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Frequently experimental weekends are being held within the rooms of the Felix Circle in Hanau.
Between the 10th and the 12th of April the two main mediums of the ‘Experimental Group Thun’, Daniela and Olivier Gross, were guests of Kai and Julia M. in Hanau.
During those weekends Sittings and Exercises with different purposes are happening.
Daniela and Olivier are both a long time involved in the work of the Felix Circle and befriended with the members and especially Kai and Julia M..
Their mediumship is as well inspired by the very same group of spirit scientists and activists, the former ‘chemists’, who work through their switzerland circle with a slightly altered line-up.
Sunday, the 12th, at 4.15 pm, the sixth sitting of the weekend was being held.

This kind of ‘white’ or ‘activation’-stone was brought in by the fully materialized figure as a gift to the visiting mediums. There is a very special relation inbetween them and it was not by chance that it was that girl that materialized that evening…

Report 1
of an anonymous sitter, 69, social worker ret., frequent sitter, about the final cabinet and materialization-sitting of the experimental weekend the 12th of April 2015 with the two switzerland mediums and other sitters as guests. The medium serving in the cabinet is Kai M., main medium of the Felix Circle.
‘I am invited to join another Materialisation Séance of the Felix Circle. It is the final sitting of a weekend-event for two mediums and friends from Switzerland.
Approximately 20 minutes after introducing darkness the medium of the Felix Circle, Kai, seems to be in deep trance and we hear the typical gasping breathing sounds.
He is sitting inside of the closed cabinet and this phase is already accompanied by light phenomena, occurring in- and outside of the cabinet, frequently illuminating the whole room.
The sitters sit in a line approximately 6 feet distant from the cabinet.
Then with a few words the trance-control of the medium is talking to us, most likely ‘Hans’.
He mainly in his speech refers to his work with the Switzerland friends and expresses his gratefulnes about the collaboration.

Shortly afterwards the cabinet opens a few times its curtain slits, well visible because of  a shining light coming from the inside of it.

 Then the curtains for the first time open fully to both sides left and right and a little girl with long hair appears! It is approximately 3,5 foot tall and maybe between 5 and 8 years of age, in a glistening light. We are totally stunned.

In a glistening light the girl appeared, partially illuminating the whole room after it had exited the cabinet

 It seems she wants to step farther out into the room, out of the cabinet, and while doing so her small round head is very well visible. Now she obviously nods to us!
She starts to play with her long hair and watches us from out of her extremely shining bright eyes!
Her small hand reaches over her chest onto the other side where she fingers with her hair, that is falling over her shoulder…!

The cabinet closes now only to reopen a few seconds later for a second time: The girl appears and throws an object in front of our feet and retreats again.

The third opening is showing the girl stepping forward and holding her skirt on the left and on the right side away from her body in a way as if she wanted to dance!
In the strong glow of the self-illuminated materialization to all sitters a handpalm-sized cut white crystal in a diamond form becomes visible laying in front of the cabinet, exactly there where the materialisation had put something earlier audibly.

The curtain closes and the main control for communication ‘Hans Bender’ speaks through the still audibly breathing medium. He says farewell with another speech to the guests and the mediums wife Julia, who sits with us in the row of seats. Julia says a closing prayer, signaling the end of the trance-
A lot of explosion-like light-discharges accompany the waking phase of the medium, glaring, glistening, white lights in- and outside of the cabinet, above it and behind.

Like at the beginning of the session strong ‘light dischargings’ and ‘glistening’ lights are seen around the cabinet mainly

An amazing otherworldly experience this materialization-session was and the appearance of the materialization was very probably a deceased family member of the guests of the medium.

My thanks go to the event organizers, mainly Julia Muegge, and to the guests, who let me take part of this very special Sitting.  Moreover my thanks go to the spiritual entities the mediums here work with, who have caused this massive experience!


As already mentioned the actual guests of they weekend was the mediumistic couple Daniela and Olivier Gross from Switzerland. Both have regular professions, but their passion is the middle-european experimental spiritism. After several years of experimentation their Physical Mediumship Group ‘Experimentalgroup Thun’ shows some amazing results (read about the cabinet sessions with them and the combined table séance and about how the impulses from their specific training became so apparent in another article about the weekend).

Report No.2
comes here, by O. Gross.
Sunday 12th of April, „Cabinet Séance with Kai-Felix“.
‘As a final of three fulfilling experimental days a cabinet séance with Kai, the Felix Circle Chairman and main medium, is being held. After a short introduction kai starts his induction-process to install the necessary deep-trance.
Red light is being extinguished. After three minutes already lights become visible inside of the cabinet, vanish and reappear after three minutes. Knocking sounds occur in the room, well audible for the sitters and at the same time again lights in the cabinet.
Then dischargings of white light follow – in front of the cabinet, moving upwards, several times.
Then, 13 minutes after the start of the séance the cabinet opens from approx. 10 cm (1/3 foot) above the floor on a length of around 50 cm (1,5 foot). An oval-like vertical phosphorescent surface becomes visible for us. After 3 minutes this display reoccurs altogether four times after several minutes, seemingly caused by openings of the cabinet curtains. The fifth opening differs in size of the oval surface, which now appears solid.
More dischargings follow inside of the cabinet. 23 minutes from the start of the session the main communicator starts to speak and asks Julia to close the cabinet curtains again.
But shortly after this is done the cabinet again is slowly being opened and at first a huge mass of a phosphorescent matter appears on the floor and expands upwards – and then the unfathomable happens 24 minutes from the start of the séance: For the first time and clearly visible for a few seconds a small figure with fully built head, hair and a skirt, already then looking very much like a little girl, stands materialized in between the open curtains, emanating a strong glow.
Then closing of the cabinet and retreat of the figure into the inside of it. Then it happens again after a few seconds and the girl newly presents itself even more clearly and is unquestionably what it is.

That’s the way how the sitters perceived the materialized form at the very beginning before a second time the curtains of the cabinet were being opened…

Then, again, closing of the cabinet and retreat of the materialisation. The trance-personality asks through Kai for more concentration.
After another minute another opening of the curtains and again a stepping forward of the materialisation of the girl, it nods into the direction of different sitters.
Closing of the cabinet and retreat of the figure. Now 3 feet in front of Olivier a loud bang on the floor is audible.
The girl appears newly and looks around in the room that is illuminated by the apparition itself and now tiny hands are visible, moving over her belly and playing then with her hair. Then with her hands she on the left and right side draws her skirt from her body (see picture).
It is unquestionably clear, that the hands and the head is in no way the mediums head due to its obvious much smaller size and different form.

The materialized girl had a height of approx. 3,75 foot (1,10 m) and was
estimated of being between 5 and 8 yrs. of age. It had specifically
tiny hands and arms and extremely impressive eyes, the sitters could not
take their attention from. Moreover we can say, that the guests of the
circle claim to know who the materialization was…

The trance personality, probably “Hans Bender” starts to speak and the figure vanishes behind the curtain. „Now after the experiment is succesfully exercised, I speak to you. After the materialisation of our little visitor. Please switch the red light on!”
The sitters and us see for the first time what was left behind by the figure, 3 feet in front of Olivier, an object looking like the huge center-stone of Hanau.
The cabinet curtains are now held open and the shining apparition is gone! 
The control spirit (trance personality) wants to know, if we could watch the visitor and we confirm what we had seen.
Olivier says: „There was four or five times a little soul showing up, a full materialisation!“
Hans, the spirit, says: „A little girl, playing with its hair, was offering herself being the carrier of the gift she brought.“
He commences: „That kind of gift that comes without any requirements to you, only with offerings. Friends, this stone and its destination, the interconnectednes of Daniela, of Olivier in a worldwide meshwork of good-thinkers and do’ers, beautiful human souls, is today present from us to you!
Your stone is another «center stone» destined to inspire with you and your work many people.
This stone is already activated and will be linked in!”
Another multitude of glaring light-dischargings follow in- and outside and around the cabinet.
„We want to express our gratefulness!”
Hans speaks now about the private connections of some of the sitters and valuable interpersonal dynamics. He also talks about his work in our “Experimental group Thun” and that over the weekend several new spirit helpers were revealed in the hypnotical sessions.
Then more expressions of gratefulness to other sitters are following.
„The Activation stone shall be with you! A center-stone! In some months these stones will cover the planet from Australia to the United States, from New-Zealand up to Norway as objective metaphors. As an analogon of a higher organized informal plane. This plane becomes accessible through those in your world anchored objects. Powers will cumulate, connect globally, activate and inspire in a new quality!
We thank you and the Alchemisten say Goodnight!“.
Julia says her closing prayer and the séance has ended!
We thank all participants for this unforgettable sitting!’


Report 3
This report is a special one and at least as valuable as the previous ones, because it gives us an image about what has happened. All present do overcome that the materialized apparition looked exactly the way it is depicted in the drawings of Daniela Gross and are all combined presented here in the video below. The video, resp. Daniela Gross’ drawings show all what the sitters remembered the materialization was doing.

In the end we can say that the girl was in so far even identified. She is part of a very personal story that has to be told by someone else. We can only say, that over the weekend during our experimentation spirit children from the same background knocked at the walls and communicated thus with us several times. The materialized apparition was an emotional culmination of the mediumistic processes of the weekend and all present are thankful to have been there!

Report 2 and Report 3 were filed with the recording of the session, so also the drawings could be made by having activated the actual memory in the right order and while listening to all the remarks and outcrys of the sitters during the séance.
Because of this we do present here additionaly al the single phases of the materialisation as they were drawn by D.Gross alongside her memory and the recording of the memorable séance:

First appearance within the curtain slits
Opening the curtains more the apparition can be seen fully for the first time. All participants are immediately hooked by the eyes and the look of the materialized figure.
All participants have underlined that exceptionally the eyes had an otherworldly effect on them. Even though in the reports this issue doesn’t seem to be considered specifically in the many discussions afterwards this effect was again and again mentioned and described.
Unquestionably the apparition stepped out of the cabinet in different phases, executed different actions and retreated again.
Trying to estimate its age a sitter described a girl of 1,10 m (3,75 foot) of an age between 5 and 8 years.

Specificly astounded the sitters reacted on the recording when seeing especially clear the arms and hands of the materialization when it delivered the ‘spiritual stone’ and played with its hair crossing her naked arm over her chest to play with her hair.
On the recording the tiny size of the whole figure and the very well threedimensional build is mentioned and it is specifically the very tiny size of the lifely arm and hand in the last stages of the apparition that is remarked and underlined by the sitters.

 (special thanks to D. Gross for the drawings and all who have filed a report – K.M.)