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ABOUT SPIRITS AND THEIR MEDIUMS – A workshop in Hanau with the ‘Experimental Group Thun’, Switzerland

By 20. April 2015Dezember 28th, 2022Uncategorized

by Olivier and Daniela Gross, Chairman and -woman of the ‘EGT’, Switzerland.

The ‘EGT’ is a very committed sitters group in Thun, Switzerland that works with the same spirit controls the ‘Felix Circle’ is working with, the ‘chemists’, resp. in the meantime the ‘Alchemisten’, with a slightly different line-up.
In their article the two mediums describe the hypnosises for spirit guide unveiling, the very special combined and single mediumistical sessions and the healing-routines of the Felix Circle with the deceased Ophthamologist Dr. Felix M., the deceased grand-father of the medium, after who the Felix Circle is originally named after.

The unveiling of specific spirit guides. This exercise is part of nearly every workshop with people that come to Hanau. In deep hypnosis the subconsciousness of the medium is receiving ‘the allowance’ to unveil another spirit guide for specific purposes in its mediumistical work. The example of Daniela and Olivier of the weekend between the 10th and 12th of April show very beautifully the mediumistical conjunctions between the FEG and the EGT. Fully unexpected it is mostly, what is brought through in deep hypnosis and never fails to surprise and/or to impress. This was as well the case with Danielas hypnosis and spirit-guide unveiling: The new spirit guide identified himself unmistakenly in the hypnosis as a confederate of the famous Icelandic medium ‘Indridi Indridason’, who is already a main spirit-guide for Danielas EGT’s group circle. In a vision he stood besides him and Daniela brought with difficulties through parts of his last name ‘Kvaran’. Not before we checked names around Indridason the name ‘Kvaran’ could be completed and through the FEG medium confirmed. Daniela at that stage was neither being aware of who he was nor realizing that Einar Hjoerleifsson Kvaran was THE important personality in the mediumship of ‘Indridi Indridason’, who at that time was an already active spirit guide for the EGT’s group-circle work in Switzerland. After having identified Kvaran as newly unveiled spirit helper for Daniela besides Indridason himself, Daniela and Olivier had a big surprise when they came home. Finding ‘Kvarans’ image in the internet both could not believe their eyes: It was during a cabinet session two weeks earlier when Daniela had drawn a picture of an unknown entity she felt close to her when she was sitting in the cabinet. She drew it in trance, in full darkness, guided by the entity itself, as a genuine mediumistical portrait. But at that time nobody could identify the face besides the fact it belonged to a seemingly close but not yet discovered spiritual helper-entity for Daniela. Until they came from Hanau: now they saw  clearly the striking resemblance with Einar Hjoerleifsson Kvarans face and eventually knew who already showed himself up two weeks previously to the unveiling sessions in Hanau…