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WATER UNDER THE ROCKS ~ A Firsthand Account of the Historical U.S. Visit of The Felix Experimental Group of Physical Mediumship, August – September, 2013 by August Goforth

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 A rural community of less than 900 people, Cassadaga Village is snuggled in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountain Range in Chautauqua County, New York—not far from Lake Erie, one of the Great Lakes. Settled in 1848, its late summer countryside is lushly green with gentle hillsides, gnarly orchards and hushed dark forests of venerable age. Cassadaga is a Seneca word meaning “water under the rocks,” possibly so-named because during dry weather many of the local spring-fed streams vanish, settling into the gravel base while continuing to echo audibly but invisibly.

Cassadaga is also practically a stone’s throw from Lily Dale, the famed Victorian community of Spiritualists—known formally as The Lily Dale Assembly. Deemed as the Home of Spiritualism in the United States, its prominence was established when, as an act of historical preservation, the childhood home of Kate and Margaret Fox was moved from Hydesville, New York to Lily Dale in 1916. The Fox sisters, who lived during the early to mid-1880’s, are accredited with sparking the Spiritualist Movement that swept the U.S. and then the world. The Fox cottage was destroyed by fire in 1955, yet a few precious artifacts were rescued and are now part of the community’s museum archives. 

Although endlessly fascinating in its spiritualistic charm, Lily Dale must be left for another day’s visit. Instead, we journey to TiOmimé, the home of Dr. Neal Rzepkowski in our peaceful hamlet, the scene of several sittings which,
while boggling belief, deserve to have their stories heard. The reader is now asked to be still and draw the mind inward to a state of quiet receptivity, while refraining from prematurely judging the mysteries of the unknown and unseen—any more than one might doubt, without exploration, that one is hearing water under the rocks.’

With these words AUGUST GOFORTH opens his unique work about his experiences – and those of different other attendees he had interviewed – during three of the first US-Séances, held by the FEG Spirit Team, channeled by K.M., during his recent stay at locations at the east and west coast of America!

AUGUST GOFORTH is a licensed psychotherapist in private practice in New York City and also an intuitive-mental and psychophysical spirit medium. His pseudo he was given already as a child by Spirit-guides and -mentors, used by him today for the sake of his personal privacy and that of his therapy patients. His mediumistic abilities he besides neither uses for therapy sessions, nor does he work as a professional medium to give readings for others.

Even though he is well known among intetellectual contributors of a group of existentialists discussing one of the most important questions: will we survive – on the web.

“Read this book if you are a physician, therapist, psychiatrist, psychologist, or patient. ‘THE RISEN’ contains the fundamental wisdom and healing insights I was taught at Johns Hopkins that all healers should have, yet which are so desperately lacking in medical science and psychotherapy today. The turning point for me came when I dared myself to implement the lessons in this book in my own practice—and they worked!’
says Melvin L. Morse, MD, FAAP, author about the book, that made August famous among bibiophilists and will give him a special place within spiritual literature:

The Risen is a masterpiece on many different levels:
“The Risen…is written so well, it establishes what I can only say is a new ‘Risen vernacular,’ employing a sharp, daring and constantly interesting command of the English language. It is a book that every spiritual seeker should have on their shelf. It brings fresh insight and perspectives to eternal truth. It RESONATES—remember that word—to the core.”
N. Riley Heagerty writes, a Historian of Spiritualism and Physical Mediumship, and author of ‘The French Revelation — The Independent Voice Mediumship of Emily S. French.’

This guy August, who is besides a direct relative of Victor Hugo, did write a report that comes along like a short novel of some kind, so wise and powerful in its exploratorive intensity and rich writing style, intriguing in its details as dissipative towards certain forms of decent poetry…

And it describes three 2013 Materialization Seances he was attending hold at different locations with the German Physical Medium Kai M…..!