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I am a 43 year old medium, developed in the eighth year within the “Felix Experimental Group” in Germany!
I am the founder and long years unrevealed Physical Medium of the Group!
Since my childhood I am deeply interrelated with Altered States of Consciousness and from my 11th year of age on involved in Physical forms of Interaction with beyond realms. I experienced my first ongoing Poltergeist Disturbance then in the Family of school comrades and felt a strange connection. Three years later people sat for me the first time in physical Circles when I was 15, mostly school comrades who sometimes could, but mostly could not cope with what was going on!
Not before my Study Times at Frankfurt’s University of Applied Sciences I found interested allies who were able to intellectually and emotionally carry the burden of witnessing things that were unexplained. Since exactly that time I started to additionally professionally consult victims of unwanted intrusions, victims of Poltergeist-Disturbances and certain possessive states of mind.
The gravest and oddest cases I stumbled upon, but surely one of the strangest is my own story of developing a classical “ectoplasmic” physical mediumship of a genuine kind – with pretty strong characteristics.

Having erected sitter groups several times in my life I find myself today working in the tradition of the German “Spiritists” from the heydays of Spiritualism and especially in the tradition of the Schneider Brothers, mainly Rudi Schneider, who is part of the spirit team I work with and mainly responsible for the experimental approach during my “somnambul sessions”, the seances given for friends and truely interested people.
I originally apply shamanistical trance techniques, as Rudi did, and since three years a specific  rhythmical breathing technique originally used for inducing several different states of altered states of consciousness called “holotropic breathing technique” by the very much honoured pioneer of altered consciousness states exploration, Stanislaw Grof.
It strengthens the main aspects of the inner dissociation process you are going through when going into trance.
To reach full unconsciousness during the trance i combine it with visualizing deep meditation techniques and deeply installed (post-)hypnotical orders.
That work brought me close to a group of “Spirit scientists”, that call their group pretty simply: the “Chemists”.

In darkness, when the prior strip-searched medium (me – I will further on speak of me as of “the medium”, because what happens during that time is actually fully dissociated from my regular mental state of mind) sits in the so called four-limb-control (two people hold both legs and arms left and right from the medium), the strangest things occur around “it”: meanwhile the moderator of the “chemists”, a former Parapsychologist, who is well known in Germany, “Hans” speaks footsteps are being heard in a distance, objects are taken and being moved in a distance, strange handforms appear against illuminated areas (the ‘illuminated plaque’ – a well known item at Physical Seances) – in a distance, felt ‘small living animals’ – sometimes deceased pets – materialize palpably, tremendous raps and strange wiping sounds start to occur in ceiling and walls of the room, strange localized spontanous winds occur and little lights whizzing around the room, people are given messages from deceased friends and relatives or handwritten messages are sent sealed in paranormally “apported” waxballs with huge synchronicistical attitude. Moreover objects suddenly appear in the room or at the mediums body, apported or materialized from ectoplasm!
Then in red light the spirit scientists let a large volume of white mass appear with inherent agility, that can be looked at and looks spiderweb-like with sticky fibers that hold the whole structure together. Eventually it has a lot of textures giving it the look of cotton wool, candy floss, veil-like fabric or foggy resp. cloudy residues.

They claim the substance to be a basical creational material so to speak.
They claim ectoplasm to be the substance that holds a “vital” secret, is materia of a higher order evolving from the dimensional melting processes.
And the history of its mindboggling features prove it: Manifestation and Materialization of objects and people from it!
 And the spirit scientists trigger it!

We did many photos of the substance and in the meantime we are approximately every second or third seance allowed to show at least the complete arrival through the mediums body, without interruption.

Interdimensional activities cannot be easily “understood” by species originating one-dimensionally” – is the simple logic behind and the reason for darkness, erecting so much suspicion. Our perception constitutes reality and if it is distorted it becomes destabilized and the entities can intrude.

From a meditation I fell to sleep the 24rth of January with unusually strong visual dreaming sequences about a seance condition, in which ectoplasm was produced from the mediums mouth.
What happened when I awoke I wrote down one or two days ago to interested parties worldwide, among them many leading parapsychological experts, pioneers of the scene, artists and other allies and friends over the years.
I publish in the following this first report, that was originally intended to be a very personal and honest description of what had happened, surely to be slightly corrected now when presented to a wider public – but with this introduction you are reading I believe it can be published verbatim:

After a beautiful weekend with my fiancée when I managed like never before to influence telekinetically an oui-ja board planchette and secondly a pencil, something extremely weird happened yesterday, Tuesday, the 24th of January 2012, in my appartement.

For several weeks I receive during my preparative meditations interesting information from the spirit world, respectively from the Team around “Hans” – the main trance control of mine: The message goes there’s a new phase of ectoplasmic development to begin!
Meanwhile in the first place the team wanted to generate especially well visible huge volumes of substance and demonstrate its movement qualities – a new phase shall enable sitters to observe the substance finally under more scrutiny – also to definitely validate it’s neither a manufactured veil-material, nor cotton or silk or whatever!
Receiving of information like this is a bit like dreaming of things, influenced by different deep self inflicted hypnotic states, practiced several times during the week and at least once a day! 
A created meditative “inner/outer room” is especially designed to relax there and receive information from the spirit controls responsible for the Séance conduct, describing for example new settings that later will be transferred into realization!

The 24th of January 2012 such a meditative attempt had lead me into a heavy, nearly lucid dream like state in which a certain Séance Episode was dreamt: I was shown people approaching the cabinet with the purpose to observe the presented substance with scrutiny, supported by bright light from a torch hold by my fiancée.

When I awoke for the first time from the meditation I was quite disoriented. As it had happened several times after Séances I wasn’t able to reach back into full consciousness immediately. When this happens I am not able to avoid a dream-like state to overtake my perception and I am hung between wake and sleep. Regarding this state after Séances we have learnt it is the easiest way to let me sleep. 15 minutes later everything is okay!

Pic 1 and 2: Taken in the dimly lit room within 5 seconds (16:53:59/16:54:04). I was raising my right arm to shoulder level and the substance opened like a birds wing between breast and arm…

I awoke in such a somnambular state. And even though I saw the ectoplasm covering my right arm and parts of my chest and even though I reached for the iphone lying directly besides me to photograph, I felt somehow uninvolved, still caught somewhere between the different planes of consciousness. Feeling emotionally detached I took three photos without thinking about on what I was looking under which special conditions. I was obviously not fully awake!
At that time the substance was extremely voluminous and cloudy and I remember I was holding my right arm away from my body to spread the substance: I photographed two times (pic 1 and 2), when I meant to observe a rough human form coming more and more forward within in the substance. I remember I observed some kind of swirl-like form involved meanwhile the human form became clearer – I photographed it (see photo 3).

Pic 3: At 16:54:09 o’clock I photographed the building of a roughly human form,
visible in the right half of the picture

10 minutes later I awoke for a second time. This time I was immediately aware what was going on.
The iphone had fallen onto the floor from where I quickly grabbed it for a second time, rose from the sofa in the half-darkened room and entered the adjacent floor, where I turned the white light on: Two large mirrors revealed immediately the cloudy like presence had nearly completely gone and that the mass was hanging in fact from my mouth downwards.

Pic 4: First Opening of Mouth in front of mirror

Close to the mirror I opened my mouth and the reflected light from the ceiling illuminated it that way that I photographed right into it two times. At that moment in time I had my tongue withdrawn spontaneously to enable a good view in my mouth.

Pic 5: Second view into mouth

Not before I for the 3rd photo stretched my tongue out it became clearly visible that the silk-like substance was actually developing directly from my mouths mucosa. During these 59 seconds the row of photos was taken the substance melted away like bathing-foam, so that after the 59 seconds in the last picture only the central “veins” were eventually visible.

Pic 6: First of the tongue fotos
Pic 7: Another tongue photo

All was covered by a dew-like humidity, even the last “cloud-like” areas. The humidity shone and reflected on its surface. Some areas seemed to be more “wet” like others, when I shot the last photo after 59 seconds.

Pic 8: The cloudy parts of substance had disappeared, when the mouths mucosa connection was detached

Suddenly the connection to my mouths mucosa was palpably detached and the last residue vanished away quickly. Then all was gone. No traces were left or visible on my t-shirt. Like many times before I again tasted the evidence of albumen.
Like it had happened after Séances several times before I suddenly felt a kind of sadness and fragility. I wasn’t sobbing this time but I had extremely weak knees and felt a huge exhaustion, when I telephoned the circle leader. It felt as if I was in a state of shock after an accident or something, but recovered relatively quickly.
Following the “Chemists” we can await comparable display-attempts during séances in the future. K.M.

HEre the original text ends.
I am totally aware that publishing this will stir quite a varied range of reactions.
But whatever happens, I want to thank you for your ongoing interest into my development and your ongoing support!

FEG Chairman