from you by natural occurrence. No, that makes no sense.
Honor what you have been given.
Honor your existence because you yourself will become creationists.

The consciousness field I am talking about will gather information from all its sources. Consciousness is not one-dimensional. No, it is the spring; it is the source that feeds many, many rivers. At the same time it collects information from all these paths it has created, and once the time is right, the informational density will have become so dense that from the spiritual, things will shift into the physical and then a new world will be born on your behalf!
With this, I want to say goodnight. Of course that raises many questions. I will send you into the night, dear friends.

Every one of you will become new creational hosts when the consciousness field has been compacted to a certain degree of density; information compacted so dense that it shifts itself into the physical.
A creation will occur then.
Every woman and every man is a universe.

Good night Ladies and Gentlemen.