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Julia Muegge: ANOTHER FULL MATERIALIZATION ON BEHALF OF MY HUSBANDS MEDIUMSHIP: MITZI MANGE MATERIALIZES FOR RUDI SCHNEIDER – and other phenomenal experiences in Switzerland Séances January 2017 (with many photos of visible fully Materialized Spirits!)

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Photographer and host Markus Kappeler (46) is an international entrepeneur and inventor and an experienced practical mysticist in Western forms of Occultism and has sat and studied nearly all Western Physical Mediums demonstrating. He hosts events of spiritual nature and lives with his wife Anita in Lugnorre/Switzerland. He is one of the founders of the Clear Primordial Light Circle and Circle-Leader in different additional Sitter constellations

Kai and me were visiting the founders of a befriended circle in Lugnorre, Switzerland. There Markus (further on called M.K.) and Anita Kappeler (further on A.K.) are living and the visit was for training and sitting and studying together the laws of the Spirit World. Practically and theoretically. Last Saturday it started in the morning with a first setting, all four around the table, cabinet in a distance closed with focus objects in it. Me opposite to Kai and M. and A. to Kais left and right side. We couldn’t foresee how extraordinary that first sitting should become.

We just had sat down in bright red light, have just put our hands on the tables surface when it rose forcefully into the air. Having just opened the circle in quick succession the other phenomena were following.
Full Darkness. Only the focus-object in the cabinet and a handkerchief we used later were shimmering by the adhered illutape. The trumpet glew on both sides! Together with a tambourine it was waiting in the cabinet, approx. 2m (6,6 feet) to the left of Kai and behind A.. It had illu-tape taped onto both endings. We had closed the cabinet firmly.
It is Full Darkness.
A shamans drum leaning to the wall behind M., 2 m to the right of Kai tumbled and fell to the floor. A few seconds later it came crashing down onto the table. The table at that time was in a constant activity already also.

Inbetween all this we are always singing. And Kai is always singing or talking without pause. When he is not as strictly held as in the cabinet sittings he wants to show he is not moving, not even turning his head. So his loud singing always comes from the exactly same spot.
You need to know that M. and A.K. have sat with Kai in dozens of sittings when he was strictly controlled, so our communion was not for control reasons but for performance reasons!

Red light!
We are bringing the shamans drum back to its place.
Kai speaks to the spirits as he does when he is not singing. Knockings are starting all over and in the cabinet we hear things moving. Kai asks strictly for visible illuminations! Usually starting to fall down from under the ceiling, but it stayed dark.
M. saw one first light at the shamans drum, he had turned his head around towards to.
There as well!
Kai saw another single light at the door.
That is not much.

Short blows of wind start to come from the midst of the table and suddenly I feel something on my head. Like thin pieces of cloth or alike, gently touching also my forehead.
A. besides me also tells us, there is something on her head.
Something makes a sound between A. to my right and me: the tambourine crashes loudly onto the table.
Red Light!
We can estimate from the sound heard which flight path the tambourine had taken. We were looking to the cabinet, where behind the stiff and closed curtains the tambourine was placed onto a chair. The cabinet appeared untouched. Nevertheless the tambourine was outside. We brought it back into the cabinet.

Sudden full levitation of the table. I counted loudly 43 seconds! The table was like swimming lowering and heightening its surface several times. Then as if a rope was cut the table plunged back to the floor. Kai is then speaking loudly to the spirits and asks again for showing themselves eventually with more visible spirit light activity and meanwhile he summons them, suddenly the same shamans drum starts to distinctively drum an indian rhythm.
We know these rhythms mainly from the many ceremonies we were in. Quite original! A main section and its typical counterpart like response. This song is from a spirit ceremony! It shall control the movements of the summoned spirits in the room actually! It appears to me as if I heard a medicinman sing to the rhythm. The drumming is starting all over.

Suddenly a strange small mass of light appeared above the surface of the table and vanished after a few seconds. Shortly after the pinpointed lights Kai asked for appeared flickering all over the tables surface. This time they had not sank down from above like mostly. They were suddenly there.

We are opening the cabinet!
The glowing trumpet is well visible laying there inside the now open cabinet.
But not two minutes later the unlit tambourine crashes for a second time onto the table, where the lights still flicker.
Red Light, we requested and brought the tambourine back into the cabinet.
Again Darkness.
A few seconds later one of the farthest objects in the room from Kai lands on the table. A small wooden victorian séance table that was positioned from Kais seat behind the cabinet in the corner to his far left.
We sitters are stunned because totally silent and undetected the victorian table must have come floating or flying over and have landed on the main table.

All the items on the tables surface, like the cloth, an indian feather and small crystals and alike were untouched. We take the table back into the corner where it came from.

Well visible is the small table to the right of the cabinet that landed totally silent on the main table when the group was singing. These transports are well known from the sittings with the Felix Circle Medium K.M. (Photos originally wanted to show the height of trumpet flight, a recreation by photographer Markus Kappeler, trumpet hangs on strings!)  (copyrights! No use without permission)

Now Kai asks for the trumpet. Group is singing.
Suddenly we see the illuminated trumpet leave its place on the chair in the cabinet and starts to hover, to fly over to us, stopping in its flight and making a bowlike move over A.’s and my head and above the midst of the table it erects itself upwards and falls onto the table. Loud cheering by the sitters.

Then Kai talked loudly to his controls and said, the trumpet should take another flight path this time.
So in red light we repositioned the trumpet, switched off the light and observed the glowing trumpet inside the open cabinet – besides Kai who we heard talking into our direction away from the cabinet.
Despite this seems to be his mediumship he believes when he turns his head towards the active area he interrupts the processes as it has happened a lot in earlier Felix Circle days.

Several times the trumpet flew when the medium sat controlled at the table with the rest of the sitters (trumpet on strings, photographer Markus Kappeler originally wanted to show the trumpet path of flight) (copyrights! Don’t steal our images!)

Now the most amazing thing happened. In a linear path the trumpet flew quickly over to us, wide opening first. When the smaller end had reached the line of the sitters also, the trumpet started to move circlewise over the heads of the sitters in a great speed. It made several rounds, faster and faster. The wider opening always looking towards the midst of the table, the smaller opening pointing outside, it circled and circled and circled like crazy around, around and around.
Somewhen it landed exhaustedly. We had not seen or experienced that before.

Kai again adressed the spirits and asked them in a challenging way to bring both, the tambourine and the trumpet at the same time! We heard the tambourine. Then we saw the trumpet erecting. Kai asks us to describe what we see, because it’s happening behind his left shoulder. Listening to the tambourine bells we see and describe at the same time the trumpet floating towards us until both are crashing onto the table. It looked as if a somebody was in the room, who put the trumpet onto the tambourine and carried both over to us.
What shall i say, that was impressive!

We all observed as if somebody else away from the group was carrying tambourine and trumpet at the same time over to the table

The last act of the sitting began. We put away the focus objects and everything and layed the brightly glowing cotton handkerchief on the table. Kai proposed we all should hold hands. Lights off and singing. The voluminous piece of cloth glew strongly in front of us in the dark.
Suddenly the glowing mass of handkerchief made quick controlled circular moves, not quite 90 degree, stopping and erruptively turning again maybe 75 to 90 degree, all hands controlled.
After a time we closed the circle.

The sitting was superb, but Kai was affected and tired the rest of the day.
We got up from our seats and i went upstairs when i heard M. call out! He saw an object fall from under Kais former seat down to the floor. A golden Ganesha. He saw an Apport!

The rest of the day was filled with theoretical and philosophical discussions and more practical experiments for the development of the mediumistic work of A. and M.K..

Kai was moreover wanted to hold the next day in the same Eternal Light/Primordial Light Circles (‘Klarer Urlicht Zirkel’) new specified séanceroom a Cabinet Sitting.
We all believe that the places we sit in start to form a kind of a portal for the spirits. A kind of dimensional membrane that gets thinner and thinner the more intensive sittings are taking place.
Our hosts are experienced sitters and when their circle is sitting with all members even full levitations take place. But in their new séance room they specificly wanted to have also one of Kais strongest cabinets séances.

The morning Kai presented materials. He showed for example the photos I took a few years ago in my old appartement. When the trumpet was flying in red light – in my appartement! Flying around, hovering above Kai, tapping on his backhead and so forth. All in good red light. They are unpublished because Kai said the quality of the photos is not good enough and needed to much explaining. I like them and it was amazing! And i was allowed to photograph it!

After two hours rest we gathered Sunday afternoon for the cabinet.
Kai was changing into his séance clothes, thin black cotton wool trousers and t-shirt because of the heat. Because of a hurt foot Kai took off his séanceroom-shoes.

After a few minutes of entrancing with the breathing routine his breathing was alternated by the coarse inhalation of the spirit control for speech. A lot of light happened, blue lights, white lights, explosions, strange blue lights at the ceiling like in Basle, when we had full form Materialization the last time, huge masses of whitish, blueish tint are lightning up in front of the cabinet.
In the meantime Kais breathing was overtaken fully and soon after Hans’ suppressed voice said Hello.
Like mostly with his ‘Hello’ we hear objects drop onto the floor, they are coming with the energy and represent the materialization process on another level.

Hans greeted everybody personally, thanked for the space made for the spirits to step in and talked about the times behind us, Christmas and New Years Eve, a few moments and about the problems to build and uphold ballanced sitter groups, when so many expectations and characters are involved. And how we shall deal with the problems that are usually occurring. Like always with a great deal of understanding and philantropy, generosity and human kindness.

Then he said the spirit team would develop the full form experiments tonight.
We became very excited. We not really had awaited this. We thought more sitters energy would be needed for that. But Hans said the intimacy of the moment and the good atmosphere between the present sitters would ballance that out.
He appreciated that the new steps in development would be welcomed by the sitters tonight and that the phenomenon was for us all, all around the world, for all who would like to resonate or to explore the outer limits of the human consciousness and existence.
He proposed a code of action for the evening.
When a full form after building up was ready for the 5 seconds red light interval, Kai would ring the bell in the back of the cabinet. 5 seconds the materialized form then had to stand the visible spectrum of light, when we photographed. Then lights were going off again. With a new ringing of the bell another 5 seconds started and so on.

That way we had three red light events with a female reluctantly exiting the cabinet.
We quietly sang and very soon the bell rang for the first time.
Hans had announced months ago that with the time the spirits would decrease their heavy disguise, the veiling of their garment – and that more and more human features would become visible.
Tonight they were keeping their promise.

Reluctantly a short and slim female with long hair started to exit the cabinet. Her head was exposed but when she exited and the red light fell on her, she lowered her head and covered her eyes from the red light. Her long, dark-blonde hair fell over her shoulders when she moved outside the both curtain halfs. Again a white garment of some sort was worn and i could see a slim arm under it. At the same time i was counting out loud to five. That’s quite a long time, although the camera, operated by M., only managed to shoot one photo. Focussing and a long blend were responsible.




The bell rang again. Red light illuminated the room and i started to count. The narrow shouldered entity could now be seen standing in front of the curtain slits looking half right and avoiding the direct view into the red light. This was the only time her head was only sunken into her shoulders but looking straight towards my left! But because of her full hair from my/our position her face was covered and i could see her facial features only superficially.
And ‘five’ I counted – and switched off the light again.



A few seconds later: ring! Red Light on, starting to count down again watching her. She had just turned back her front to us and i could see her again trying to block the full blown 40W red light. She was very slim. And as I said i recognized her narrow shoulders. When my husband had tested out the photographic conditions earlier he stood there at the same spot and the upper ring of the cabinet was in his neck. This lady here was good 10 cm (1/3 foot) below the upper ring. I estimated her being maximum 1,65 cm (5,5 feet) tall if not smaller. Her veiled hands were covering her eyes.
Darkness enwrapped us and immediately we heard Hans asking if we had seen the figure and we all acclaimed Yes!



Switch on the light, he said and the red light I turned on again. I saw my entranced husband Kai, his huge and massive body, in comparison to the frail figure we just saw, holding the curtains wide open, turning them from left to right and back to show nothing of the apparition was left behind within seconds, almost instantly it appeared to me she must have vanished and nothing of her was to be seen anymore.

Who was this lady, Hans?
‘Her name is Mitzi! And she is so close to Rudi that she manifested in his presence, in the séance room, his presence, so tightly interwoven with Kais Modern Day Mediumship, a mediumship walking in – and even exceeding – Rudis path! Mitzi, she is called, Mitzi Mange!’
Rudi Schneider is for years an important part of the Spirit Team, having his responsibilities.
For an uncountable time we were stunned!
Mitzi Mange!?
I heard the name before, at least the first name.

Later we learned that Mitzi was Rudis fiancée, and they probably even married after the war!
What shall I say!?
After a few more questions, Hans said, all who wanted to absorb life-energy, shall countdown with him from 3 to 1 and when zero comes, we should inhale deeply and strongly!

So we started THREE-TWO-ONE (exhaling, bringing all the air from the lungs outwards) and ZERO, I am inhaling quickly and deeply like the others and parallel to our gasps under the ceiling above the cabinet an enormous white light explodes and shoots into our bodies. We sucked it in literally! We were exhausted…
The séance was soon closed…

Unquestionably this was a step forward from the fully hooded figures that appeared under different conditions within the last months. It was also fully clear, even though we could not directly see Kai during the apparition, that that was not him. Much too frail was this entity, much too small and out of every proportion if you know the size of my over 140 kilo husband.
Much too fast was everything gone and nothing left of it.

The comparatively low quality of the photos was caused by the same problem responsible for the low number of photos: The long exposure time did let even the smallest motions blur and the figure appear as what it was, literally ghost-like.

Kai doubts we could have achieved much better photos. The occult, he says, exists on our plane only inbetween the fully defined and always stays elusive, at least when we try to make an image of it.
A look into the history of spirit and Materialization photography seems to confirm his views, besides a few exceptions.

I am sure that with the increasing unveiling of the Phantoms we gonna see more, but for now, this is, what we can humbly offer in our Mediumship events for Spirit Materialization.

Good night everybody out there


Photographic Post Scriptum 
Julia says, in the second photo facial features were visible but were hung by hairs!
Thesis: Somewhere within the depths of the photographic process is facial information hidden, at least of the half of the face, that was looking to the left. Applying a sophisticated sensitive b/w contrast filter and mirroring the image at the edge of the for Julia barely visible facial part, we should get a full face from the hidden photographic data.