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Independent testimonials: Dr. N.R. receives striking messages at FEG Spirit Team Seance at Acacia Center, Spain

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‘Partial highlights of the Physical mediumship conference at the Acaia Center Feb 7 to 11, 2012.
I was privileged to be one of the attendees at the conference.  The classes by Robin Foy, Rob McLernon, and Kai Meugge were extremely interesting and informative.  I was fortunate to attend all 3 of the séances with Kai that were offered during the week.   Each one was remarkable but the last one was especially significant for me.  The Spirit scientist Hans Bender was the master of ceremonies, and produced remarkable displays of ectoplasm with the help of the FEG spirit team at each session.
At the last session we were actually able to see the face of Dr. Bender formed in the ectoplasm, which was illuminated for us by a WHITE light from a flashlight! (The British word for this is “torch”.)  From a mass of ectoplasm, also demonstrated with light, was brought forth a quartz crystal apport, which I have the honor to have in my possession.  It will be gratefully used in our physical circle, (the Harmonic Fellowship of Light circle) which meets every Thursday evening near Lily Dale, NY. (A Spiritualist community in the USA)
Hans Bender (HB) brought forth amazing demonstrations of raps, movement of objects, levitation of trumpet and handkerchief and much more.  Because the FEG team realized that to English Spiritualists the demonstration of continuity of life was important, HB proceeded in the last séance to give several of us messages from spirit people that we knew.  Unbeknownst to Kai at the time, (he knew that I was a medium from Lily Dale, but that was all) HB identified a person who had passed of a wasting medical condition who wished to greet a medical specialist who was in the room.  HB pinpointed where this person (me) was sitting in the circle.  After further describing this person, I recognized L.L., a patient with AIDS whom I cared for in the mid-1980’s.  I am a doctor and specialist in HIV and AIDS conditions.  He thanked me for helping him in his transition.  Here is a background of why he came to greet me:
L.L. was never an easy person for people to get along with in life.  This became even worse as his AIDS condition progressed.  For some time his family had nothing to do with him, and finally his partner also couldn’t tolerate his behavior anymore and left him alone.  He ended up for the last many months of his life in an apartment near the hospital where I worked.  When it became very difficult for him to travel even that short distance to the hospital clinic for care, I began to make home visits to him.  I arranged for nurses to also look in on him at home.   Back then there were no medicines to treat HIV, so the best we could do was to be supportive as patients got sicker and sicker with AIDS, and offer whatever incomplete treatments we did have.  About a month before he passed, he was looking pretty bad at one of my home visits and I asked if he was getting ready to die.  He told me he was sure he was going to hell because he had been such a difficult person to everybody in his life, and pushed them away.  He said he was very afraid to die because of this.  I asked if he was interested in hearing abut my beliefs and he agreed to listen.  I explained that there was no hell and that often spirit loved ones would come at the time of death to help make the transition easier.  Knowing that he alienated his whole family, I asked him if there was ever anybody he actually liked and got along with.  He said there was one person who he was fond of and who was fond of him.  It was is grandmother who had passed some years before.  I explained to him the she would probably be the one to help him.  In fact, I told him that often people who were near death would be visited by these helpers before they actually passed.  Many who experienced this would think they were hallucinating, but I reassured him that if it happened, he should not be alarmed.  Several weeks later I went to his house for a home visit.  He seemed calmer and in better condition than I had seen him in a while.  Surprisingly to me he announced that he was going to die that night.   When I asked him why he thought this, he reminded me of our previous conversation.  He explained that he did see his grandmother as plain as day and visited with her.  She told him she would help him pass that night.  I was glad that he shared this with me, but thought that it would be at least a week or more before that would likely happen because he looked so good to me then…. In fact much better than when we had the conversation to begin with.  That night at 2 a.m. I was awaked by a call from his home health care nurse.  He had just died and I was needed to sign the death certificate.  Although I occasionally thought about LL over the years, it had been some time since he last came to mind.  I was very surprised and grateful that he greeted me during the séance.
            The second spirit person to greet me was a Lakota Sioux Indian.  (I recognized him as one of my guides).  HB started to say he was pointing a stick at me and then corrected himself and said it was actually a pipe.  HB said he did not know the language, but pronounced quite correctly 2 words that the guide gave me to identify.  I am quite sure no one else in the room, and certainly not Kai nor HB, would have known the Lakota language, but I do know a fair amount of vocabulary, and immediately recognized these words.  He said “wičháša wakȟaŋ” which means “medicine man”.   This is a very impressive and extraordinary example of spirit communication to me.
            There was much more that happened in the séance, and others also received evidential messages.  However, since it is late as I write this, I will conclude here and say that I was “blown away” by the whole experience.   I believe that the British expression for this would be “gobsmacked”.’